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NEW RELEASE BLITZ: The Selective Mute Princess by Samantha Jayne Grubey #GIVEAWAY

The Selective Mute Princess
Samantha Jayne Grubey
Publication date: August 29th 2022
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Princess Amelia has been silent for ten years, ever since Amelia and Ava were kidnapped. One returned home the other did not. Amelia has always kept herself guarded with her twenty-first birthday approaching things are going to be changing.

Ethan Sparks is on his first assignment, guard the Princess in the Palace. The longer he’s there the more he finds himself being drawn to Princess Amelia, he can see she’s drowning and he wants to help.

Romantic interests stirs in a mixing pot of emotions as Amelia and her family recover from the kidnapping and murder of her sister. Unsure what to feel or who to believe, Amelia needs to find her truth, as she deals with her trauma and finally brings her family to mend. Along the way they find themselves hitting challenges at every wall. So many questions left unanswered by the kidnapping and murder, can she finally find the answers she’s searching for? Can Amelia finally allow herself to live and be freed from the guilt she feels? Can Ethan survive the challenges that come with falling for a Princess in line for the throne?

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I sent him a small smile and walked through the halls, entering the cinema room and grabbing the remote. Ethan shut the door, and I patted the seat next to me. I flicked through one of the many streaming services, finding Harry Potter.

“Which one is your favourite?”

I held my hand up, signalling five.

“Really? Some people think that is the worse one; it comes in at number three on my list of best Harry Potter films.”

I chuckled, laying my head on his chest. I was determined to make it through all eight films, and I hoped I could binge watch them all in one day. I pressed the first film, and it began to play. I had yet to find something better than watching a film with Ethan by my side.

The first film finished, and I lined up the second one, hitting pause. “Do you know sometimes I wish we could order a takeaway to the palace?”

Ethan laughed.

“I’m serious.”

“I know you are.” He laughed. “You could have it ordered, but by the time it’s gone through all the checks, it’d be cold. What are you fancying?”

“Chinese. I know the chef can cook, but sometimes a takeaway is needed,” I muttered. “Why?”

“I’ll go get us some. I should see if Katie wants anything.”

“You could invite your sister to watch films with us too, you know,” I said pointedly. “I don’t think I’ve actually gotten to spend time with her other than our initial meeting.”

“She’s being a brat,” Ethan muttered sourly.


He rolled his eyes. “She’s not opening up, and I don’t know how to deal with teenage Katie. I’m way out of my depth here… like oceans away out of my depth.”

“Teenage years are hard,” I told him. “Maybe all she needs to know is that you love her still. Have you told her lately?”

“She knows.”

“Ethan, teenagers always know, but have you said the words?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. “Have you told her lately? She’s clearly going through a lot, ignoring the fact that she can’t speak.”

“Okay, I’ll see if she wants to come with me,” he said. “What do you want?”

“Egg fried rice, chicken chow mien, vegetable spring rolls, Hawaiian chicken, and chicken balls,” I said as I watched him type it on his phone.

“I’ll be back soon. I’ll post a guard outside your door.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes slightly. He left the room, and I sighed. I wondered if it was time I invested in a phone. I stood up, opening the door and made the short walk to my room, ignoring the guard following me. If I ignored them, then I couldn’t see their looks. I grabbed my blanket and Mac and made my way back to the cinema room, waiting for Ethan to return.

I wrapped myself in the blanket and switched on the Mac. I loaded up Google Chrome and stared at the blank search engine. I still had no idea what my project would be. I suppose part of that was due to the fact that I knew nothing. Maybe it was time to go back to school. I typed in universities and began scrolling through them. I had no idea what I was even looking for. If I was going to take over as queen, then I should at least know more about our history. I mean, our history books were fine, but I didn’t want to just stick with what we had. I wanted to experience the outside world, and I knew convincing my parents would be the hardest part.

“I’m back.” I jumped a mile, shutting the laptop quickly. Holding a hand to my chest, I glanced at the clock and saw half an hour had passed. He chuckled. “You must have been really deep into whatever you were doing.” I held onto my chest, trying to calm my breathing. I had completely gotten lost in my research.

Ethan sat next to me, and I looked to see Katie had sat on the other side of Ethan. I waved, and she smiled and waved back.

“What were you looking at?” Ethan asked curiously.

I shrugged.

“If you won’t tell me, I’ll just assume it was porn. You naughty, naughty princess.”

I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped. Ethan was definitely something else. He sat next to me, handing me a plate with a lot of food and handed Katie hers, then he pressed play on the film. It had been so long since I had takeaway food. My parents tried to limit us, but every now and then, we managed to convince a nanny to sneak us out of the house. I picked up a vegetable spring roll and began to eat it as I concentrated on watching the second Harry Potter film.

As I looked at Ethan, I noticed our legs had become intertwined as they laid out in front of us. I couldn’t help but smile; everything felt easy with us. I didn’t know if that was good or bad, but Ethan made it easy.

Author Bio:

Samantha Jayne Grubey is an author of new adult romance.

When she's not writing, reading, you can probably find her heading back to university for teaching training. If she's not doing any of that then she's probably playing sims (sims 3&2 are the best out of the franchise) or colouring.

Follow her on social media, learn all about the books at:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Bookbub / TikTok

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NEW RELEASE BLITZ: Where the Rainbow Falls by Joey Jones #GIVEAWAY

Where the Rainbow Falls
Joey Jones
Publication date: August 20th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

In the face of a storm, a father’s love is the most powerful force.

