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BOOK BLITZ: Ruin by Nicolina Martin #GIVEAWAY

Nicolina Martin
(Russo Saga, #2)
Published by: Blushing Books Publications
Publication date: May 2nd 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
An innocent coffee. A dazzling stranger. What can go wrong?
Anna Raymond focuses only on her work at a little custom printing company in LA. She’s become a recluse after a traumatic experience that tore her life apart. Then Eric happens, barging into her life one morning at a Starbucks. By the time night falls, she has witnessed a murder, fought for her life, and revealed secrets she meant to keep buried forever.
Eric Reed is a hired killer, well aware of his effect on women and how to use it to his advantage. He’s in LA for one thing only: Finish the contract he’s been assigned. Anna was nothing but a means to an end, but he finds himself reluctantly drawn to the enigmatic woman, a mistake that can cost him everything.
That long, cold night trapped together, changes something fundamental between them. Anna must make a choice, will it be her path to happiness, or will the fervent Eric burn her to ashes?
This is book two in the Russo Saga but can be enjoyed as a standalone.
Publisher’s Note: This dark romance is intended for adults only and may contain triggers. This wild ride contains elements of danger, suspense, action, adventure, sensual scenes, adult language, power exchange and a guaranteed HEA.
I think about the strange girl in the cafe. More than a head shorter than I am. Dressed like… I don’t know what to call it, an eclectic mesh of hippie and Amish. Way too many clothes for a California girl. I know she works here. It’s unfortunate she works tonight, but her office is at the other end of the building. It shouldn’t be an issue. Russo will stand guard. I wonder what happened to her. Her big haunted eyes, that scar she tried so hard to hide, how she recoiled when I touched her. I glance at the imposing brute next to me and remember what he said he did. What crushes a woman, makes her implode until all that exists is a shell without content? Or with so much content it has to be tightly held in or she’d bleed out? Of course I know, even if she never said it. She wasn’t mugged. That’s lying bullshit. She was raped. I’m not entirely sure if that’s what Christian did to the girl he mentioned, or if it was something else, but I’m done prodding anyway.
I wonder what Anna was like before, if she was feisty and fun. Before someone like my partner came along and took it from her.
She was a delight to talk with, though. I don’t know what got into me. She’s at the complete opposite end of what I go for. I like them tall, long legs, a bit hardened. Much more fun to break than a meek little girl who’d probably run at the first sight of a rope.
I rub my forehead and try to make my mind blank. I need to focus at the task before us and can’t have cute little girls sneaking in, taking up space, no matter how much of an enigma they are. I do wonder if I can find her again, though. After.

Author Bio:
Nicolina Martin is a Swedish born author who escapes the long, dark winter nights by writing hot contemporary romance/suspense.
She's a mother of three teenage girls, a medical doctor, a quirky loner, and a social human being. She has traveled the globe, has had more lovers than she can count, has loved and hated, succeeded and failed, has gone through marriage and divorce. She has seen darkness and despair, as well as light and happiness.
All these experiences, she pours into her tales, taking her readers for a wild ride while twisting their minds. She loves showing that stories can be different even if the trope is the same.
Nicolina believes that life is too short for regrets and in looking forward, no matter what. She wants to enjoy every moment, and cherish life.
To find out more about Nicolina Martin, visit her official website.


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