Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Recapping the 2019 Bluebonnet Book Bash

This past Saturday found me in Killeen, TX for the second (and last) Bluebonnet Book Bash. Just as they did in 2017, our fearless leaders Stacy Pritt and Beth Diaz did an amazing job organizing the madness. From VIP goodies to a full on smörgåsbord of a luncheon, from handwritten cards to the authors to the best group of volunteers I've seen gathered... the Bluebonnet Book Bash will always be one of my favorite events. That being said, this signing will be my last one for a while. It was absolutely wonderful seeing old friends, and making new, but I've come to the decision that until I have some new novels for my readers, I need to stay off the event circuit. I've got two tales underway, Austin Ink and Wanted, and hopefully I'll be back to share them with y'all in the next couple of years. In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has stopped by one of my tables... y'all make the indie book world turn. Okay, enough of the sappy, let me share some of the fun!
My setup... and my assistant (who happens to be my favorite daughter).

One of the "new friends" I made. Introducing Gibbly the Hip Hippo (he's J.T. Lozano's sidekick and is a lot of fun!) He got a tad frisky when he stopped my table.

One of the things that makes these events fun is getting to put together neat and cool raffle baskets for readers to win. This time was no different as I went for a beach themed goodie bucket to highlight Kah Key Honeymoon by my alter ego, Ima Synner. Tricia was my lucky winner!

Imagine my surprise when the lovely Jenifer Krall of Dragonheart Swag swung by my table with this amazing surprise! Custom badges representing my and The Divine Trilogy. I may have teared up. She's a doll, and if you're looking for custom swag, y'all totally need to look her up:

And if the day wasn't exciting enough, there was one more surprise in store for me when Monique Brand of the Killeen Daily Herald visited the event. Since we were holding the event to support Operation Stand Down Central Texas, she did an awesome write up about the event and supporting our veterans. Y'all, she'd heard of the Trilogy. Totally made my day!

"R.E. Hargrave, known for her works in the erotica The Divine Trilogy, presented the audience with a military romance titled “Unchained Melody,” about a United States Air Force fighter pilot."

Read the article HERE 

Until next time... #LongLiveKink

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