Friday, February 28, 2020

BOOK BLITZ: The Dirty Dozen (Damsel Edition) by Multiple Authors #GIVEAWAY

The Dirty Dozen: Damsel Edition
Publication date: February 14th 2020
Genres: Adult, Fairy Tales, Paranormal, Romance

10 ~ Authors ~ 12 Novellas ~ 12 Damsels
Will one moment in time change the course of their lives?
Cassandra’s Curse – Erin Lee
It wouldn’t be true love or even the tiny man who saved her.
Cassandra vowed to save herself.
Screwed – Natasha Thomas
They have friendship; but he wants more.
She needs him, but is terrified of taking the plunge into love.
Saving Lucy – Lorah Jaiyn
When life has you to the point of giving up, that’s when dreams just may come true.
Haunting Gina – Tressa Rabbit
A ghost, a serial killer and a lonely man.
Could Gina be the one to save them?
Lucifer – Natasha Thomas
Falling in love with his partner’s daughter wasn’t part of the plan, but then again, neither was marrying her.
Under the Bridge – Tee Smith
It started slowly, insidiously, worming its way into her life until she couldn’t face it anymore. Under the bridge is a story of love, betrayal and finding peace in an unexpected place.
Silent Echoes – Aleisha Maree
Some people touch lives, others take them. I do both.
They took something I loved, now I’m coming for them.
Dante – Natasha Thomas
The road to happiness is plagued with potholes, but the reward is undeniably sweeter when you’ve had to work hard to earn your prize.
Salvatore’s Promise – Ann Mickan
Can a princess learn to be one of the people?
Let’s hope Mia can or she’ll risk losing everything, including her chance for love.
Callie – Gemma Arlington
For your pleasure… & maybe mine!
Love & Friends- Lola Denvers
Determination. Seduction. Playing dirty. Whatever it took, he’d do it because he had never wanted anything the way he wants her.
Black Hearts Bleed – Zoe Hill
In this prequel novella to Zoe Hillman’s Black Hearts Bleed series, Angelo Carlucci and Jennifer DeLuca will discover that their forbidden love isn’t so much star-crossed as it is bloodstained.


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