Monday, June 1, 2020

WANTED needs your vote!

“Yes, these fifteen books are amazing – but which one is the Best Book We’ve Read All Year? We want to celebrate that book. We want to reward its author with prizes, a beautiful trophy, all the might of our publicity machine. We want YOU to help us find that book. The opinion of our internal judging panel will make up 50% of the final result, with that of our subscriber base making up the rest of the score. Please buy as many of them as you can afford, and then vote for your favourite (you are entitled to 2 votes, in case you just can’t choose). We’ll be doing the same.” ~ReadFreely

My upcoming romance novel, WANTED, made the cut and needs your vote!

·         How Deep is the Darkness by Mary Anne Edwards
·         Love Inside the Silence by AL Long
·         Until You Set Me Free by DM Davis
·         First Class Flirtation by Susan Jean Ricci
·         Pemberton by Parker R Sinclair
·         The Last Legwoman by Penny Pence Smith
·         For the love of a Centaur by AS McGowan
·         Wanted by RE Hargrave
·         Rising Alpha by Jen L Grey
·         Among These Bones by Amanda Luzzader
·         Brightwill by Randolph Lalonde
·         Demon Mine by Marina Simcoe
·         Will Rise from Ashes by Jean M Grant
·         The Education of Sarah Brown by Michele E Gwynn
·         Mercy by Stephen Bentley

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