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BOOK BLITZ: After All This Time by Erin Randall #GIVEAWAY

After All This Time
Erin Randall
(Silver Falls, #1)
Publication date: February 23rd 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

He can’t remember a time he didn’t love her. It’s always been Mina.

But Finn’s spent the last decade looking for the right moment to tell her. “If she’s waiting at my locker between classes I’ll ask her out, if she smiles at me right now I’ll kiss her, if she calls me before I book the flights I’ll invite her to Cancun or Paris or London or Spain.”

Now he’s moving back to California just as she might be moving away. He’s done waiting for the perfect moment. He just needs to convince her to give him a chance and find a way to test the waters without ruining their friendship. Good thing Finn likes a challenge.

If you love hot businessmen, sexy s’mores, steamy showers and happy endings, download now.

Explicit content: This book contains hot, steamy love scenes. You’ve been warned.

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“Remember our first dance in junior high?” she asked.

He nodded.

He’d wanted to ask her to go with him but none of the other guys had asked a girl so he’d kept his mouth shut.

“Can you even call it a dance if nobody actually does any dancing?”

She laughed. “If you remember, the girls started dancing with each other. It was the guys who refused to step away from the wall.”

“Why are you bringing up all the times I got in trouble?”

“You got in trouble a lot,” she teased. “But it was the ninja moves that brought up that memory. You tried to use them on Toby.”

That wasn’t far from the truth. The other boys had started teasing him about how he was best friends with a girl. Then Toby Freeman had called Mina fat. They’d had to pull Finn off of Toby and both boys had been suspended for fighting.

It had taken him a while to learn to bide his time before exacting his revenge. The story had him wondering if she’d ever considered asking him to a girls’ choice dance.

“Have you ever thought about us dating before now?”

“Once or twice,” she said with a secret smile.

So more than once or twice, he smiled as well.

Author Bio:

Erin has always written romance with a little action ;)

One of her most honed skills is fantasizing so she decided to bring those fantasies to life and share them with you.

When she's not writing, she can usually be found reading, exploring California with her family, having random dance parties with her daughter, taking her geriatric dog to the vet (yet again), or procrastinating...I mean working on her laptop.


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