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B@@K REVEAL: Marauder by Bella Di Corte #PreORDER

Bella Di Corte
(Gangsters of New York, #2)
Publication date: August 7th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
He stole my heart out of revenge.
There was one thing I always thought was mine to give: my heart.
I never imagined a marauder would steal it out of vengeance—vengeance that had nothing to do with me. His greatest enemy happened to be the man in love with me, and somehow I became nothing but a pawn. I was no damsel in distress, though. More like an archer, ready to battle.
And my target? The marauder himself.
Cashel “Cash” Kelly.
Kelly might have been as gorgeous as he was ruthless, but he had no idea what I’d do to steal it back. Or better yet, get even.
She was determined to keep what was mine.
They say hearts can’t be stolen unless they’re willing to be. Tell that to the man everyone on the streets called “the marauder.”
Because by the time I was through, Keely Ryan’s heart would be mine. And my enemy’s? As good as broken. Trouble was, the archer was precise with her aim, and her arrow was pointed at my heart.

Author Bio:
Bella Di Corte has been writing romance for seven years, even longer if you count the stories in her head that were never written down, but she didn’t realize how much she enjoyed writing alphas until recently. Tough guys who walk the line between irredeemable and savable, and the strong women who force them to feel, inspire her to keep putting words to the page.
Apart from writing, Bella loves to spend time with her husband, daughter, and family. She also loves to read, listen to music, cook meals that were passed down to her, and take photographs. She mostly takes pictures of her family (when they let her) and her three dogs.
Bella grew up in New Orleans, a place she considers a creative playground.
She loves to connect with readers, so don’t hesitate to email her at belladicorte@gmail.com if you’d like to reach out.


BOOK BLITZ: Beast by Marteeka Karland #GIVEAWAY

Marteeka Karland
(Salvation’s Bane, #2)
Published by: Changeling Press
Publication date: June 26th 2020
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Fleur: Never in a million years would I have expected a woman I considered a friend to betray me in the worst possible way. Yet it happened. Drugged and in the back room of a BDSM club, I was about to be used in a brutal way. Until he exploded to my rescue.
Beast: I’m Salvation’s Bane’s enforcer. My job is to protect. So when I notice something amiss in the BDSM club Bane owns, I’m there to shut that shit down. What I find is a woman who ignites passions inside me better left alone. What will she think when she finds out the lengths I’ll go to protect what’s mine? I come by my name honest. When it comes to protecting my club, or my woman, I’m the most ferocious beast you could ever imagine.
His own chuckle surprised Beast. He wasn’t the kind of man who laughed much. “The only rule you need to worry about is to do what I tell you. Beyond that, there aren’t many rules. Don’t betray the club. Don’t talk about anything you see here unless it’s with me. That’s it. The girls will probably test you, but that’s normal.”
“Test me?”
“Oh yeah. They got Vicious’s ol’ lady drunk at the first party she went to.”
“That doesn’t sound too bad.”
“Well, once her inhibitions were gone, she put on a show like no one had ever seen. And we own two strip clubs.”
“Wow. Was she pissed?”
He shrugged. “Don’t know what she said to Vicious in private, but I can tell you it backfired mightily on the girls. They all got laid, but every single man in the club had visions of Lucy in his head when they fucked, I can tell you that.”
She opened her mouth then closed it. Tried again. “I have no idea what to say to that.”
He snorted. “Not much to say. Everyone had a good time and Vicious learned a thing or two about his ol’ lady. Mainly that she’s an exhibitionist.”
“Holy shit!”
That got a chuckle out of him. Again, it startled him that the sound came so easily. It made his chest feel funny, too. OK, so it wasn’t the sound of his laughter that got him. It was the woman in front of him. She made him do it so easily. Almost casually. Every time he did it, he could see her lips twitch. Most of the time, her smile followed. And it was a glorious smile. Fucking glorious! Just like the sunshine he’d nicknamed her.
“Yeah. That’s what we said. They tend to not be discreet about fuckin’. Vicious has always been up for a good time, but I think he’s met his match in Lucy.”
“I think I better sleep on this. You know I’m probably not going to do anything like that while I’m here. Right?”
“Sunshine, no one expects you to. Join in the fun, watch, or don’t participate in any way. Stay for the food until you see it’s goin’ in a way you are uncomfortable with. No one judges.”
She yawned and stretched, pulling his shirt tight over her tits before she adjusted it absently. Thing nearly swallowed her whole, but she’d gotten tangled settling into bed. “What about you? You judging me for what happened in the club?”
That hit him like she’d slapped him. “Sunshine, none of that was your fault.”
“I didn’t have to walk in there. I could have said ‘no’ to Debbie. I willingly went into a BDSM club, knowing what went on there.” She shook her head slightly. “More precisely, I thought I knew what went on, but that’s not the point.”
“Then what is? ‘Cause, I gotta tell ya, I’m not likin’ where you’re goin’ with this.” Did she really think he’d take advantage of her just because she was in a place like that? “I work there, honey. I’m there every fuckin’ night it’s open. I’ve seen lots of women come and go. Literally. In all senses of the word. All different shapes, sizes, colors, and sexual orientation. They come there for even more different reasons. Some want to fuck anything moving anywhere they can. Others want to find a Dom who can care for their needs, not all of them sexual in nature. Then there are the ones who are just curious. They come in wanting to watch and fantasize. I think you fall into the latter category, though, I bet I could make you want to try at least some of the shit goin’ on in there.”
“In your dreams, big guy.” She yawned again. “That’s not me.”
“Whatever you say, Sunshine.”
He sat back in the chair he’d pulled near the bed and sprawled out. It wasn’t the most comfortable place in the world, but he didn’t want to leave her alone until Doc said it was OK. The longer he sat there, the more uncomfortable it got. And not because of the chair. Picturing Fleur at one of the club’s wild and rowdy parties was getting him hard. Maybe she’d participate, maybe she wouldn’t. But she’d watch. She’d be there. He’d just bet he could coax her behind a palm tree or something. If not, he’d still get to enjoy watching her watch others.
“Gideon?” That sleepy, sultry note to her voice was the nail in his coffin. His cock was sprung like a fucking teenager. Barely suppressing his frustrated groan, he sat up a little straighter.
“You all right, Sunshine?”
“Uh, yeah. I’m fine. I just… well, that chair can’t be comfortable. Why not go on to your room? I promise I won’t get up by myself. You’ve done enough for now.”
“This is my room. And I’m not leavin’ you by yourself. Just go back to sleep.”
There was another long silence. Then, “Beast.” Her tone brooked no nonsense, a bit of a dominant tone to it when he was certain that wasn’t her core personality. He also noticed she used his street name, not his given name. “Just get in the fucking bed, will you?”
“Snippy little thing, huh?”
“I’m not lying here while you’re in that stupid chair like a dumbass. There’s plenty of room in here for both of us.”
“Not afraid I’ll take advantage?”
“Oh, I’m sure you’ll take advantage. But I’m not in a position to be taken advantage of by you, and you’re not the kind of guy to push it.”
He stood and crossed to the bed. Instead of going around to the other side where there was more room and he wouldn’t crowd her, he slipped in close to her small body. “You sure about that?” He took her little hand, his big one wrapping completely around her wrist with room to spare, and pulled it to his crotch. “‘Cause I ain’t sure my own Goddamned self.”
Instead of pulling away, she wrapped those slim fingers around his cock through his jeans. “Absolutely,” she answered. Did she sound a little breathless? “If that was the kind of man you were, you wouldn’t have rescued me from those creeps in the first place.”
Beast let go of her wrist but covered her hand with his, pressing it against his dick so he could move a little and have at least some of the friction he wanted. “You’re gonna be the fuckin’ death of me, woman.”

