Wednesday, July 3, 2013

REVIEW: Fireworks by Lindsey Gray

*I received an ARC copy of Fireworks in exchange for an honest review*

by Lindsey Gray
Genre: Romance
Length: 92 pages (novella)

Sophie McKibbin finds herself back in Sam Crawford’s life after ten years. Unfortunately, Sam is dating Lola, Sophie’s high school nemesis. Lola dumps Sam the day before he was supposed to introduce his mystery girlfriend to his family over the Fourth of July holiday. With the looming fear of disappointing his mother once again and his long held feelings for Sophie, he asks her to take Lola’s place. With family feuds, an old flame, and feelings that have been locked away for a decade, there is bound to be some fireworks.

For a novella, Fireworks packs a punch, spanning a decade in less than 100 pages. This is a story about what could have been and second chances. Gray’s writing style is clean and easy to follow, allowing the reader to disappear into Sam and Sophie’s tale for a couple of hours.

Circumstances weren’t right the first time the main couple meet. An age gap and an overbearing mother keep their blooming attraction stifled. Time marches on, however; Sam and Sophie move ahead with their lives and careers until chance brings them together again.

And this time circumstances are in their favor . . . almost. No one ever said love was easy, but Gray doesn’t make it too painful.

Fireworks earns a solid four butterflies from me, and my vote of confidence that you’ll enjoy this feel good summer romance.

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