Thursday, July 18, 2013

Welcome to the Hot Summer Romance Blog Hop!

Grand Prizes - 
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In addition to the hop Grand Prizes, each participating blog (almost 200 of them!) will be offering up some kind of prize. I'm personally offering up an e-book copy of ANY of my titles. 
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Romance is the name of the game with this hop,
 so I decided to share an exclusive excerpt from my novel,
A Divine Life (releasing August 6, 2013). Enjoy:

The evening had been long and tiring, but Erin had loved every minute of it. Sad though it was, the time had come for them to gather at the front door and say their goodbyes. Jayden closed the door and turned around to face her. “Just what are you so happy about?” He quirked his eyebrow at her playfully.

On impulse, she threw her arms in the air and started spinning around. “Everything!” Her eyes clenched tight, Erin smelled his cologne when he scooped her up in his arms and continued spinning her around. He slowed down and set Erin on her slippered feet, keeping a grip on her so she didn’t fall from the dizziness.

Raising her eyes up to meet his dark brown ones, the dizziness morphed into longing and need. His lips were on hers in a matter of seconds. They teased, licked, and kissed for several minutes, en-joying the peaceful bubble around them.

“You promise you’re happy right now?” Jayden whispered while resting his forehead against hers.

She nuzzled her nose against his chin. “Very,” she whispered back.

“Mm,” he moaned when her nuzzling turned into nips along his jaw. “I hope you aren’t too tired for one more surprise, sweet girl.” His eyes twinkled.

Erin faked a big stretch and yawn and tried to put on a bored face. “I guess I can handle one more, if I must.” She sighed.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to put you out or anything,” he grumbled with mock disdain.

“Please, Jayden.” Erin bounced in place to show her excitement. “I can’t imagine what more you could surprise me with, but I can’t wait!” The bouncing had jarred her bladder, and she stopped her movements. “But I have to pee first!” she blurted before running off to the bathroom. His answering laughter followed her, not cutting off until she closed the door.

When she came back out a few minutes later, Jayden was gone. Erin walked around, poking her head into the living room, the dining room, and then the kitchen.

“Jayden?” she called out. There was no answer.

Since she was in the kitchen, Erin opted to get a glass of water and wait for Jayden to come back, assuming he’d ducked into one of the other bathrooms as well. Sipping the water, she turned her at-tention to the picture window overlooking the backyard. It was dark, the sun having set about an hour before, but there was a soft flickering glow off in the distance. Curious, she called out to Jayden one more time, and when met with silence, she put her glass down and headed toward the French doors that led out back. Her eyes were focused on the far away glow when her hand reached for the door-knob.

A sharp sting radiated up through her finger, and Erin looked down to see that she’d grabbed a single rose, which had been attached to the handle. Using care, she collected the flower and noticed the door was also ajar. Erin lifted the red bloom to her nose and inhaled its light fragrance while step-ping into the night. Thanks to the full moon, it was brighter than she would have expected.

On the wooden patio table, she could see another single red rose lying across its surface. Erin picked that up also, and then looked around. “Jayden?” she called out again. A few more steps forward brought her to the edge of the wide wraparound porch. She glanced down to watch her footing while she descended, and she found another rose lying across the step. When she stooped to pick it up, she noticed the trail: red roses had been tossed every couple of feet to make a path across the grass.

Erin felt her heart flutter, and her excitement level spiked. She didn’t know what he was up to; but his games were always fun, and she was ready to play.


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