Author Bio:
Romance author by night, emergency room tech/clerk by day, Marteeka Karland works really hard to drive everyone in her life completely and totally nuts. She has been creating stories from her warped imagination since she was in the third grade. Her love of writing blossomed throughout her teenage years until it developed into the totally unorthodox and irreverent style her English teachers tried so hard to rid her of. Now, she breathes life into faeries, space hunters, werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, and a few just plane ole ordinary people. She loves to see the awkward, self-conscious band geek get the captain of the football team and make him beg for it.


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B@@K REVEAL: Born for Leaving by Jude Munro

Born for Leaving
Jude Munro
Publication date: July 2020
Genres: Adult, LGBTQ+, Romance
When they say be careful what you wish for, do you pay attention?
Neither did Oliver Tunstead.
Oliver wishes for nothing more than to get his mind off his crappy bartending job, pile of debt big enough to swallow him whole, and playboy ex-boyfriend/boss who refuses to back off. Too bad distractions, like the hot little convertible he has his eye on, cost megabucks. And Oliver is flat broke. Renting the spare bedroom in his rundown beachfront cottage is his only option to pick up the cash he needs—a risky proposition, as Oliver is the polar opposite of a people-person. When he responds to a bizarre ad in the Waterfront Gazette seeking summer housing, he gets more than he bargained for. But Oliver can cope… After all, how much harm can a single quirky tenant do to his tightly guarded life in three short months?
WhereOliver is a loner by design, urban cowboy Bodie is a loner by necessity. A family dispute long ago dropkicked him onto the path of a lifelong wanderer. This changes when Bodie moves into the tiny beachfront cottage and starts working the door at Oliver’s bar.
Despite Oliver and Bodie’s nearly paralyzing instinct to avoid commitment, they fall into a wary romance. And to their surprise, life as a couple is sweetly satisfying; that is, until their jealous boss devises a cruel plan to destroy the tentative bond they’ve built. True to form, Bodie hits the road, leaving Oliver to lick his wounds alone.
Can these wounded souls defy their urge to flee and fight for love?

Author Bio:
Like Jude Munro, her fictional characters in her gay romance novels are drawn to the beach. They’ve sunbathed on the sands of many alluring East Coast beaches—Chappaquiddick, Hampton, Old Orchard, and Bradenton—along with the fantastical beaches in Jude’s books. They’ll answer questions like “Who do you think you are, the sun god?” (which they often resemble) if they can hear you over "Boys of Summer" cranking on their headphones. Though some prefer "Margaritaville." To most of Jude’s men, no shoes and no shirt is really not a problem. But even on the sunniest of beach days, the guys in Jude’s books do have problems… as in, serious relationship issues. Many of which seem insurmountable. And each character must earn his day at the beach (yes, there is always a HEA).


