EDITING by R.E. Hargrave

Intro & References

I believe a writer should put the best quality version of their story out there for readers they can. At the same time, nobody is perfect and money doesn't grow on trees, so all we can do is try our best. What matters is that we at least try! I'm a self-taught editor who cut her teeth on the job by editing the school magazine in both high school and college. I also assisted writers of fan fiction for three years by acting as a beta. I'm comfortable with all genres and rating levels, but will honestly be bored to tears if I try to edit non-fiction, so that is off the table. Below you will find the published authors for whom I have edited. My editing style does reflect the Chicago Manual of Style, and uses the Oxford comma.

If we work together on your manuscript, I will provide:
  • a general assessment of your story content and pacing/flow
  • continuity of tenses and points of view
  • general spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • assistance in keeping word or phrase repetition and adverb use in check
  • my guarantee that your content is secure and will not be shared or distributed by my hand
Authors I've worked with: 
  • TJ Chapman (formerly J.C. Clarke) (Fragile, Never Settle, Xs: The Interview, Xs: The Friends, Xs: The Virgin, Steep Emotions, From Ashes to Flames, Unwanted Protection, Her Indulgence, Rescue Mission, and Bunny)
  • M.B. Feeney (Honour, Right Click, Love, The One that Got Away, Dear Diary, Looking Back from L.A., and A Rookie Romance)
  • Elena M. Reyes (Ardor Edition 1, Marking Her, and Marking Him)
  • Lucy Lit (Belle Chene)
  • Jennifer Theriot (Out of the Box Awakening and Out of the Box Regifted, Second Editions, Out of the Box Everlasting, Toccata Obbligato~Serenading Kyra, Edition 2, and Relationship Resuscitation)
  • Maria Gibbs (The Storm Creature; As Dreams are Made On; A Lifetime or a Season; Children From the Streets Series: A Boy from the Streets, Sins of the Father, The Other Side of the Streets, Sad Farewells, Truth & Retribution, and Return to the Streets; English Love Series: Is This Love? 2nd edition, Illicit Love, and Healing Love)
  • Rose English (Lost Love in Spring)
  • J.D. Frettier (Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine and Linda Gets Her Groove Thing)
  • L.J. Harris (The Haunting of Angus MacGregor and His Personal Assistant)
  • Cayce Poponea (Stolen Secrets)
  • Jude Ouvrard (Keep Me Warm, Flawless, Lost & Rich, and the Ink Series: Body, Ink, and Soul; Music, Ink, and Love; Ink Me More; Forever in Ink; Inked Out, and Little White Lies and Hidden Truths)
  • Joshua Ryan Ogg (Oblivion)
  • Aubree Lane (Missing the Gate, Who Stole the Pickle?)
  • Reilly Garrett (Shattered Reflections; A Critical Tangent, An Unlikely Grave, Deadly Interception, Love You to Death; Perfect in Death; Silent Depths, Shadow Guard, Whispers After Death, Mind Hunters; Shadowed Horizons, Shadowed Origins, Shadowed Passages, and Shadowed Spirits)
  • R.R. Born (Incubus Born and Curses, And Other Family Secrets)
  • Tamara Geraeds (The Ninth Angel)
  • C. Forrest Lundin (Two Indians and a Dead Man)
  • S.P. Gallitin (Dream Noir and Other TalesCriminal Intent 9MM)
Stories I've proofread for Paper Gold Publishing box sets:

  • Substantive Edit/1st pass (this is always the most comprehensive and intense edit): $1.50/page
  • Comprehensive Copy Edit/2nd pass (helps fine tune edits/changes made from 1st pass): $1.00/page
  • Copy Edit/3rd pass (final polish edit to catch last minute typos pre-formatting): $0.75/page
  • Polish Edit Only (a one-time final read through of an already edited manuscript to make sure all t's are crossed and i's are dotted; for authors who like two sets of eyes on their work or who want a re-edit at a later date post publication): $1.00/page 
  • LONG MANUSCRIPT BUNDLE As many passes as needed for one flat rate: 150-249 pages: $500; over 250 pages: $750. Applies to a SINGLE manuscript and must be chosen prior to start of project. Will not switch to the per pass pricing once we start.
NOTE: If we've not worked together in the past and you would like to see if we are compatible, I am willing to edit the first FIVE pages of your manuscript as an initial free trial. If we move forward, these pages will be included in your overall count and a non-refundable down payment equal to 50% of your first pass will have to be paid to me via PayPal before I will continue working on the manuscript. If, for whatever reason, we are not compatible after the trial sample, then no monies are due to me.

  • All invoices and transactions will be done through PayPal. 
  • A non-refundable down payment equal to 50% of your first pass will have to be paid to me via PayPal before I work on the manuscript. Will be reflected in your PayPal invoice.
  • Page counts do tend to shift (usually grow) during the editing process, which is why I have the pricing broken up into 'passes'. Please note that each pass total will reflect the updated page count.
Determining Page Count
When you send your manuscript, please have it formatted as follows:
  • Times New Roman, size 12
  • 1.5 times spaced
  • Justified with standard margins


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