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L@@K at ME! Holiday Romances by Nikki Lynn Barrett #XmasInJuly #99c

We Wish You A Ferret Christmas, Scrooge You!, and It's Always Something
by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

RELEASE TOUR: Quest of a Warrior by Mary Morgan #GIVEAWAY

Legends of the Fenian Warriors, Book 1
spinoff from the Order of the Dragon Knights series
by Mary Morgan

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

NEW RELEASE: Girls And Boys by M.B. Feeney

It's LIVE!!!

 Girls and Boys, the 90's based coming of age New Adult novel by M. B. Feeney is now live on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. 
Will you be #TeamAndy or #TeamJack? 

Read my review HERE to find out which team I'm on!  

Grab your copy now!

  Jack Robinson and Andy Stone are best friends, navigating their way through life in 90s London with a soundtrack of Britpop. Jack’s in his final year at university and still has no idea about what he wants to do with his life, while Andy’s a mechanic by day, a bit of a man-whore the rest of the time. Adapting to a new place to live in a big city isn’t easy, especially when girls, alcohol, and hard work get in the way, but having your best friend with you every step of the way makes it that much easier… well, when you’re not ignoring each other. Filled with laughter and heartache, Jack and Andy’s story is for everyone. A hint of romance, a solid friendship, and plenty of stupid mistakes. But, will they learn from them?  
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RELEASE TOUR: Devil's Marker by Victoria Danann #GIVEAWAY

Sons of Sanctuary MC, Austin, Texas Book 4
by Victoria Danann