BOOK BLITZ: Crude by Sloan Storm #GIVEAWAY

Sloan Storm
Publication date: June 26th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Hunky oil billionaire Colt Kincade demands I sell him my ranch. But I refuse, and he’s not happy about it.
Pfft. Whatever. Mr. Tall, Dark and Country thinks he can get whatever he wants, huh?
Well, I’m not some social-climbing, gold-digging, moon-eyed-orbiter lusting after him just because he’s hotter than a two-dollar pistol. He may have tongues wagging all across the Lone Star state, but his charms won’t work on me.
I hate everything about him – his tantalizing Texas drawl, his swaggering God’s gift attitude, his soul-searing, come-and-get-it-girls stare.
And no. I don’t care that he loves dogs, his momma or his daddy’s dusty old pickup.
He’s trouble. Trouble I do not need. Besides, I’ve got problems of my own.
Broke? Yep.
Single? Sadly.
Desperate? Getting there.
The truth is, I’m running out of time, out of options, and out of hope.
I need the money he’s offering.
But even worse, my heart thinks it needs Colt, too.
I’m not sure what was harder.
Slipping and sliding all over the place from that damn hot yoga or trying to keep my cock from tying in a knot. I had a vague idea of what I expected her to look like…
And it sure as hell wasn’t this.
I went there with one thing in mind… completing my mission and closing the deal.
But, after watching her curvy figure prowl around the classroom for an hour, drilling of a different sort was on my mind. However, despite her earlier behavior, or maybe because of it, Jessie kept it professional, stopping by once or twice to correct my form.
Did that matter to me, though?
Hell no.
Wherever her tiny hands touched, my skin lit up like red-hot charcoal.
After class ended, I hung around, sipping on some cold water and toweling off. Shit, sweat poured from places I didn’t know it could. No idea how people made a regular habit of this insanity.
That room was hotter than all git out.
She chatted with one of the folks in the class, I polished off my drink and headed her direction. Thing is, I had to be careful. Sending the wrong message would get me in a heap of trouble and no closer to the actual reason I’d come there.
I closed in on her, our eyes met.
What a damn angel.
Lucky for me she didn’t bear any resemblance to ole Clint. Poor bastard was so ugly his momma had to tie a pork chop around his neck so the dogs would play with him.
No, she got her looks from her mother.
Especially those eyes – big and blue and bright – like nothing I’d ever seen.
Jessie tucked a wisp of loose hair behind her ear.
“I was pretty impressed with you,” she said before finishing her dig with a cute little wink. “Not bad. Usually big guys like yourself quit the first time around. They never come back after that.”
I enjoyed her teasing.
How couldn’t I?
“That a fact? What makes you think this is my first time?”
Jessie shot me a liar’s look, wrapping her fingers around her hips.
“Fair enough.” Held up my hands, showed her my palms. “I guess you could say this is my first yoga rodeo.”
So, my initial plan was to just get it over with, explain what I was doing there, see how she reacted. But, the longer we talked, the more impossible I realized that would be. Bullets were already flying, ricocheting on the battlefield, and I needed a new strategy.
After all, I’d have to reveal everything to her.
No way in hell that would work.
Think about it…
Somehow a random stranger knew everything about her life, including her adoption. Also, I knew her birth father, was a friend of his. If that wasn’t enough to have her kicking me out the front door, she was the heir to a ranch I needed in the worst way.
Course I was under the gun to get the damn deal done before Tucker tracked her down. My gut told me there had to be another way to make it happen, but my brain hadn’t bothered to provide me any details. Getting an eyeful of that tight, lean body of hers though, I knew one thing for sure.
That dog wouldn’t hunt.
This wasn’t the time or place to be in deal-making mode.
“So,” she began, snapping me out of my strategizing. “Are you from out of town? Here on business?”
“No, Dallas born and bred.”
“Uh huh.” Jessie deadpanned. “Hmm, why do I feel like you don’t belong in a yoga studio?”
“Because I don’t. Said so yourself.”
“Well, do you think you’ll come back? Hot yoga isn’t the easiest class for a beginner. We have other options.”
“Do you teach any of those options?”
“No. I only teach the advanced classes.”
“I suppose I’ll have to take my chances then. Hope I don’t turn myself into a pretzel in the meantime.”
She chirped a melodic laugh – the type a man never tires of hearing. It was like the first bird you hear when Spring’s sprung at last. When she finished, Jessie drew her hands together at her waiflike waist, smiling so bright, I swore I saw it twinkle.
“Well, it was nice meeting you. I’ve got one more class to teach, so if you’ll excuse me, I need to get ready for it.”
“Pleasure,” I replied, stepping to one side and letting her pass.
When she walked off, my body caught fire. Barely an hour in her presence and that little woman stirred sensations inside of me that’d been dormant for a long damn time. She turned and looked at me over her shoulder, catching me in the act.
Didn’t matter. I wasn’t ashamed of anything.
I stared right back at her, letting her know there’d be more sweat in our future and not a yoga mat in sight.
After she left though, I blew out a long breath.
I wouldn’t go so far as to say her beauty and gentle spirit hypnotized me, but it was awful close. That little dove was a far cry from the viper pit of the social scene around Dallas. Over the years, I’d seen some women do crazy shit to remain in my orbit.
But Jessie?
She didn’t know a thing about me.
She was just… herself.
No pretending. No gold-digging. No horseshit games.
“Hmm,” I muttered, wiping my brow with the towel. “This is gonna be a problem.”
A serious problem.
Damn it to hell, Colt.

Author Bio:
Sloan Storm pens imaginative yarns based on dominant men and the women who challenge them. As such, power plays and passion are the heart of each and every story.
The writer's creative tendencies may drift as the mood strikes, but the essence of all tales told wind up back at the same place... the polarizing difference between the sexes.
After all, what else is there in life?
When not glued to a keyboard creating tales of whimsy, Sloan loves to talk to fans! If you want to connect, you can do it in any number of ways:


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BOOK BLITZ: The Magic of a Kiss by Tracey L. Dragon #GIVEAWAY

