Saturday, November 23, 2019

🎧NEW AUDIO BOOK🎧 Haunted Raine by R.E. Hargrave #GIVEAWAY

Haunted Raine
Author: R.E. Hargrave
Narrator: Penny McPherson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 1.3 hours

Distracted by the everyday routine of raising children, being a wife, and keeping a home, Lorraine Morrissey let life pass her by. Her wake up call comes when she realizes that with their children gone, her husband Richard is rarely home, and she’s filling her solitary days with trivial tasks. A crazy idea to save her marriage leads to a summer beach vacation unlike any she’s ever taken; one that involves unknowingly buying a haunted house.

"This is a terrific story that pulls you right in. Great characters."

"This was certainly not what I expected. I absolutely loved it."

"The whole story was skillfully told in so few words and it was a really good one."

99c/Kindle Unlimited

Also available in audio... by R.E. Hargrave 

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