With Hurricane Florence rapidly approaching the North Carolina coastline, all Niles North can think about is his five-year-old son Riley and how he wished he bent the law when he had the chance to evacuate him. Now, instead of being safe in Hickory with his dad, Riley is with Niles’s ex-wife Eden, who’s decided to ride out the storm at home with her drummer friend. Desperate to get back to his son as the stormwaters rise, Niles begs Reese, an attractive police detective and rescue worker, to drive him back to New Bern.

Refusing to help Niles seems nearly impossible for Reese who quickly realizes she’s in deeper than she should be—both professionally and emotionally—especially since she’s drawn to almost everything about him. As the two undertake a perilous journey into the eye of the storm, Niles’s worst fears come true, setting in motion a series of events that will change both of their lives forever.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble


His cheeks lifted as his eyes bubbled over. “He’s out there somewhere and we’re in here, doing nothing.”

“We’re waiting out the worst of this storm so that we can do something,” she reminded him all the while realizing the inadequacy of the response.

“What if I never see my son again?” Niles considered out loud through a sniffle.

At that instant, Reese’s emotions controlled her body and before she knew it, tears streamed down her chapped cheeks. The wind took a toll on them although she hadn’t realized it until standing beneath the showerhead earlier thinking about what the wind could be doing to a vulnerable five-year-old. She’d thought about having kids one day, hoped to, but this was one of those moments in life where something clicked and she knew she wanted to know the kind of love this man felt for his child. Even though this was literally one of the saddest moments she’d ever experienced, Niles’s love for Riley radiated off him like the scent of a breathtaking bouquet of flowers.

Letting go, Reese draped her arms over his shoulders and hugged him tightly. “I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you get to hold Riley in your arms again,” she whispered into his ear. It was relatively dark in their little nook, and the moment she decided that one of them would hear if anyone approached, she let her lips settle on his cheek and rested them there as she squeezed a bit tighter.

Niles’s eyelids collapsed as the warmth of Reese’s body spread across his own like a fire jumping from one house to the next. He could feel the moisture on her lips as they lingered on his face tracing his skin like a tender massage. There was something he loved about her confidence, something about her touch that set him at ease even while the inside of his body screamed at the top of its lungs. He wanted out of here, wanted to fight the storm and all of his demons together with this woman whom he barely knew. She was strong yet soft, forceful yet calm. He never met anyone like Reese Kirby in all his life, and he couldn’t help but think God sent her to him at just the right time. A piece of him wanted to be selfish and wonder what tomorrow might hold for the two of them, but all he could think about at the moment was how grateful he was that she was willing to risk her life to help him find his son.

Somehow, eventually, Niles and Reese both fell asleep beneath separate blankets. Under an extra sheet Reese plucked from the pile earlier, their fingers hid intertwined like two strands of rope. Staring at one another, they whispered until neither of them could hold their eyes open any longer. Reese thought Niles would never let his body rest, but she made a pact with herself to talk to him until he did. She knew his mind wouldn’t wander as much if she could keep a conversation streaming. In a way, it felt like they were in the boat again, and as she drifted off to sleep, Reese couldn’t help but think about how hiding seemed to be their thing.

Author Bio:

The writing style of Joey Jones has been described as a mixture of Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans, and James Patterson. USA Today Bestselling Author Jeff Gunhus compared Jones’ work to Debbie Macomber, Nicholas Evans, and Sparks. National Bestselling Author Kristy Woodson Harvey described Joey Jones’ writing as “lyrical” and proclaims “he effortlessly pulls readers into the souls of his characters.”

The ratings and reviews of Jones’ novels A BRIDGE APART (2015), LOSING LONDON (2016), A FIELD OF FIREFLIES (2018), and THE DATE NIGHT JAR (2019) reflect the comparison to the aforementioned New York Times bestselling authors.

Joey Jones fell in love with creative writing at a young age and decided in his early twenties that he wanted to write a book. His debut novel A BRIDGE APART is a suspenseful love story that was years in the making as he tinkered with the story off and on while working full-time in the marketing field. In February 2016, Jones became a full-time novelist and published his second novel LOSING LONDON later that year. Three of Jones’ novels have earned 4.8 out of 5.0 Amazon stars.

In his spare time, Joey enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, working out, reading, and writing inspirational quotes. His favorite meal is a New York Style Pizza with sweet tea. He won the 8th-grade spelling bee at his school, but if you ask him how many students participated, he might say, “Such minor details are not important!” He currently lives in North Carolina with his family.

Joey Jones earned a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Maryland University College where he graduated with honors (2006). He was the owner of a full-service advertising agency and taught business and marketing courses as an adjunct college instructor.

Jones invites you to connect with him online to find out more about his upcoming novels, book signings, giveaways, exciting news, charities, and more.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

NEW RELEASE BLITZ: The Immortal Tailor by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff #GIVEAWAY

The Immortal Tailor
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Publication date: August 30th 2022
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

From New York Times bestselling author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a new immortal series filled with dark humor, angst, and a brooding hero who loves a good tweed: The Immortal Tailor.


