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Curse the Moon by Lee Jackson BLOG TOUR

"Curse the Moon has it all, packaging its tense thriller in the cloak of understanding motivations both political and personal. Interplays between protagonists assume chess-like proportions as goals change, obstacles rise and fall, and emotions run deep." 
~Diane Donovan from Midwest Book Reviews


His code-name is Atcho. He leads guerrilla fighters through the US-supported insurgency that rages at the Bay of Pigs in the early days of Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Captured and cast into the island’s worst dungeons, Atcho learns that a phantom-like officer of the Soviet KGB shadows him. Inexplicably released from incarceration and still dedicated to his country, he battles through the bowels of the Kremlin in Moscow, into the granite halls at West Point, and finally to highest levels in Washington, DC. Atcho’s rise opens doors into US National Defence even as the seemingly omniscient KGB officer holds unflinching sway over his actions. His public life clashes with secrets that only he and his tormentor share, isolating him in a world of intrigue among people whom he is determined not to betray – and then he finds that he is the trigger that could spark thermonuclear war. 

"I VERY much enjoyed reading this story, emotional beating and all. I honestly cannot say when I last read a story that has had such an emotional impact on me, all the while keeping me on the edge of my seat with action and intrigue. Truly AMAZING!" ~Amazon reviewer (12/11/13)

"It is rich with insight on a time in our history (the Cuban missile crisis, otherwise known as the “Bay of Pigs”) that has not really been much explored or written about in the literary world. That in itself sets this book apart and begs readership." ~Amazon reviewer (12/12/13)

"Lee's first book was a stay up all night to see what happens next page turner. It's got action, romance, well developed characters, interesting plot twists and most importantly tells the story of how modern day Cuba came to be and the evils that were inflicted on its unsung heroes. This historical thriller will keep you reading to the very end. Buy a copy today!" ~Amazon reviewer (12/18/13)


In this chamber, Atcho reflected on the comparative merits of life and death. He decided that death had a greater advantage. Every hope he clung to now came with a price so high it seemed impossible to pay.  Death became a morbid fascination. He longed to welcome it, and imagined various ways he could achieve his demise. But there was no escape. In his torment, Isabel came often to his mind, and he obsessed over her well-being. But Govorov had been clear in what his suicide would mean for Isabel and her husband.

By the end of the first week, he was gaunt, his clothes hanging loosely on him. His body began to devour itself. Why not allow my darling daughter absence from suffering? He though. If I die, I will end her misery as well. 

Since he felt a profound sense of having failed her, the thought comforted him. From the day she was kidnapped nearly twenty years ago, he had been excluded from her life. But now, he could expedite her passage to a state completely free of strife and pain. Through his delirium, he snickered at having upset Govorov’s plans while advancing Isabel’s welfare. He exulted over the Russian’s imagined rage, and an image of the Lubyanka fracturing at its base. 

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I write Historical Thriller Fiction - particularly surrounding the Cold War. Having lived in Morocco, Germany, Costa Rica, and of course in the United States; and, having been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan for a combined 38 months, I've been up-close-and personal with many different cultures. I graduated from West Point and Boston University, resulting in a front row seat on many pivotal events. I live in Texas with my wife. My first novel, "Curse The Moon" is due out on 5 December 2013. I publish under my own name, Lee Jackson.

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COVER REVEAL: Grave Possession by Angel Lawson

Grave Possession is the final book in the Wraith Series. 



These aren’t the words Jane expected to use to describe herself, but in the years since she first began seeing ghosts things have changed. A lot. Jane has spent the last two years losing one person after the other. Both dead and alive. But this year things will be different. She’s entering her freshman year of art school, rooming with her best friend Ava and has a new boyfriend. Oh, and she’s no longer afraid that she’s Shadow Bound with a direct connection to ghosts. In fact, she’s learned to use her abilities for her benefit.

Jane soon discovers she can’t walk away from her past. The wounds from her battle with Charlotte are deep and no matter what she tells herself, the break up with Connor weighs heavy on her heart. Balancing these emotions prove to be a weakness for her and Jane finds herself in a fight against the most dangerous spirits she’s encountered yet.

 Angel Lawson lives with her family in Atlanta and has a lifelong obsession with creating fiction from reality, either with paint or words. On a typical day you can find her writing, reading, plotting her escape from the zombie apocalypse and trying to get the glitter out from under her nails.

She is the author of five books, including the Wraith Series, Serial Summer, FanGirl, and Vigilant. She is the co-author of the New Adult Paranormal book, Odin's Murder with Kira Gold. She has one other New Adult title, No Regrets, under the pen name Lila Atkinson.