The Magic of a Kiss
Tracey L. Dragon
(Return to the Home Front, #4)
Published by: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication date: June 24th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance
In 2015 when Nicki Stewart, an Army widow, arrives at the lake cottage bequeathed to her, she finds not only Lt. Josh Taylor, a cocky Navy Pilot, residing next door, but also an old diary left for her by Maggie, her deceased husband’s great aunt. When Nicki shares with Josh the colorful details about Hank, a man mentioned in Maggie’s diary, Josh shows her a journal written by the same guy. Before long, the two neighboring strangers become engrossed in the magic of a long-gone era.
In 1950 Maggie Frank, a prim librarian, buys a duplex cottage at Olcott Beach, NY where she learns that the man residing next door is both a womanizer and a drunkard. Hank Jones, a World War II Veteran struggling to adjust to civilian life, is at first annoyed but later intrigued by the straight-laced Maggie whose situation he finds puzzling. Before long, the two opposites become friends in an odd sort of way until the day Maggie’s secret is exposed, and they go their separate ways. When Hank returns unannounced on Christmas Eve, Maggie must decide if love can overcome the wounds of the past.
June 1950
As Maggie Frank strolled along the pebbled shoreline, she bent periodically to pick up shells and to breathe deeply of the fresh air. The late sun’s rays on her face warmed her through and through, and for the first time in a long time, she felt a semblance of peace. That is until she spied a strange man standing on her porch hunched over trying unsuccessfully to open her front door. Thank goodness she had the foresight to lock it.
“Excuse me,” she said, when she reached him. “Can I help you?”
The rather scruffy man bent over her doorknob trying uselessly to unlock it ignored her and continued to jab his key in the lock, mumbling under his breath what sounded like some rather inventive cursing.
“Hello.” She stepped closer. “I’m the owner of the cottage you’re trying to enter. Can I help you? I think you may have the wrong place.”
Finally, the man straightened and turned to face her.
She took a step back, unnerved by his appearance. He obviously hadn’t shaved in several days or bothered to change his clothing, and she’d bet her bottom dollar that he’d slept in them the night before. The odor of alcohol wafting from his breath would have knocked a lesser body over. She couldn’t image how he still stood upright.
He squinted at her then opened his bloodshot eyes wider as if he were having trouble seeing her. “Nope, this is my cottage, I’m sure of it.”
Her heart plummeted into her stomach as the realization hit. Oh, please God, don’t let this be my neighbor. “Perhaps you should try your key in that door.” She pointed to the black one next to hers and held her breath.
“Oh,” was all he managed to mumble as he started to tilt forward.
“Whoa.” Maggie placed her hands on his shoulders to brace him against the cottage wall. “Why don’t you let me have your key, and I’ll see if it opens the other door?”
The drunken man slumped against the gray siding and held out the key, dangling it from the end of his index finger. “Feel free.” He leered. “I could use some pretty little company.”
Knowing from experience how drunks could turn belligerent at the drop of a hat, Maggie kept her mouth shut, snatched the key from him, and inserted it into the locked door next to hers. Darn. The key worked, and the door opened under her hand. Just my luck. She turned to step out of the stranger’s way but bumped into him as he lurched forward and almost fell on her. She let out a deep sigh, cursing the swear words she heard Jimmy use often enough, but usually refrained from doing so herself. She latched on to the man and managed to steer him toward the small couch in the living room where she dropped him sprawled face down.
“Not that you will remember, but I’m Maggie Frank, your neighbor,” she said.
“Hank Jones,” he muttered then promptly threw up at her feet.

Author Bio:
Tracey L. Dragon is a relocated New Yorker, former Navy Wife, and retired educator who lives in Yulee, Florida with her husband Bill and Mickey, their black and white Miniature Goldendoodle.
Tracey's first publication came at the age of twelve when the short poem she wrote about the Apollo moon landing was published in her hometown newspaper. After seven military moves, raising two Navy brats, and twenty years teaching troubled youth and incarcerated adults, she is now able to put her full attention to publishing the children's stories and historic romance novels she's written over the years as a hobby.
Tracey's Adult Fiction Series, "Return to the Home Front" is a collection of dual-time military themed romance novels: The first three books "Cherished Wings", "When the Geese Fly North" are available in print and Kindle editions now. The third, "When Love Simply Is" will be released in October 2019 by Soul Mate Publishing.
Her "Military Brat Series" for children is also available with 3 stories available now and additional titles coming soon.

Tracey enjoys running, crocheting, and spending time with her grandchildren.
She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Florida Author & Publishers Association.


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BOOK BLITZ: The Random Series Boxed Set by Julia Kent #GIVEAWAY

The Random Series Boxed Set
Julia Kent
(The Random Series, #4-6)
Publication date: May 28th 2020
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance
It may have all started with a hitchhiker wearing a guitar – and only a guitar – but now the band’s on the rise, and every member – Trevor, Joe, Liam, Sam, and Frown – has a story.
A love story.
From working the “day job” in creative ways to pay bills to engagements gone awry to second chance romances and breakups that make Mavis the Chicken return along with the ever-assured Happily Ever After, this wild and crazy ride leaves you filled with HOPE, screaming YES, and so full of LOVE.
This boxed set contains Random Acts of Hope, Random Acts of Yes, and Random Acts of Love, books 4, 5 and 6 in the New York Times bestselling Random series by Julia Kent.
Note: Random Acts of Yes was previously published under the title Randomly Ever After: Sam and Amy.
The last thing I expected to see when I walked into the kitchen of this Friday night gig was eight vibrators twitching furiously on the tile floor in various states of orgasm-inducing glory.
The giant black dildo with huge, egg-shaped, bulbous balls at the base was winning. A close second, the pink rabbit with the little clit extenders tried to catch up. Next came a two-inch silver bullet, flailing off to the right but occasionally making a giant leap forward. The other four, a ragtag assemblage of peach and brown flesh-colored rubbery plastic, seemed to cluster around the refrigerator as if stoned, lolling about aimlessly after getting their hands on a quarter bag and a limitless supply of nachos.
Ah, yes. The famous vibrator races at a sex toy party. I’d heard about this from one of the other bachelorette party strippers, but I’d never actually seen one.
Check that off my list.
I assumed that would be the biggest surprise tonight as I hovered behind the crowd in my police officer’s costume, ready to “arrest” the bride and handcuff her to my partner Jack, the other stripper, who would then undress and pretend to get teabagged by her.
Yeah—I know. It’s pretty programmed, right? But that’s what the maid of honor always asks for.
And the customer is always right.
Tonight, though, was full of unexpected curves (and I don’t just mean the women). Because when I looked at one of the chicks on all fours, cheering that big old black vibrator to victory, I realized that wasn’t just any woman.
That was Charlotte.
My ex-girlfriend.

Author Bio:
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men's room toilet (and he isn't a billionaire). She lives in New England with her husband and three sons in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down.