Long ago, Damien Greystone hung up his guns, knives, and rope for the quiet life of a tailor. Sure, his clients now include the likes of bloodthirsty vampires, a hair-obsessed Bigfoot, and fourteen insane deities, but at least Damien doesn’t have to kill anymore. And, sure, he’s been cursed to live alone for all eternity, but nobody’s life is perfect. Right?

Unfortunately, his monk-like existence is about to come to a screeching halt. The gods’ powers are on the fritz, and they’re demanding his help.

But when Damien starts investigating, he meets Sky Morales, a beautiful journalist who’s up to her ears in danger (and one very aggressive fairy). He has no choice but to dust off his weapons.

Can he protect her without getting too close? Because his “curse of solitude” doesn’t negotiate, and bad things will happen to Sky if he so much as feels a flutter of affection.

And as if that pressure weren’t enough, his precious store is being looked after by a love-sucking demon and a punk chick who has a knack for insulting everyone. Bigfoot isn’t pleased.

The sooner Damien can get this job done, the faster he can get back to his peaceful life. If only he weren’t enjoying getting his hands dirty again. Just like the good old days that got him in trouble.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo


The woman’s name was Sky Morales. Thirty-two years old. Dark brown hair. Very attractive face.

No. No. Not attractive. Especially her full lips and ample bosom. She was plain, unremarkable, and definitely not worth looking at. At least, that was the lie he needed to tell himself. His lust was a luxury she could not afford.

Keep it professional, Greystone, he told himself.

From her photos on social media, he’d say she was a size ten and enjoyed provocative yet professional clothing—tight tailored skirts, snug satin blouses, lots of cleavage. Not so unusual for someone in the public eye. An independent journalist and entrepreneur with a popular news site, coveted for non-biased reporting: Sky’s Fresh Air News. Transparent, nonpartisan, and independent.

What he found unusual, however, was how Sky had recently received national recognition for publishing a series of investigative reports exposing sex traffickers in California. Why would a woman just hitting her stride professionally go public with a wild story about a winged creature attacking her?

According to the police report and the interview she gave several weeks ago, she had been shopping with her sister at SouthPark Mall, near Cleveland, Ohio, when she was attacked in a sporting goods store.

Yes, that sporting goods store. Named after a penis.

It was a well-known fact that sex fairies were drawn to places with sexy names: Hand Job Nail Spa, Dirty Hoe Garden Supplies, and Master Bait Tackle Shop, to name a few. Then there were the towns: Climax, Colorado. Bald Knob, Arkansas. Mary’s Igloo, Alaska. Sugar Tit, Kentucky. If the name sounded dirty, a sex fairy could be found nearby despite the lack of anything particularly sexual occurring in these places.

No one ever said sex fairies were smart.

But back to Sky. She gave intimate details of trying on a swimsuit for an upcoming camping trip with her sister and nephew. She claimed she slid the bikini bottoms over her underwear and suddenly felt something moving around.

She pulled the bottoms down to find a purplish winged creature about the size of a hummingbird. She screamed, swatted at the thing, and fell down, only to have it dive into her panties, where Sky wrestled with the thing and managed to keep it from, well, doing what sex fairies did.

Interesting. Sky’s account of the attack sounded legitimate. Sex fairies were known to get aggressive when startled or afraid. Simply put, they looked for the nearest place to hide. If it happened to be a human orifice, so be it.

But had this been a fairy attack, or had the creature been frightened by something?

Author Bio:

MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF is a New York Times bestselling author who writes insane plot twists that will have you burning through the pages. Whether it’s Romance, Suspense/Thriller, or Fantasy, there are always big heroes to root for, smart and resourceful heroines, and a ton of heart pumping excitement in every story.

Mimi lives with her extremely patient husband (“Be right there! Just one more page, honey!”), two pirates-in-training (their boys), and their three spunky dragons (really, just very tiny dogs with big attitudes) Snowy, Mini, and Mack, in the vampire-unfriendly state of Arizona.

Sign up for Mimi’s mailing list for giveaways and new release news!

Website/Newsletter / Goodreads / Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Instagram / Bookbub / TikTok / Pinterest / Amazon

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BOOK BLITZ: Bear by Harley Wylde #GIVEAWAY

Harley Wylde
(Hades Abyss MC)
Published by: Changeling Press
Publication date: August 26th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Faith – I fell for Spade when I was only sixteen. He got me pregnant, and moved me into a house with him. Then I saw his true colors. He beat me. Made me lose my baby. It’s been eighteen years and I’m still trapped, until I find the courage to take my girls and run. I didn’t count on finding another biker. This one seems different. He’s kinder. Gentler. And I think he may be just what we need.

Bear – No sooner do I tell my Pres I want to retire from the position of Sergeant-at-Arms than I catch a teen girl shoplifting. I followed her. Banged on the motel door, ready to tell the parents they’d f**ked up. Then a cute little pixie opened the door, and I knew I was a goner. Now they’re living in my house, I’ve given them my name, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Even take out another club.

WARNING: Bear is part of the Hades Abyss MC series and is intended for readers 18+ due to adult situations and bad language. Sensitive readers should proceed with caution. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo



I stared at my phone and the message I’d just sent to Fox, my club’s President. Aside from Spider, our previous President, I was the oldest living member in my chapter of the Hades Abyss MC, and I was feeling every one of my sixty-eight years. My bones creaked more often than not. My brown hair had gone silver. While I still kept in shape, I couldn’t maintain the definition I had in my younger days. Which meant it was time…

Need a new SAA. Time for me to retire.

