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RELEASE TOUR: Yes, Mr. Larson And Other Filthy Stories by J.J. Hayle

by J.J. Hayle

Genre: Erotic Romance

“You deserve this, Miss Farrow,” Mr Larson said. “You have had this coming for a long time.”

Layla hadn’t realised what she was getting herself into when she agreed to allow her boss to discipline her for her lateness. Little did she know she would awaken a need for domination and punishment. Nor did she expect to discover the thrill she felt when she allowed the fierce and intense Mr Larson to spank her.

Seven sinful stories explore the deepest, darkest and dirtiest desires of six women seeking sexual pleasure and, with something to gratify every appetite, are guaranteed to set your pulse racing.

Relax, get comfortable and indulge yourself in Mr Larson and other filthy stories. Whatever your kink, you will find complete satisfaction in this collection of erotic tales.

He stood, removing his jacket and hanging it on his chair. He walked to a cupboard and removed a fold-up chair which he placed next to his desk. He sat down and patted his thigh. “Over my knee, Miss Farrow.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied. She stood anxiously for a moment before she awkwardly bent and lowered herself over his knees. She hung across his legs in a most undignified way and presented him with her bottom. She felt her face flush with embarrassment. What am I doing? I should just leave. 

She gasped as Mr Larson began to rain down smacks on her bottom. They were hard, and he covered her whole bottom and alternated between her cheeks. She grasped his calf and held him to stop herself from falling as she twitched under his blows.

“You deserve this, Miss Farrow,” he said. “You have had this coming for a long time.”

“Yes, sir,” she breathed heavily. “Thank you, sir.”

He seemed to like that she thanked him and paused to rub his hand across her hot cheeks. “Stand up,” he said. “Remove your trousers and your underwear.”

“Yes, sir,” she said. She stood and felt her face burning with shame as she removed the lower half of her clothing. Mr Larson indicated for her to lie over his knees, and she complied.

Layla moaned as the spanks stung her bare skin. Ouch. I don’t like this. I want him to stop. “That hurts,” she whimpered.

“It’s supposed to hurt, Miss Farrow. What would be the point of punishment that didn’t hurt?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, grasping his leg as his hand stung her cheeks harder. His blows got heavier, and she gritted her teeth.

“Your bottom is getting nice and red,” he said, rubbing her cheeks.

She moaned. Oh. I like that. His hand felt incredible as he rubbed her stinging skin. She raised her bottom into his hand to encourage him to do it more.

“You’re here to be punished, Miss Farrow.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, embarrassed. “I’m sorry, sir.”

“Stand up and bend over the edge of the desk.”

“Yes, sir.” She obeyed his command and positioned herself over his desk. She lowered herself slightly onto her elbows with her palms flat on the desk.

“You’re a good, obedient girl,” he said. “It is a shame you’re so tardy.”

“I will learn my lesson, sir.”

“Mmm, I hope you do. If not, then I will cane you.”

“Yes, sir.”

Layla looked behind her and saw Mr Larson pick up a leather riding crop from the floor. She turned her head sharply forward and braced herself.

Mr Larson did not whip her hard as she expected. Instead, he gave her lots of short, sharp bites with the crop. It stung differently than his hand and the bites covered her bottom before he started to hit the backs of her thighs. She moaned. That is actually pleasant. And then in between her thighs and very close to her sex.

Layla burned with shame as she felt the moistness between her legs. She was laid over a desk receiving a beating from her boss, but she found the experience intensely erotic.


JJ hails from the United Kingdom where she spends her days reading, writing, being a mother and working full-time. Yes, Mr Larson is JJ's first story in the erotica genre, and she was inspired to write it after deleting some scenes, which had become a little too racy, from her fantasy novel published under another alias. JJ is thrilled with the result. It was a lot of fun to write, and she is considering writing more.


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