Wednesday, May 6, 2020

B@@K REVEAL: Fool for Him by R.C. Martin

Fool for Him
R.C. Martin
(Foolish at Heart, #1)
Publication date: June 17th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Haunted by a history she can’t rewrite, her heart is cracked and fragile—wrapped in the lies she’s certain are true.
Teddy has played it safe for the last four years, avoiding romantic entanglements altogether. She spends her days working with her best friend at Mountain Time Art and hides behind her camera in her spare time. She’s convinced the boundaries around her heart are necessary, and her life is fulfilling enough.
The day Judah St. Michaels enters the gallery, she’s reminded her life could be more. Though, as gorgeous as the tall, handsome man in a suit may be, she’s sure he’s far from safe.
When the pull of the seductive man becomes all consuming, Teddy finds herself falling into temptation. But the deeper she gets, the louder her past demons become.
She’s irreparable, and no good man deserves that.

Author Bio:
There's a place where your mind can escape, your body can find rest, and your heart can soar - and R.C. Martin wants to take you there.
R.C.'s journey into the world of indie-publishing began like so many of her peers - with a big dream and a basket full of rejection. Confident that she'd one day pen a book someone would say yes to, she spent years crafting stories which became the foundation of her craft. When she'd finally written "the one," she just knew - and there was no rejection strong enough to stop her from sharing her novel with the world. In 2015 she published her debut, and the rest, as they say, is history - only far more romantic.
In a voice all her own, she strives to capture the magic of a kiss, the passion in a lovers' embrace, and even sometimes the breathtaking ache of a broken heart. A true believer in the power of love and the grace found in redemption, you can trust this hopeless romantic to take you on an emotional ride that leaves you forever changed.


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