He’d read the message two minutes ago. I still hadn’t received a reply or a phone call. I’d thought I would get at least one of those, if not both. That told me one of two things. He was either ignoring me in the hopes I’d forget about retiring, or he was just too damn busy to deal with it right now. Now that he had a family, he didn’t always drop what he was doing to answer the phone. And that was fine. Raven and their daughter, Harlow, deserved every bit of attention he could give them.

I put my helmet on the seat of my bike and went into the corner market. I’d given up cigarettes and beer, but there was one thing they’d have to pry from my cold dead fingers — jerky! I didn’t indulge as often as I used to, but I still got a taste for it once or twice a month. Today happened to be one of those days.

The bell over the door jingled as I stepped into the cool interior. Scanning the area, I clocked a teen girl two aisles over, an older man at the back, and a young couple at the register. Making my way down the center aisle, I checked out the jerky options and grabbed a package.

The teen girl shifted from foot to foot and kept casting glances around the store. The clerk hadn’t noticed anything was wrong. Yet. I hoped she didn’t do something stupid. Then again, teens were notorious for making bad choices. Looked like this one wouldn’t be any different. The second she thought no one was watching, she shoved a few things under her shirt and made a beeline for the front door. She actually made it into the parking lot and I shook my head.

“Just what I fucking need,” I muttered. I held up the package of jerky for the clerk to see and tossed some money onto the counter. More than enough to cover the price. “Keep the change.”

I went after the girl, keeping her in my sights. As much as I wanted to get on my bike to follow her, the Harley Davidson Freewheel wasn’t exactly a quiet bike. And yeah, I’d gotten a damn trike. The club had given me shit about it when I traded in my Street King, but I was getting too damn old for this shit. The trike put less strain on me, and I still got to ride with my club.

The girl left the parking lot and headed down the sidewalk. The longer I followed, the more I wished I’d taken my bike. When she went into a room at the local motel, I decided to give her a minute or two, then see if her parents knew she’d been shoplifting. Although, this place was a goddamn dump. There was a good chance she’d been following orders. Most people here were either drug addicts or prostitutes.

I knocked on the door and heard a hesitant, “Who is it?”

“Need to talk to the parents of the girl who just went into this room.”

I heard a thunk and a deep sigh. I wondered if the person on the other side had just banged their head on the door. The rattle of the chain let me know someone was about to open the door. I backed up a step so I wouldn’t scare whoever was on the other side. A petite woman with a gently rounded stomach opened the door. Dark circles under her eyes told me she hadn’t slept in a while. Not well, at any rate.

“Ma’am.” I gave her a nod. She blinked at me, then her gaze dropped to my cut. Her face paled, and she swayed. Figured she’d have that reaction. People either loved us or we scared the shit out of them. I held up a hand. “Easy. I’m not here to hurt you.”

“We don’t want any trouble,” she said, her fingers tightening on the door.

“The girl who just entered this room stole some stuff from a store down the street. I wanted to make sure her parents were aware of the situation.”

The woman closed her eyes and her shoulders slumped. “Piper, did you steal something? Is he telling the truth?”

Holy. Shit. This woman was her mother? No fucking way. Older sister, maybe, but mom? The girl in question appeared behind her mom, and as I looked into the room, I saw another girl on the bed. Sweat coated her little face, and her cheeks were pink. Fever?

“Everything all right, ma’am?” I asked. “The three of you in trouble of some kind?”

The teen, Piper, narrowed her eyes at me. “We’re fine. The last thing we need is another biker in our lives.”

My eyebrows shot up. Interesting. Another biker. I had so many questions and not enough answers. In fact, they hadn’t willingly told me a damn thing yet. Everything I’d learned had merely been from observation.

“Did you steal something?” her mom asked, sounding exhausted.

“Cordy needs soup. The kind we can microwave. You said our money would be gone after tomorrow.” Piper folded her arms. “If we’re about to be living out of the car, I wanted to make sure she had something to eat first.”

Motherfucker. I couldn’t walk away and leave these girls in a dire situation. My club would kick my ass if I did. Hell, I’d kick my own ass.

Author Bio:

Harley Wylde is the International Bestselling Author of the Dixie Reapers MC, Devil's Boneyard MC, and Hades Abyss MC series.
When Harley's writing, her motto is the hotter the better -- off the charts sex, commanding men, and the women who can't deny them. If you want men who talk dirty, are sexy as hell, and take what they want, then you've come to the right place. She doesn't shy away from the dangers and nastiness in the world, bringing those realities to the pages of her books, but always gives her characters a happily-ever-after and makes sure the bad guys get what they deserve.

The times Harley isn't writing, she's thinking up naughty things to do to her husband, drinking copious amounts of Starbucks, and reading. She loves to read and devours a book a day, sometimes more. She's also fond of TV shows and movies from the 1980's, as well as paranormal shows from the 1990's to today, even though she'd much rather be reading or writing.

You can find out more about Harley or enter her monthly giveaway on her website. Be sure to join her newsletter while you're there to learn more about discounts, signing events, and other goodies!

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok / Bookbub

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B@@K REVEAL: Fire Within by Nicki Rae #PreORDER

Fire Within
Nicki Rae
(Beyond The Stage)
Publication date: October 20th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Music brought us together six years ago. Our love existed between guitar strings and every beat of the music. Song lyrics spoke the words of our souls – words only meant for us.