For more information, visit

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Hearts on Fire by Kristine Raymond BLOG TOUR

Hearts on Fire Tour Banner

Title: Hearts on Fire (Hidden Springs Series #2)
Author: Kristine Raymond
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Release Date: December 26, 2013



Jack Tanner has never had a shortage of beautiful women on his arm…or in his bed. As the marshal of Hidden Springs, he has his pick of any eligible woman in town. So why is it that the only woman he wants is the one who won’t even give him the time of day? Landry Prescott has had a crush on Jack Tanner since the day she laid eyes on him. Feeling like she is unable to compete with the young, beautiful women that he surrounds himself with, she chooses to ignore him instead. When Landry’s life is threatened, Jack comes to her rescue and the spark of interest that had been buried in each of them ignites into a blaze of passion. Is their newfound desire the result of circumstance? Will their love burn out quickly or will they forever have hearts on fire?


Hearts on Fire Teaser 1

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“Landry, honey, are you hurt? Landry, look at me.” Jack reached over and pulled her up by her shoulders. Once she was standing, he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. He could feel her shaking and she buried her head into his chest. They stood there like that for several minutes until her tremors subsided then she straightened up and pulled herself out of his arms. “Are you hurt?” he asked again, lifting her chin with his finger so that he could look at her. An angry knot twisted in his stomach when he saw the dark mark on her face. Her cheeks were wet and streaked from the tears that had fallen and he couldn’t resist the temptation to wipe them away. He slowly brushed his thumb across her cheek, first one side then the other and heard her soft intake of breath. In the dim lamplight, he saw her eyes widen as he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her. It was a soft kiss, the merest brushing of his lips on hers but it was enough to make him instantly hard. He pulled away and took a step back, trying to get himself under control. After what she had just been through, he didn’t think it was entirely appropriate to take her to bed, which is what he wanted to do in the worst way. No woman had ever had this effect on him before. He had known Landry for over two years. How had he never noticed her before?

~Interview with Ms. Raymond~

Do you suffer from sleepwalking?
I did when I was a little kid.  Now I suffer from sleep writing!

What's your bad quality?
I repeat myself a lot.  I repeat myself a lot.

Do you speak with your dog?
All of the time.  He doesn’t listen to me any better than my husband does. 

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
You’ve succeeded.  I think that the only time you can fail is if you don’t try at all.

Describe yourself; what do you think about yourself and do you think people perceive you in the same way?
I like to be by myself; I am not very outgoing and I’m not comfortable in crowds.  I don’t think that other people see me that way though because I tend to push beyond my comfort zone and do things that people don’t expect.

What do you do when you feel very sad or depressed?
I usually give in to it for just one day.  Instead of trying to fight it, I let the emotions flow through me and then the next day, I usually feel better.

What makes you angry? Are you short-tempered? How do you overcome your anger?
I get angry when I see other people being taken advantage of.  It is in my nature to want to stick up for people (I think because no one ever stuck up for me).  I have a short temper but a long fuse.  It takes a lot to make me mad but once I am, look out!  I can get over my anger pretty quickly if I can talk about it.  Once I can verbalize it, it tends to dissipate pretty rapidly.

What is your idea of fun?
Doing whatever I feel like without having to worry about the consequences.  Like shopping without worrying that I am spending too much.

Which is your favorite time of the day?
Just before dawn.

Are you a morning person or a night person?
I am definitely a morning person.  I would rather get up at three in the morning to get something completed than stay up until eleven at night.

What is your favorite color of socks to wear?
Any, as long as my feet are warm   (I do however, LOVE aloe infused socks!)

About the Author

KR Logo

Kristine Raymond loves to read and that naturally transformed into a love of writing. She has always been a fan of the Old West and lived in Arizona for several years, where she was able to appreciate the beauty and history of the region. She has released two books in the Hidden Springs series and is currently working on her third. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and furry family, and occasionally watches a TV western or two.

Purchase Here to Stay (Hidden Springs Series #1) 
on sale for $1.99!

Here to stay 1.99

Signed Copy of Hearts on Fire (US Only), ebook of Here to Stay, ebook of Hearts on Fire and Swag Pack (US Only)

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Whispers in the Dark by K.I. Lynn BLOG TOUR

Please welcome K.I. Lynn, the well-known author of the Breach series, to the blog today with an interview and a GIVEAWAY in honor of her novella, Whispers in the Dark.