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BOOK BLITZ: The Marriage Game by Sara Desai #GIVEAWAY

The Marriage Game
Sara Desai
Publication date: June 9th 2020
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance
One of Oprah Magazine’s Most Anticipated Romances of 2020
A high stakes wager pits an aspiring entrepreneur against a ruthless CEO in this sexy romantic comedy.
After her life falls apart, recruitment consultant Layla Patel returns home to her family in San Francisco. But in the eyes of her father, who runs a Michelin starred restaurant, she can do no wrong. He would do anything to see her smile again. With the best intentions in mind, he offers her the office upstairs to start her new business and creates a profile on an online dating site to find her a man. She doesn’t know he’s arranged a series of blind dates until the first one comes knocking on her door…
As CEO of a corporate downsizing company Sam Mehta is more used to conflict than calm. In search of a quiet new office, he finds the perfect space above a cozy Indian restaurant that smells like home. But when communication goes awry, he’s forced to share his space with the owner’s beautiful yet infuriating daughter Layla, her crazy family, and a parade of hopeful suitors, all of whom threaten to disrupt his carefully ordered life.
As they face off in close quarters, the sarcasm and sparks fly. But when the battle for the office becomes a battle of the heart, Sam and Layla have to decide if this is love or just a game.
“You’re sitting at my desk.” She put the pot on the reception desk and folded her arms.
Sam shuffled his papers, spreading them across the polished wood surface for no reason other than to keep his gaze off her distractingly perfect breasts. “I didn’t see your name on it.”
“Just look at your lease. You’ll see it written across the top, or can’t you read big words like Patel?”
“I don’t recall seeing any identification,” he countered. “For all I know, you could have just walked in off the street. You’re certainly not dressed like you’re running a business.”
Eyes blazing, she glared. “What’s wrong with how I’m dressed?”
“An apron and a pink tracksuit with Juicy written across the ass are hardly serious business attire and they certainly don’t scream swipe right on desi Tinder.”
Sam didn’t know if there was such a thing as Tinder for people of South Asian descent living abroad, but if it did exist, he and Layla would definitely not have been a match.
Layla gave a growl of frustration. “You may be surprised to hear that I don’t live my life seeking male approval. I’m just getting over a breakup so I’m a little bit fragile. Last night, I went out with Daisy and drank too much, smoked something I thought was a cigarette, danced on a speaker, and fell onto some loser named Jimbo, whose girlfriend just happened to be an MMA fighter and didn’t like to see me sprawled on top of her man. We had a minor physical altercation and I was kicked out of the bar. Then I got dumped on the street by my Uber driver because I threw up in his cab. So today, I just couldn’t manage office wear. It’s called self-care, and we all need it sometimes. Danny certainly didn’t mind.” Danny certainly didn’t mind.”
“Who’s Danny?” The question came out before he could stop it.
“Someone who appreciates all I’ve got going here…” She ran a hand in and out of her generous curves. “… and isn’t hung up on trivial things like clothes.” She tugged off the apron and folded it on the crock-pot.
“I’m not hung up on clothes either,” Sam teased. “When I’m with a woman I prefer her to have no clothes at all.”
“You’re disgusting.” Layla grabbed her crock-pot and donuts and marched into the small kitchen at the back of the office.
Sam heard cupboards bang. Cutlery clatter. Angry mutters and a huff. A few minutes later Layla marched back out with a bowl of dal in one hand and two donuts circling her finger like rings.
Only when she sat down and proceeded to eat one of the donuts off her finger did he realize he hadn’t done any work since she walked in.
“Donuts and dal are not two foods that naturally go together,” he pointed out.
Layla took a giant bite and licked her lips. “Do you not have work to do? Or are you just going to sit there and look pretty?”

Author Bio:
Sara Desai has been a lawyer, radio DJ, marathon runner, historian, bouncer and librarian. She lives on Vancouver Island with her husband, kids and an assortment of forest creatures who think they are pets. Sara writes sexy romantic comedy and contemporary romance with a multicultural twist. When not laughing at her own jokes, Sara can be found eating nachos.


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B@@K REVEAL: The Proposal by Maya Hughes

The Proposal
Maya Hughes
(Cupcakes & Cocktails #1)
Publication date: July 16th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
When I envisioned Zara Logan dropping to her knees in front of me, this wasn’t what I had in mind…
I was expecting a lot less glaring and a lot more moaning.
Instead, she’s proposing an enticing deal that I can’t bear to walk away from.
To land one of the city’s biggest clients, she wants us to put our differences aside and play fake fiancĂ©s for the next thirty days.
So, I slip the diamond ring onto her finger and agree to play the perfect fiancé. How hard can this be?
A hell of a lot harder than I thought…
She’s infuriatingly stubborn and she thinks I’m a cocky jerk with an enormous ego. (She’s right, but I can definitely back it up…)
As our long days stretch into even later nights, it’s getting harder to remember we’re only playing pretend, which means one thing.
She won’t be faking it for long…

Author Bio:
Maya Hughes, that's me!, can often be found sneaking in another chapter while hiding in the bathroom from her kids! :-) I'm a romance writer who loves taking inspiration from everyday life, namely my husband and biggest fan. Inspiration also strikes when I hear a song, meet someone new or daydream while at soccer practice.
I'm the mom of three little ones, the wife to an amazing husband and also work full time. Some of my favorite things are cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, white wine, laughing until I can't breathe, traveling with my family and Jeff Goldblum.

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BOOK BLITZ: Kismet by April Canavan #GIVEAWAY