He was a coworker at my first job – a record store. So many great songs surrounded us. But I was only interested in what our song would become.
With Kelley Shane, I found the first love song that filled my soul with fire. But he also introduced me to my first sad song – heartache that filled my veins with ice water.

Marketing a new band has brought us back together. Going on a three-week tour with Kelley is not how I pictured our reunion. I’m not sure I can trust him to have my back, let alone to confide in him.
But what worries me most? What if my heart decides to trust him without my permission?

Add to Goodreads / Pre-order

Author Bio:

Nicki is the author of The Moore Love Series: Lather and The Date: A Moore Love Short Story, The Perfection Series: Damaged Perfection and Resisting Perfection, Broken Minds, and Angel Face. She is a born Buckeye turned Hoosier who loves to spend time with her family. Along with being an avid reader, she also loves her animals and the Indianapolis Colts!

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Newsletter

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NEW RELEASE BLITZ: Forgotten by J.L. Youngblood #GIVEAWAY

J.L. Youngblood
Publication date: August 25th 2022
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

What if you lived another life?

A life you thought only existed in fairytales.

What happens when both worlds collide?

A silly accident puts Elle Worthington into a coma, and when she awakes, she can’t remember her name or anything about her life. She leaves the hospital and returns to a home that’s anything but ideal—her stepmother loathes her, her stepsister resents her, and her father’s a workaholic who’s rarely ever home.

She soon discovers that she is the head cheerleader and is dating Edward Kingsley, the golden-boy quarterback who’s madly in love with her. Everyone tells her how lucky she is to be with Edward, but for some strange reason, Elle is instead drawn to Rush Porter, her next-door neighbor—a brooding, reckless newcomer who’s too good looking for his own good! From the moment she sees him, he captures her attention and haunts her dreams, and he seems to know an awful lot about her.

When Elle goes to work for her eccentric aunt Adele who owns a chocolate shop, she begins to get a glimpse of another life—a magical life in which she was a simple peasant girl whose life changed forever the day she caught the eye of the prince. A girl who might have lived happily-ever-after had her heart not had other ideas.

She becomes trapped between loyalty and duty—betrayal and love, and a forbidden attraction so strong that it has the power to destroy her.

All is not as it seems on the surface. Dark forces are watching and waiting to claim what they deem to be theirs, and the fate of a kingdom rests in the hands of a girl who cannot remember who she is or where she came from.

Goodreads / Amazon


“Careful,” he warned, helped her get seated. He sat down and turned to face her, his expression concerned. “Your ankle? Is it hurting?”

She reassured him with a smile. “It’s fine. Thank you.”

Relief settled over his features. He took her hands in his and brought them to his lips where he planted a gentle kiss. “My love, I seek only to make you happy.

Why did he have to be so good? Guilt stabbed at her as she looked into his golden eyes. He was so sincere … so kind … so handsome. She could almost convince herself that she could live the lie and be the doting maiden he believed her to be. He was a prince, destined to be a king. How easy it would be to simply accept his love.

Even as she thought the words, her heart cried out, Traitor! And she knew she could never escape her innermost desires, for it was not the fair-haired prince with his genteel manners but the dark-haired rogue with the sharp tongue and stormy blue eyes that tormented her dreams.

If Edward was the sun, then Rushton was the shadow forever crossing over her heart. She loved Rushton—loved him with a passion that consumed all else.

At that moment, she longed to be far away from the complex life of the castle. She longed to be a simple peasant girl again—a girl who’d long ago given her heart to an impulsive, hot-tempered squire.

Author Bio:

Jennifer Youngblood is a USA Today Bestselling Author of clean romance, sweet romance, romantic comedy, and romantic suspense novels. For as long as she could remember, Jennifer has wanted to be an author. In those rare moments when she's not dreaming up another story, Jennifer loves cooking, spending time with family, and occasionally breaking away from her hectic life to take spontaneous trips to exotic and sometimes not so exotic locations. She couldn't survive in a world without chocolate, good books, family, and friends.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / Newsletter

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Sunday, August 28, 2022

BOOK BLITZ: Shadows and Twilight by Jamie A. Waters #GIVEAWAY

Shadows and Twilight
Jamie A. Waters
(The Dragon Portal, #4)
Publication date: August 25th 2022
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

The only way for darkness to thrive is to destroy the light…

Sabine owes her life to the two demon brothers who helped keep her hidden from the Fae for the past ten years.

When she learns Dax has been forced back to the underworld to stand trial for his treasonous crimes, Sabine races to their volcanic home to save him. What she discovers is a long-hidden truth that has the potential to shape the future of their world or destroy it.

Only an ancient weapon of power can shatter the portal bindings…

The demons secretly recognize Sabine as the true queen of the Unseelie, and they’re determined to keep her for their own purposes. With her magic, they can escape the underworld and declare vengeance on those who oppose them.

But first, they must destroy all her ties to the light, including the man she loves.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / Google Play


Another scream drew Malek’s attention back to the tunnel. His hand tightened around the hilt of his sword.

“We’ve got company. There’s not enough space here for me to shift without bringing down the tunnel.”

“Then prepare to fight,” Bane said, his silvered eyes turning to stare at the dark tunnel. “The hellhounds are

part of the Hall’s defense. They’re driving those creatures to us. They won’t stop until every living thing in their path is dead, including us.”