Title: Whispers in the Dark
Author: K.I. Lynn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 9/15/13


A power outage leaves Mia Harmon stuck alone in the dark with no source of light except her cell phone. Frightened, she heads to a neighbor to ask for a light. Tristan, the new guy in 7D, is more than willing to help her out. A bad day turns into a night where Mia ends up getting much more than she bargained for.


“Fuck,” I groaned, staring at the sign hanging on the elevator that read “Out of Order” and almost burst into tears.
It was a crappy day that was only getting worse with each passing hour. I figured standing drenched in the rain was the icing on the cake, but no, I was wrong.
With a heavy sigh, and an even heavier bag on my shoulder and one in my hand, I took the first step in my seven-flight journey up to my floor. At about four floors, I had to take a break, so I threw my bags down on the landing and sat of the bottom step of the next floor. I closed my eyes, resting my head on my arms that were crossed on my lap.
My shoulders ached, my head ached worse, and I was soaking wet from head to toe. So exhausted, I was close to curling up on the floor and sleeping there, and would have if I wasn’t already freezing—the stairwell wasn’t temperature controlled.
“Need some help?” an unfamiliar male voice asked.
I didn’t look up—I didn’t care who it was. A minute of rest was all I needed to carry on. That, and the knowledge that a hot shower awaited me as soon as I finished the remaining three flights.
“No, I’m fine. I just need a minute.” I gave him a thumbs-up and hoped he would carry on.
“Are you sure?” he questioned again, real concern evident in his voice.
I took a deep breath and raised my head. My eyes widened as I looked at the stranger in front of me. His leather jacket was riddled with water droplets, his brown hair flattened on his head and soaked to the roots. His light green eyes drew me in like a beacon in the dark. I’d never seen him before, which was odd, because I knew almost everyone in the building. We often held parties on the rooftop garden, and I would have remembered seeing a gorgeous guy like him, even soaking wet.
Strong jaw, sharp cheek bones, and a fit physique—yeah, I would have remembered him.
“Who are you?” The words shot out, and I slapped my hand over my mouth. He let out a chuckle, exposing a perfect set of white teeth. “I mean... You must be new?”
“Yeah, I am. Tristan.” He held out his hand, and I took it.
I wanted to lick any part of him, but I’d settle on his hand for now… he was that hot.
His hand was large, warm, and rough. Add that to the sexy vibe I was getting, and images of the two of us naked popped in my head.
“Nice to meet you, Mia.”
I nodded and stared back at him unblinking, the visions still dancing in my head the more I stared into his eyes.
“Going to need that hand back.” His gaze moved down to where our hands were still connected. I didn’t even realize I hadn’t let go. Dear Lord, I wasn’t drooling, was I?
“You sure?” I smiled up at him, trying to make light of the situation and not make myself out to be some strange psycho.
He let out a deep chuckle. “For a little while, but then you can have it back.”
My whole body felt colder when I let go. I didn’t realize his presence had beaten back some of my gloom, which returned in full force.
“So, are you going to be okay if I leave?”
I rolled my eyes at him. “I’ll be fine. It’s just been a really crappy day.”
“It can’t be all bad.”
“Yeah? Why is that?”
He grinned. “You met me.” My head tilted back in laughter as he stepped up and past me. “See you around, Mia.”
“Better. I’ll be searching out that hand.”
He stopped on the stair just above me, his tongue peeking out to lick his lips. “You’re going to be trouble, aren’t you?”
I shrugged my shoulders. “That’s what my dad used to say.”
Tristan nodded. “Oh, he was right.”
After the sound of his footsteps retreated, my hand reached up to fan my face. I hadn’t been that bold in…months. Not since the night my best friend Casey and I had a little too much to drink at the martini bar down the street.
I took a deep breath and gathered my strength. The call from my shower was growing, and I still had a few flights of stairs to go. With my bags in hand, I finished the climb of doom.
The end was nigh. The bright red door with gold painted 7C was within my sight, and my heart and body sang. It was a bit off key, and more like wailing cats, but in no way reduced the euphoria of finally being home.
Until I realized my key was not in hand.
I leaned forward, whimpering as my forehead came to rest against the old wooden gate to my apartment. The bags slipped from my grip, landing on the floor.
“Oh, enough with the dramatics, Mia. It was only seven floors,” the familiar voice of my neighbor said as she walked past.
“Bad day, Lena.”
Her keys jingled as she pulled them out. “I can tell. That peroxide was left on a little too long.”
“I’m sticking my tongue out—you just can’t see it. But I bet you can see this.” I stuck my arm out and flipped her the bird.
She laughed. “Find your fucking keys, girl.” The door creaked open. “Oh, and don’t forget we’re meeting up for dinner tomorrow night.”
“Yup, now get inside. If I come out here in five minutes and you’re still standing there, I’m going to throw your bags down a flight of stairs.”
I whimpered at the thought of climbing even one more step.
“That’s what I thought.” Her door slammed shut behind her, and my eyes stared down at my feet, locating my purse. I found my keys and unlocked the door before stepping in.