April Canavan
(Birch County Blue #1)
Publication date: August 11th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
Never look back.
In the dark of the night, 911 dispatcher Maya Daniels becomes the one thing she fears the most, a victim. Faced with new limitations, both physically and emotionally are what prove the hardest for Maya to handle. That and one very stubborn deputy who refuses to take no for an answer.
Brian will never forgive himself for the pain Maya went through when he couldn’t protect her. When he’s given one more chance to make things right, he swears that he’ll do anything to keep her safe. Even if it means he could lose his job as a Deputy Sheriff.
Nobody believes that Maya is safe, especially when her stalker returns with a vengeance. Maya finds herself fighting for her life once more, but this time she’s not alone.
Fans of Mary Burton and Susan Stoker will fall into the world of Birch County and never want to come back.
“Hey,” she called to him from the stairs. He looked good, but then she always thought that he looked good.
“Hey yourself, pipsqueak. Figured this might be easier than texting.” He moved from where he was next to his cruiser and stood at the bottom of the stairs.
From his position, Maya was only an inch or two higher than he was. She looked into his eyes, and smiled at the familiarity that was in their depths.
“I guess.” She breathed in deeply, and was pleasantly surprised when she was hit with his earthy scent. “So how was the shift?” The deputies could normally go home at one in the morning, but were on call until the shift ended at four.
“Good, too many tourists doing stupid crap though. It’s the season, I suppose.” Pointing a glance at her cast he said, “How come everyone else has gotten to sign it but me?”
“It’s coming off in like a week. There’s no point now.” She put both her hands behind her back, even if it was awkward with the cast on her arm.
He joined her at the top of the stairs, and she looked up into his eyes. “You really are short.”
“I know. Perks of being me, I guess. I’ll be the last to die when the zombies attack since I can fit into smaller places.” She knew it was derisive, but since she was making fun of herself it didn’t matter.
He started laughing, a comforting sound coming from deep in his chest. After he was finished, he just stood there and looked at her. She got caught up in the moment and when he pulled her into a hug, she let him. The warmth of his body enclosed her, and she felt safe. After she stayed in his arms for a minute, reality struck.
“I need to go. I’m getting tired.” She yawned for effect and looked at his cruiser pointedly.
He didn’t take the hint. “I know you are. Can I take Jonathan now?”
“No,” she was offended by his question, and it stung a lot more than she’d ever tell him. “You can’t have him. I promised that I would make him breakfast in the morning, you can have him after.” She crossed her arms, which would look a lot more imposing if she was able to do it without the cast. Instead, she shot him her most stern look. “You should go home now.”
“Okay, no problem. You know, you’re kind of cute when you’re telling me what to do.” He smiled. But it was more of a smirk, mirth reaching his eyes.
“Brian.” She really did need to go back inside, but before she could say it again, he cut her off.
“Kiss me.” He looked at her mouth, and seemed to be fascinated by it.
“Why?” Her throat was dry, the words coming out as more of a croak than a question.
“Because if you don’t I’m going to lose my mind.” He pulled her back into his arms, and she pushed against him until he released her.
When she was out of his arms, she took a deep breath and said, “I’m done with these games, Brian.”
“I can’t live my life without knowing what you’re going to feel like in my arms. You don’t understand. I need you.” The look on his face said that he was lost, and that she was the key to him finding his way home.
“There was a time when all I wanted was to be needed in your life, Brian. But that’s not what I want, not anymore. I need something other than hidden glances, innuendo, and being made to feel like I’m not good enough to be someone’s first choice.” Instead of feeling happy at the thought of being told exactly what she wanted to hear from him for so long, it just made her angrier that she didn’t have happiness like that in her life already and probably couldn’t in the future.
“But you are my first choice. Don’t you see that? I would turn the world upside down if it would make you happy.” Without waiting for her response, he grasped her by the shoulders and brought his face down to hers. “No more games, not between us.” And he kissed her. The entire world imploded in a barrage of light and sound. The kiss couldn’t have lasted more than a few seconds, but in that moment it felt like everything was right in the universe.
Pulling away from her just slightly he continued, “I should have told you how I really feel a long time ago, Maya. Then we wouldn’t have all of this wasted time. I want you in my life. Just give this a chance.”
“I’m a different person; all of the love I had was left behind that night. I can’t give you anything.” Eyes still stinging from the explosion of lights she saw during their kiss, she leaned away from him.

Author Bio:
USA Today Bestselling author by day and superhero by night, April spends her time split between real and fantasy worlds. While she writes across genres, her heart lives with Contemporary Romance that will tear her readers apart.
She lives on the rocky coast of Maine, in the perfect place to visit the ocean but still live surrounded by the woods. Her son inspires her to write, demanding stories that he's not allowed to read.
As long as she has coffee, April can conquer the world... but she hates talking about herself in third person.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