“Stay close and fight defensively,” Sabine said to Rika.

Dozens of large arachnoid creatures scuttled forward. They were nearly the size of wolves. Their exoskeletons were a deep black color, while yellow ooze dripped from their fangs.

“Spiders?” Blossom shrieked. “Spiders shouldn’t be that big! What kind of garden do those suckers live in?”

Malek sliced through the first one, leaping back as one of its sawtooth legs tried to swipe at him. He spun toward the next, narrowly missing a spat of the yellow ooze it had shot at him. Using his magic to fuel his strength and speed, he took the head of the creature.

“Watch their venom,” Bane warned, swiping his claws down one of the arachnoids’ necks.

Sabine threw shimmering orbs of condensed power. Each one burst apart, expanding like a magical explosion to cut down dozens of creatures at once. It was effective, but Malek wasn’t sure how long she could keep up the attack.

“Die, evil fiends!” Blossom shrieked and darted in between their legs, tripping the creatures as they tried to catch the pixie. One after another, they toppled over and then scrambled back to their feet.

Rika shouted a battle cry and lifted her short sword, hacking at the legs on the creatures Blossom targeted. Malek grinned at their teamwork and turned his attention toward the nearest attacker. He quickly cut it down before facing the next, each one brandishing its sharpened legs.

A creature struck out at Malek, but Sabine shot her hand out and speared the creature with another burst of magic. His gaze met hers, and in that moment, the connection between them flared to life. Love and undeniable need surged within him, mirroring the emotions in her eyes.

Sabine gave him a teasing smile. “Try not to die, will you? I have plans with you later.” “I wouldn’t dream of disappointing you,” Malek said with a grin.

Author Bio:

Jamie A. Waters is an award-winning fantasy romance author and dragon enthusiast. Weaving together magic, intrigue, and some delicious romance, she creates memorable and immersive worlds that provide the perfect escape. Her books feature strong, capable heroines and their swoon-worthy heroes who will stop at nothing to save the day.

Jamie currently resides in Florida with two neurotic dogs who enjoy stealing socks. When she's not pursuing her passion of writing, she's usually trying to learn new and interesting random things (like how to pick locks or use the self-cleaning feature of the oven without setting off the fire alarm). In her downtime, she enjoys reading, playing computer games, painting, or acting as a referee between the dragons and fairies currently at war inside her closet.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Bookbub

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Saturday, August 27, 2022

BOOK BLITZ: Kisser of Death by M.H.B. #GIVEAWAY

Kisser of Death
Publication date: October 18th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

One accident.
Two men.
Almost three years of despair.
Four beating hearts growing in pain.
Five lives forever changed.

Everything fell apart in the blink of an eye.

These days my own misery keeps me company.

I never thought this would be me—a twenty-four-year-old—stuck in a dead-end relationship.

Gone are the thrilling adventures with Harvey Stark.
Gone is his smile.
Gone is the sight of his dimples and the sparkle in his bright blue eyes.

He’s changed into a hollow version of himself and I’m just a shadow following him around our home.

Then I meet my new boss at a firm in Downtown Chicago. Damon Dreygon challenges me in ways I never knew existed and makes me believe in myself again. Our souls match instantly, and meeting Damon feels like a step towards peace.

Except it’s not. Because everyone grieves differently.

So while one man can’t love me, the other refuses to touch me.

And I’m crawling through the crippling chaos, barely holding on . . .

Goodreads / Amazon

Only 99¢ for a limited time!


“Come see your place.” Gia gives me a tight smile, holding up my keys. I want to crumble right there as I step out of the car. Drop to my knees on the concrete of the driveway despite my ripped jeans.

I want the world and everything in it to swallow me whole.

I can’t do this.

I don’t think I can do this.

I hear only the muffled words of my sister as I take in the front of the house. It’s filled with tiny trees and flowers, and I want to laugh because how will this help us?

The memories of my calls with Harvey hit me with a vengeance—I could almost hear him dying a painful death inside. According to Helen, Stefan said that Harv’s progress was slower than the others in his group.

And his happy, sweet, chipper self? It was all gone when we talked.

How will he get out of this alive if he refuses to let his mind fight for this? How on earth is he supposed to beat potential infections, pressure sores, and circulation disorders, if he doesn’t want to fight?

Fight, Harvey; just fight.

I can’t push these demons away all by myself. The monsters will eat me alive.

Paranoia at all the possible complications he might have to overcome hits me hard and square in the chest.

“So . . . what do you think?” Gia opens the door, and when I enter my new home, I feel none of the things I should feel: joy, happiness, excitement, fucking something good, anything good.

I’m so numb.

“Surprise! We moved all of your stuff for you guys!”

God, if only I could cry, feel, I could tell my sister she’s the best sister in the entire world. I don’t ever want to know what life would be like without her. She’s pregnant and tired half the time with her first child, yet she found a way to do all of this for me, for us.

I turn around and find a sympathetic smile on her face. Gia lost something in all of this, too, didn’t she?

I’ll never be the same.

I’m just too afraid to tell her that. Or maybe she already knows.

“Thank you.” I bring her to me, pouring out my feelings in a tight hug.

“Gem,” her voice croaks. “I’ll do anything to help—you know that. We’re all here for you. You’re not alone in this.” She pulls back, staring at me intently, trying to drill the message home.

Not alone, but for how long?