~Interview with K.I. Lynn~

If you were a cookie, which would you be?
Chocolate chip with nuts - sweet and a little nutty.

Name one actor/actress you would love to get naughty with?
Michael Fassbender!

Do you suffer from sleepwalking?
No, but I suffer from sleep open-eyedness. On occasion I've freaked my husband out by sleeping with my eyes open.

What is your favorite daily wear attire? 
Yoga pants and a tank top.

Do you like dogs or cats?
Dog person all the way.

Tell me how many hats you have in your house? 
Hmmm, interesting question. There is 1 adventure hat, 1 sun wide-brimmed hat, 2 stylish hats,  about 7 baseball caps, and about 7 winter knit caps. So... 18. Wow...

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Somewhere between too many and not enough.

What's your bad quality? 
Laziness. I wish it wasn't so bad.

Do you speak with your dog? 
All the time! She gives me weird looks...then she'll lick me, kinda like "there, there, human."

Which is the one television character that you simply adore?
Rick Castle. I love Nathan Fillion, and he does a fantastic job of playing a single father/writer/playboy/mystery solver.


Prize: 3 Ebook Copies of Whispers in the Dark by K.I. Lynn

Author Bio: 

A power outage leaves Mia Harmon stuck alone in the dark with no source of light except her cell phone. Frightened, she heads to a neighbor to ask for a light. Tristan, the new guy in 7D, is more than willing to help her out. A bad day turns into a night where Mia ends up getting much more than she bargained for.


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NEW RELEASE! From Infatuation 2 Obsession by Emma Husher

And All the Phases In-Between

A sweet novella by new author

Emma Husher

Available today!

Patrice Minner has had a horrible day. In fact, her life has been nothing but one loss after another. Through it all, her two best friends have been by her side. When the object of every woman’s fantasy passes through her life, Shelby and Becca persuade Patrice to go after him. Never have been the one to investigate her girlie side, Patrice lets her friends show her the finer ways of the sensual woman. But will it be enough to entice the infamous Austin Tate?

For more information, visit

Psst! Inside is a sneak peek of A Betty’s Pledge, Emma’s first full length novel due to release in

April, 2014


He’d always had a soft spot for those less fortunate, he could see that now; but there was more than that. Jayden did what he could by donating to local organizations, and even encouraged his employees to donate their time at soup kitchens, orphanages, or any other charitable programs in the Metroplex. One of the many perks to working for Masterson Metalworks was being granted up to five days each year, with pay, to take off for volunteering. 

Yet, as Jayden stood there reflecting, it became clear to him that he had a knack for getting involved with souls who needed more than basic material care.

In opening his heart to love he’d also allowed his sight to widen, and with a jolt of acute clarity, realized he’d never been the cold, emotionless bastard he’d once thought. The powerful Jayden Masterson was a mere man. Go figure.

(c) R.E. Hargrave 2014


SIGNED paperback copies of To Serve is Divine and A Divine Life 
are now available for direct order from yours truly. 

Click HERE to fill out the order form, 
or you can find it at any time by clicking on the stack of books on the right sidebar, at the top.

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#FREE for 1 Day Only!

Just because I want to say thank you and welcome to all who have "liked" my Facebook page recently, bringing me to over 2000 followers,
will be FREE on Kindle for one day only ... 
JANUARY 19, 2014.

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"I love the way RE Hargrave defines and develops her characters, making them larger than life but at the same time keeping them grounded in reality. I find that I become easily invested them, wanting them to have joy, passion and love, and this tells me that she writes people, not just characters." 
~Amazon Reviewer

COVER REVEAL: Fractured Steel by T.J. Loveless

Fractured Steel ebook cover
Title: Fractured Steel
Author: T.J. Loveless
Anticipated Release Date: February 15, 2014
Genre: Thriller/Contemporary Fiction

After a bloody tour in Iraq, all Karen Barnes wants is a simple life, surrounded by horses and the mountains of Wyoming. But when a stranger tries boarding a famous horse worth millions at her stable, Karen grows suspicious that the horse has been stolen. When her worse fears are confirmed and her life is threatened, her instinct for survival kicks in. But things are far worse than she could have even imagined when she discovers that the theft is just a coverup for espionage. With the lives of those she cares for at stake, can she find the courage to fight one more battle, or will the violence and carnage tear her to pieces?