BOOK BLITZ: Hunter by A.M. Salinger #GIVEAWAY

A.M. Salinger
Publication date: June 22nd 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance
Can a business rival bring one of Twilight Falls’ most notorious bad boys to his knees?
Twilight Falls’ resident bad boy Hunter Thomson knows he hasn’t quite lived up to his reputation of late and is determined to have some fun while on a rare night out in L.A. But after a torrid encounter with a captivating stranger results in one of the best sexual experiences of his life, Hunter flees to his hometown, scared by his intense feelings and convinced he is about to commit the same mistake he once made in the past.
Theo Miller can’t get the gorgeous man he hooked up with one night in L.A. out of his mind. When he moves to Twilight Falls for the opening of his new store, he is shocked to discover than his business rival is none other than the stranger who ran away from him and their fiery connection.
Sparks fly as the two men engage in a game of cat and mouse. But when an accident makes Theo dependent on Hunter, the game becomes something neither men could have anticipated.
Will Hunter finally overcome his deep-seated fears and succumb to Theo’s passionate attention? And can Theo win the heart of the one man he wants to belong to?
Join Hunter and Theo in this hot and sweet third installment in Twilight Falls, the new series by the author of the bestselling, contemporary romance series Nights.
The music thumped in Hunter Thomson’s ears and throbbed pleasantly against his skin. He drummed a hand lightly against his arm as he waited for his order, his fingers matching the beat of the pop song blaring from the club’s speakers. He flashed a smile at the girl who brought him his beer, turned, and leaned his back against the bar.
His gaze roamed the dance floor a few feet from where he stood. It was packed with hot, writhing men. A dry smile curved his lips as he brought the bottle to his mouth and took a sip of the cold beverage.
Well, hot writhing men is what I came here for.
His eyes found the couple on the far left of the sunken stage. Hunter’s smile turned into a full-blown grin.
Irritation danced briefly on Tristan Hart’s face when he met Hunter’s amused stare. The man working up a sweat against Tristan seemed oblivious to their exchange; Dan Flynn was already on his fourth drink and focused on his mission for the night. Which was apparently to get in Tristan’s pants and ride him till the cows came home.
Hunter could tell from the subtle way Tristan was avoiding full body contact with Dan that he wasn’t interested. He knew Tristan would never have accepted Dan’s invitation had he known the guy would start hitting on him the moment they walked through the doors of the hottest new gay club in L.A. The fact that Dan had told him to bring a friend to the opening night had evidently lured Tristan into thinking his client wasn’t interested in him.
Hunter could hardly blame the poor man.
With his quiet brown eyes, rugged good looks, and muscular, tattooed body, Tristan was a picture of understated masculinity. Not only was he hot, his ability to fix any motorbike and sports cars that landed in his garage made him one of the most sought-after mechanics in the state. It also regularly brought a line of men and women to his door who wanted to get his hands on more than just their hoods.
All evidence pointed to the fact that Tristan’s latest client was one such man. Unfortunately for Dan, the sexy mechanic made it a rule never to mix business with pleasure.
Had Hunter not known Tristan since they were practically in diapers, he might have been tempted to have a taste of the guy himself.
Except we’re both tops, so that would definitely not have worked out.
Hunter let his gaze wander over the crowded club. It wasn’t everyday he came to L.A. for a night on the town and he was determined to make the most of it.
Having two of his close friends recently get shacked up had made him antsy. It had also been a few months since he’d hooked up with anyone and he very much wanted to come somewhere other than his own hand tonight.
Besides, I have a reputation to keep up. I can’t be Twilight Falls’ most notorious bad boy when I haven’t seen any action other than my own fingers lately.
A man caught Hunter’s interest a moment later. Blond, blue eyes. A body that showed he liked to work out. The stranger’s mouth curved up as he studied Hunter from where he stood amidst a large group, his expression telling Hunter he liked what he was seeing too. Hunter’s lips tilted in an answering smile.
Someone stepped in his line of sight.
Hunter shifted to try and catch the blond’s attention. The man blocking his view moved too.
Irritation darted through Hunter.
The guy looming over him was wearing neatly pressed cream chinos, a navy shirt with a red-rimmed collar that matched his two tone dress shoes, and a dark blue blazer. The top three buttons of the shirt were open, exposing an expanse of toned, tanned flesh.
“Can I get through?”
Hunter blinked.
The man’s voice was like whisky poured over rough velvet.
He looked up and met a pair of arresting hazel eyes set in a chiseled face blessed by the gods.
The man arched an elegant eyebrow, his expression patient and seemingly heedless of the interested stares he was drawing. He had a good couple of inches on Hunter’s own six foot-two.
“The bar?” the stranger added slowly, as if addressing a dimwit.
Hunter flushed and stepped away from the counter. “Er, sure.”
The man’s cologne filled Hunter’s nose as he slipped past and took his place. He smelled of pine and evergreens, like the forests of Twilight Falls.
Hunter stared at the stranger’s wide back. It was clear from his charismatic appearance and expensive clothes that he was loaded.
A hand landed on Hunter’s shoulder, startling him. He looked around.
It was the blond he’d been eyeing up.
“Hey,” the guy said warmly.
“Hey, yourself,” Hunter replied with a smile, firmly squashing his burgeoning interest for the man at the bar.
He’s not my type, anyway.
The blond indicated the sunken stage. “Wanna dance?”
A teasing grin lit up Hunter’s. “I gotta warn you. I have killer moves. Think you can keep up?”
The blond chuckled. He leaned in and whispered hotly in Hunter’s left ear.
“I’ve got some killer moves on my own.”
Hunter’s dick perked with interest as the blond’s breath washed across his skin. The guy took his hand and led him to the dance floor.
Three songs and another beer later and Hunter was feeling buzzed. He and the blond had definite sexual chemistry; he could tell he would be coming in the guy’s hand, mouth, or ass tonight.
“Wanna go somewhere quieter?”
Hunter followed the blond’s gaze.
He was looking at a dimly-lit corridor leading to the restrooms.
Hunter masked a frown. He’d hoped they’d be going back to the hotel he and Tristan had booked for the night. A quickie in a public toilet wasn’t really his thing.
“It’s not what you’re thinking,” the blond said mysteriously, as if he’d guessed Hunter’s thoughts.
Hunter arched an eyebrow. “It’s not?”
The blond grabbed his arm. “Come on.”
Hunter scanned the club for Tristan as he headed for the restrooms with the blond. He found his best friend with his inebriated client at the bar on the other side of the floor.
Tristan caught his eyes. “Everything okay?” he mouthed.
Hunter nodded and gave him a reassuring wave.
The club’s washrooms were stark and clean. They were also thankfully empty bar a handful of men.
One of them was the blond’s friend, a guy with dark hair and eyes.
“You brought him,” the man said with a grin.
A sinking feeling blossomed in the pit of Hunter’s stomach at his expression.
“What’s going on?” Hunter asked the blond guardedly.
Blondie smiled at him, his face relaxed despite Hunter’s cool tone.
“We thought you’d be a good fit for us.”
Hunter suppressed a grimace. Great.
He studied the dark-haired guy. “Are you his partner?”
“I am.”
“I’m sorry, but I’m not into threesomes,” Hunter said gruffly.
Blondie trailed a teasing hand down Hunter’s chest all the way to the buckle of his jeans and beyond. “Are you sure? ‘Cause you look pretty turned on to me.”
Hunter grabbed Blondie’s wrist as he stroked his way back up his erection.
“I was, when I thought it’d be just you.”
The door to the restrooms opened. Hunter swallowed a curse when he saw the guy who entered.
It was Hazel Eyes from the bar.
The man stopped and looked at them curiously. “Am I interrupting?”
Hunter recovered his senses first. “No, you aren’t.” He turned to Blondie and his partner. “Like I said, I’m not interested.”
Blondie pouted. “That’s a shame. I was really looking forward to having a sex sandwich with you.”
Hunter stared, not certain he’d heard right. “Excuse me?”
Hazel Eyes turned away and started washing his hands at the sink, but not before Hunter caught the sparkle of amusement in his gaze.
“You know, where one of us fucks your mouth while the other pounds your ass,” Blondie explained blithely.
Hunter’s jaw dropped open. He caught a glimpse of Hazel Eyes’s reflection in the mirror above the row of sinks. The guy’s lips were pinched tight and his shoulders were shaking slightly. Outrage shot through Hunter.
Is that asshole laughing at me?!
“I’m sorry to disappoint you,” he told Blondie and his partner icily once he’d regained his composure, “again. But I’m a top, so nobody is going anywhere near my ass.”
Blondie’s eyes widened. “Oh, wow.” He paused, a moue twisting his mouth. “Are you sure? ‘Cause you kinda give off a bottom feel.”
“Positive,” Hunter growled.
“Oh well, your loss, I suppose,” Blondie murmured. “Come on, Jeff, let’s get out of here.”
Hunter watched wordlessly as the pair exited the restrooms. He blew out a sigh, raked a hand through his hair, and headed for the door.
“You sure you should be going out like that?”