That’s always the pressing question, isn’t it? No matter how much death and despair sinks its teeth inside your skin, the clock keeps ticking and the world goes round and round, expecting you to keep pace.

Author Bio:

M . H . B . graduated law from a Canadian University and loves spending time with her German Shepherd Dog. She has a passion for animals and enjoys the simple things in life: books, music, chocolate, sunny days and overall wellness. When she is not writing, her mind is in another world, with a book in hand.

Website / Facebook / Instagram

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Friday, August 26, 2022

B@@K REVEAL: Ace of Diamonds by Alta Hensley

Ace of Diamonds
Alta Hensley
(Wonderland, #3)
Publication date: October 4th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

The winner takes all…

I had her. She was mine. They took her away.

Lyriope Morelli is the dream I’ve been chasing. My obsession isn’t gone, my hunger’s not satiated. I won’t rest until I find her and claim her again. I won’t rest until I’ve dragged her safely back to Wonderland.

Villains don’t get the happily ever after written for them in the story. And I’m the villain of this story–vicious and calculating, terrifying in my whims. Which is why, when it comes to my queen of hearts…

The game has just begun.

Welcome to the Midnight Dynasty… The warring Morelli and Constantine families have enough bad blood to fill an ocean, and their brand new stories will be told by your favorite dangerous romance authors.

WARNING: This book is intended for readers eighteen years old and over. It contains material that some readers could find disturbing. Enter at your own risk…

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / Google Play

Author Bio:

Alta Hensley is a USA TODAY bestselling author of hot, dark and dirty romance. She is also an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author. Being a multi-published author in the romance genre, Alta is known for her dark, gritty alpha heroes, sometimes sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.

She lives in a log cabin in the woods with her husband, two daughters, and an Australian Shepherd. When she isn't battling the bats, and watching the deer, she is writing about villains who always get their love story and happily ever after.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok / Bookbub / Newsletter

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BOOK BLITZ: Flopper by Colleen Charles #GIVEAWAY

Colleen Charles
(Vegas Venom, #1)
Publication date: August 23rd 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Sports

The Vegas Venom turn up the heat in this brand new standalone hockey romance series from USA Today Bestselling Author Colleen Charles.

As one of the top goalies in hockey I live a sweet Vegas lifestyle: VIP treatment at all the hottest spots in town – ushered past every velvet rope – and all the puck bunnies I can handle.

Until my whole world changes when fate takes my sister, leaving her precious baby an orphan.

Even though I’m still mired down in grief, I step up and adopt my niece. After all, I already adore her.

I’ve just started to get a handle on things when the perfect woman literally falls into my lap, sending me and my newfound single dad life reeling.

She’s everything I ever wanted, but how can I offer her my heart while it’s still broken?

After our first meeting, she confesses that she needs lessons in seduction. Easy enough. We agree that once I teach her everything I know, we’ll part as friends.

But when we kiss… I see stars. I catch feelings. And after one taste of her, I’m not willing to let go.

My friends try to warn me not to get too close, but they shouldn’t worry because I won’t let myself fall all the way.

Yeah, about that…

Goodreads / Amazon


Nobody can prepare you for the moment that you learn someone you love is gone. Poof. In the blink of an eye, the air shifts and the structure of your cells change. You are no longer the person you were just one heartbeat prior. I might have known when I arrived at the hospital and it reeked of pain, suffering… and death. I might have known when a nurse ushered me to one of those small private rooms where they break the news to those numb with terror soon to become the bereaved. I might have already known when I chose to not even disconnect the call I got earlier.

But the thing is… I didn’t want to even think the thought, so I shoved that knowing aside.

As I sit in front of the doctor with my hands folded neatly in front of me, I don’t receive his words. I don’t process them either. Car crash. Freeway. We did everything we could. I stare at him, open-mouthed, not quite believing any of it.

Natalie—my only sister, my only close relative—who isn’t even thirty years old, has left this world? It’s not possible. She just became a wife. Then she became a mother. She had her whole life ahead of her.

She’s a happy, healthy, positive person who’s going places. She’s my sunshine and unicorns. She’s my soft place to fall. She’s my flesh and blood. She’s the only one who truly gets me.

She’s gone, Noah.

“… the other driver lost control, crossed the center line and was also killed. Since your sister was behind the wheel, and your brother-in-law was in the front seat, at the speeds they were traveling, there was nothing anyone could have done. I’m terribly sorry for your loss, Mr. Abbott.”

Nothing anyone could have done? Lost control of the car? Who the fuck does that? Some damn teenager, that’s who. I can see his cocky ass in my mind’s eye texting and drinking and vaping and every other thing hoodlums are doing these days while they’re not paying attention to the road. Allowing myself to slide into a pit of rage for a split second, I suppress a shiver. But blaming some nameless, faceless villain isn’t going to bring Nat and Steve back.

“When do I get to see her?” I ask.

The man’s mouth opens, but for the first time since my arrival, he’s the one grasping for words. “I… don’t believe that’s wise. Her body sustained major trauma, so we don’t need you to identify it.”

Body. Like my sister is… was fucking leftovers. Like she’s disposable packaging that doesn’t matter anymore now that she’s…

Now that she’s…

Not only can I not say the word, I can’t even think it.

“Christ.” I press my hand over my eyes, glad that I have it in me to cry, because what I really want to do is pick this doctor up along with his fake empathy and his perfectly embroidered white coat and rattle his teeth until he takes back the horrible things he said and return my sister to me and not just her motherfucking body.

