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The Northern Gate by J.C. Clarke BLOG TOUR

On December 6, 2013 the first of four volumes of The Edelyn Legacy  released on Amazon.

The Northern Gate
by J.C. Clarke

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

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According to the Bible, God created the world in seven days, but what if the beginning happened before Humankind documented it for posterity?

Humans didn’t see everything clearly, because they didn’t understand. They turned away in fear, forgot the beings that had come to Earth and, over time, the Seraphim became nothing but a legend, a bedtime story. Corruption and greed, bred from hatred and evil, spread across the face of the earth as Humans evolved and developed. It was in this filth, and amongst the seven deadly sins, that Tabitha Morgan was born and kept alive, hidden in plain sight from the darkness.

For seventeen years, Tabitha thrived under her grandmother’s guardianship, living a normal life and not knowing the truth about her heritage or the roots from which she came.

That all changes the day a handsome stranger named Nathan walks into her life. Will the ancient secrets he holds be enough to earn her trust? Is it the Light, or does Darkness await them beyond The Northern Gate?


The thick bonds ate into the prisoner’s pale, filthy skin, and it bled against the steel. He was numb to the pain now. Instead of letting the misery cripple him, he smiled with a dark grimace and channeled the biting sting into anger. Knowing they thought he was weakening, though he was far from it, he had bided his time. With each new moon, he had grown stronger; he was fighting back. The prisoner was going against what was in his blood by nature; he was resisting what his father had given him, the tainted blood.

For centuries, maybe even longer, he’d been held in that small cell, not being fed except when his captors saw fit, and he’d spoken to no one. His jailers refused to even breathe near him, let alone converse. All he’d had to occupy his time were his thoughts and the constant, slow trickle of water seeping down the damp walls of his underground prison to pool at his feet.

Soon, the time would come when he would be free of the tomb in which he’d been encased, and he would be a person of freewill once again; he would make sure of it. So very soon.

The prisoner planned to ensure he would hear, and remember, the sounds of his captors’ deaths: every bone crushed would be a manacle opening and the sound of tearing flesh, a choir of the Seraphim.

His freedom was paramount if he were to accomplish the job he’d been given so many millennia ago. He would end the vicious circle of chaos and fear his world had been turned into.

Every mark and scar on his body would serve as reminders of what he had been birthed to do, willing him to follow his destiny. A course had been set for him to walk the earth to complete his mission: to find her. His goal was to hunt her down and tell her everything that had been kept from her: who she was, who she belonged to, and where she came from.

He would become her protector.
Would fight for her.
Live for her.
And die—for her.

Guest Post:

The Edelyn Legacy is a fantasy series, with four books planned. Can you share with us what has gone into not only tackling a series, but one where you've created new worlds and 'rules'?

I did decide on four books, didn’t I? What the hell was up with me when I decided that?

When I first decided to pen an original story, I had no idea where I was going to go with it and looking back on it, my original plan is nowhere near what I have now. I knew, though, right at the start that I couldn't fit everything into one book. Then, the more I wrote, the longer the plot became as I got new ideas and I gave up thinking about squeezing it into two or three.

 And then it became four (fingers crossed it stays there).

Tackling this monster of a story has been easy in places, but hard in others, because the characters have taken over their own story. The two main characters have their own issues to deal with, and while Nathan knows where he stands in Tabitha’s life, Tabitha doesn’t have a clue.

I don’t know whether I’ve created new worlds or tweaked very old, existing ones, but I do like to call them my own for the time being and play with them when I can. The rules, however, are my own and as I’m not really one for rules, I like to break them.

I know as readers delve into the books to come, they will point out several parts and say ‘that’s not right’, but why isn’t it? This is the fun of fiction and writing your own story. You can change, bend, and break the rules as you see fit.

About the Author:

J.C. Clarke lives in the heart of the New Forest in England with her husband and four children. Never a dull moment, her full house provides no shortage of inspiration which fuels her writing. She loves reading and writing a variety of genres in addition to dabbling with graphic art to create book covers, swag and more.

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