Author Bio:
Ava Marie Salinger is the pen name of an Amazon bestselling author who has always wanted to write scorching hot contemporary romance. In 2018, she finally decided to venture to the steamy side. NIGHTS is the first of several sizzling series featuring sweet, sexy men with dark pasts and a whole lot of love to give to the ones brave enough to fight for their hearts. When she’s not dreaming up hotties to write about, you’ll find Ava creating kickass music playlists to write to, spying on the wildlife in her garden, drooling over gadgets, and eating Chinese.
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B@@K REVEAL: Parker by Giulia Lagomarsino #PreORDER

Giulia Lagomarsino
(Reed Security, #25)
Publication date: July 3rd 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

I’ve been disgraced. I have nothing left to my name after being dishonorably discharged from the military. But I was falsely accused. It doesn’t matter though. It would take a Presidential pardon for me to get my life back, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. But then Knight walked into my life and offered me a chance at redemption. I don’t want to believe that it could be true, but I’m ready to go along for the ride and see what happens. That’s how I met her. She threw me through a window, but that won’t stop me from seeing her again.

You know that phrase ‘I’ve gotten myself into a pickle’? Well, this is a huge pickle. I thought I knew what I was doing when I ran, but this is so much more involved than I ever imagined. I didn’t think someone else would show up at the senator’s house where I was digging up information. I also didn’t expect him to be so hot or to follow me. And I really didn’t expect him to attack me. But I know how to defend myself, so I’m not too worried about it. Now I just have to stay hidden until I can figure out what’s going on. But nothing in my life seems to be going as planned lately. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when he shows up yet again.

Author Bio:
I'm a stay at home mom that loves to read. Some of my favorite titles are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. I started writing when I was trying to come up with suggestions on ways I could help bring in some extra money. I came up with the idea that I could donate plasma because you could earn an extra $500/month. My husband responded with, "No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book." I didn't think I had anything to share on blog that a thousand other mothers hadn't already thought of. I decided to take his challenge seriously and sat down to write my first book, Jack. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing. From there, the stories continued to flow and I haven't been able to stop. I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Between reading, writing, and taking care of three small kids, my days are quite full.


BOOK BLITZ: Pirate's Persuasion by Lisa Kessler #GIVEAWAY

Pirate’s Persuasion
Lisa Kessler
(Sentinels of Savannah #4)
Published by: Entangled: Amara
Publication date: June 22nd 2020
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Immortal pirate Drake Cole has a reputation in Savannah for his custom woodworking and historical restorations, but his work has grown into an obsession. He’s become a stranger to his crew since the Sea Dog sank in 1795. None of them know his painful secret. A young stowaway went down with the ship, one that Drake swore a blood oath to protect.
The ghost of a young boy, lost at sea over two hundred years ago, leads local medium, Heather Storrey right to Drake’s door. He saved her life before, and now she has a chance to return the favor, but how can she protect him from a curse that no one can see?
A dark coven possesses the figurehead from the Flying Dutchman, and if Heather and the immortal Sea Dog crew don’t locate the relic soon, Drake may be lost to them forever. Heather has seen the passionate man behind the veil of guilt, and she’s determined to free him from his self-imposed prison, and persuade this pirate to love again.
No trace of judgment lingered in her gaze. He lifted his free hand, aching for reassurance that this wasn’t a dream. His fingers slid through her silky hair as he tucked it behind her ear. Words were too insignificant for this moment, or this woman. He met her eyes and whispered, “I should go.”
She tilted her head slightly, her gaze steady. “Why?”
He swallowed the lump in his throat. “Because…if I stay…I may kiss you.”
She didn’t recoil at his confession. Instead, color flushed her pale skin, enticing him closer as he searched her face.
“Don’t go,” she whispered.
He lost his tenuous grip on self-control and leaned in closer, kissing her with an unfamiliar tenderness. His battered heart had been on display for her, his secrets exposed, and instead of rejecting him, she offered acceptance, a safe harbor in the storm of painful memories he’d shouldered alone for centuries.
Her hand moved up his chest and around his neck. He tilted his head as her lips parted, opening and welcoming his exploration. She tasted like raindrops and moonlight, delicious and refreshing. He might never get enough. Her fingers tangled in the back of his hair, the pull drawing a long-dormant passion from his soul. He wrapped her in his arms, their tongues tangling in a hungry desperation for closeness.
He yearned for her, to claim her, to know every inch of her.

Author Bio:
Stay up-to-date on new releases and giveaways by subscribing to Lisa's newsletter here: https://goo.gl/56lDla
Lisa Kessler is a Best Selling author of dark paranormal fiction. She's a two-time San Diego Book Award winner for Best Published Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror and Best Published Romance. Her books have also won the PRISM award, the Award of Excellence, the National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Award, the Award of Merit from the Holt Medallion, and an International Digital Award for Best Paranormal.
Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award.
When she's not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, and has performed with San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego.
You can learn more at http://Lisa-Kessler.com