Fractured Steel full cover


Fractured Steel Teaser 1

About the Author

TJ Loveless

T.J. Loveless has been reading and writing stories since the fourth grade. A former copy/content editor at a medium sized pub house, she now spends her time writing and helping other authors reach for the stars through Cliffhanger Press, LLC. She lives with The Writing Zoo, a Hubby who prefers her mood when writing, and a teenager who loves to tells stories of Mom on the floor trying to visualize "legs all akimbo" and the long, often yelling, conversations with the computer screen.

Social Links

Fractured Steel Teaser 2

Other Books by the Author

Lucky Number Six cover


Going Thru Hell cover

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#GIVEAWAY for The Truth Seekers by Elizabeth Lawrence

To celebrate the birthdays of two of her favorite people, Elizabeth Lawrence is giving away five signed and numbered copies of The Truth Seekers on Goodreads! The giveaway begins on January 17th, the birthday of Favorite Person #1, and it ends on January 31st, the birthday of Favorite Person #2. 

These copies of The Truth Seekers are from the author's personal stash. Only twenty-five numbered copies exist, so when they're gone, they're gone! Click the giveaway link below and enter today!


At the turn of the century, the Victorian upper classes live in a vibrant but strictly-ordered world that encourages gentle, intellectual pursuits. Theirs is a life of ease and elegance, but it can be snatched away from them in an instant if the rules of polite society are not followed. Gothic novelist Geoffrey Hawes has never been willing to let such restrictions hold him back, and he refuses to honor conventions for which there is no discernible value. When he spends a social season in a community created to celebrate the Arts, music, and philosophy, he is unexpectedly befriended by the daughter of the Governor, Miranda Claridge.

Bitter and disenchanted with the privileged and wealthy, Geoffrey finds his beliefs repeatedly challenged by the intelligent and vivacious Miranda. In the midst of their heated debates on the mores of the upper class, this unlikely friendship blossoms into a passionate love. He encourages her to pursue her interest in painting and gives her a new understanding of what relationships between men and women should be. Meanwhile, Miranda begins to open his eyes to all that is wonderful and beautiful and good in the world.

Geoffrey at last accepts that he has fallen in love with Miranda, but misunderstandings and lies come between them. Knowing that Miranda believes it is her duty to marry, he prepares himself to hear news of her wedding. Geoffrey attempts to escape the pain of her perceived rejection by traveling and throwing himself into his work. However, he cannot run forever. One day, he encounters Miranda again and soon discovers that she is not the same woman he left behind. Can the couple realize that they each must relinquish some of their prejudices and preconceived notions before it is too late? Can love really conquer all?

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Truth Seekers by Elizabeth M. Lawrence

The Truth Seekers

by Elizabeth M. Lawrence

Giveaway ends January 31, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win


“I have not been humoring you, Miss Claridge. On the contrary, I am intrigued that such a refined and doubtless well-protected woman as you should carry such sorrow. Will you not confide in me?”
Her answering smile was wry. “Am I to provide material for your next book? I assure you, there is nothing I could hope to offer that would interest you or your readership.” The words were bitter, but her tone was not.
“I would tell you that you will not appear in my work, but that is beyond my power. Pieces of every person I encounter have a way of appearing in my books, whether I will it or no.” Moved by some inexplicable impulse, he reached out and took her hand in both of his. “Let me assure you, however, that I am most anxious to know what troubles you so.”
“You are very kind,” she said.
“That surprises you?”
“A bit. You do not strike me as a man who interests himself in the problems of a mere girl, least of all a na├»ve and inexperienced one such as I.”
“This is perhaps true,” he allowed. “Yet I sense, Miss Claridge, that there is more in your heart and mind than I would expect to discover in a woman of your upbringing.”
“I very much doubt that, sir. In truth, from infancy I have been schooled to have as little on my mind as possible.”
Her eyes returned to their perusal of the lake, but he continued his examination of her face.
After a moment, he responded. “Be that as it may, I think there is quite a good deal in your mind, and in your heart, too. I very much hope that I am nearby if ever you should decide to divulge it.


Author Bio:

Elizabeth Lawrence is the author of both contemporary and period romances. Each book incorporates its own unique blend of humor and reverence, the peculiar and the mundane. In addition to her novels, Elizabeth serves as a freelance editor. A lifelong writer and former paralegal, Elizabeth divides her free time between her husband and two sons, her three cats, her collection of cozy murder mysteries, and her mildly severe caffeine addiction. A native of Lawrence, Kansas, Elizabeth now works from her home in Cleveland, Ohio. 

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