On the other side of the too-thin wall, a woman begins to sob. I stare at the perfectly neutral wallpaper as if my laser gaze can bore right through it. They’re on the other side. The other family.

And even though I know they lost someone too, I can’t even muster up a sliver of empathy for their loss.

Because mine is bigger. Mine is everything. Then again, maybe not everything. My mind clears and focuses enough to ask, “What about Vivian? Was she in the car? Did she die too?”

“She was in the back strapped into her car seat.”

“Jesus Christ…” I can’t take this and my knees start to shake. If I wasn’t sitting down, I’d fall down. All three of them, gone, just like that. I’m alone. Couldn’t the ‘other driver’ have picked a more private place to lose control?

The doctor searches my face. “She experienced some bruising from the belt of the car seat, but she seems alright otherwise.”

I look up sharply. “Viv’s alive?”

“It’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a miracle,” the doctor says, nodding. “We’re going to keep her for overnight observation, but she should be able to go home with you tomorrow. I thought you might want to spend the night here… with her.”

My stomach lurches, and I drop my forehead into my sweaty palms. “Viv’s alive,” I repeat the words like a mantra.

Author Bio:

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” ― Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross

Are you willing to discover the beauty within the flaws?

Then this is your tribe.

These are your books.

Colleen Charles is the USA Today Bestselling author of Perfectly Imperfect Romance for perfectly imperfect readers.

Take a chance and join her… you won’t be sorry you did.

Colleen loves to hear from her readers, and she answers all communications personally. You can find her at: - FREE FULL-LENGTH EXCLUSIVE NOVEL for new subscribers

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

BOOK BLITZ: To Steal a Heart by Jennifer Youngblood #GIVEAWAY

To Steal a Heart
Jennifer Youngblood
(Honeysuckle Island, #5)
Publication date: August 10th 2022
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense, Women’s Fiction

Coming home has never been so thrilling … or deadly.

When New York Times Bestselling author, Arden Chasing, returns home to Honeysuckle Island to attend a diamond exhibition held at The Oliver Hotel, she soon finds herself embroiled in a perplexing mystery that involves the charming and charismatic Garrett Singleton, a known jewel thief.

As the mystery deeps and danger closes in, Arden fears she might lose something even more valuable than the celebrated pink Finkle diamond—her heart.

Goodreads / Amazon


Arden liked seeing herself through Crew’s eyes. She got the feeling that he actually appreciated that she was so outspoken.

The moment slowed as the air took on a charge of energy. Arden was keenly aware that the two of them were alone. She didn’t know how Crew could pass himself off as not being exciting. He was the most thrilling man she’d ever been around. His eyes took on a smolder as he scooted closer. Her breath caught as her pulse bumped up several notches. Was she ready to kiss him? This was happening fast. She wanted a whirlwind romance, but at the same time, she wanted something lasting. Was Crew the type of guy who would get bored with her if she made things too easy for him? He was so charming and charismatic that she got the impression that he’d broken many hearts. She didn’t want to be another number.

“I don’t know how much help I can be with the Carmel research part of your book, but if you need any help with the romance, I’m happy to oblige.” He caressed the curve of her jaw with the side of his finger, rippling pleasure through her. “I’m glad our paths crossed,” he murmured. His fingers trailed lightly down her arm, igniting her cells.

He leaned closer, his eyes roving over her with a hunger that stoked an aching yearning in her. Her lips parted instinctively as her breath came faster. He leaned in. Thankfully, before their lips could connect, her good sense took over. She placed her index finger on the center of his lips.

His eyes widened in surprise.

“No kissing tonight,” she said gently. “We need to get to know one another better first.” Oh, how she hated saying those words. Her head argued that she’d acted wisely, but her traitorous body longed to be held in his arms. She wanted to discover the taste of his lips … to run her fingers through his thick mop of blond hair. She wanted to be consumed by him. Wow. That was good. She needed to put those words down on paper … err, her computer screen before they flew out of her head.

He drew back as if disappointed, a tight smile winding over his lips. “That’s what you call a crash and burn.”

She laughed in surprise. “No, it’s called being sensible. You’re way too charming for your own good.”

“Nah,” he winked. “I’m just your everyday, average architectural consultant.”

She gave him a reproving look. “Uh, no. I don’t buy that for one minute. We may be just getting to know one another, but I’m no idiot. You, Crew Bronson, are a Casanova. And no matter how enchanting and handsome you are, I’m going to do the sensible thing and protect my heart.”

Amusement overtook his expression. “Sensibility is overrated.”

“Not in my book.”

A resplendent smile waffled over his lips. “You are the author. I guess you’ll have to be the one who decides how our story will end.”

“I guess you’re right.” She pressed her lips together, studying him. “We’ll start by going sailing in the morning … and then we’ll see.”

Author Bio:

Jennifer Youngblood is a USA Today Bestselling Author of clean romance, sweet romance, romantic comedy, and romantic suspense novels. For as long as she could remember, Jennifer has wanted to be an author. In those rare moments when she's not dreaming up another story, Jennifer loves cooking, spending time with family, and occasionally breaking away from her hectic life to take spontaneous trips to exotic and sometimes not so exotic locations. She couldn't survive in a world without chocolate, good books, family, and friends.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / Newsletter

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