Thursday, July 8, 2021

#RachelReviews: L.B. Dunbar

 Redemption Island by L.B. Dunbar

Island Duet Book 1
Release Date: September 2017; 164 pages

A social experiment. Two crimes. Two victims. One island. Neither knows the other is present. Is redemption possible? Is something more?

Juliet took revenge. The result landed her in a social experiment of solitary reflection called The Island. She didn’t mind the solitude in this tropical paradise until she learned she wasn’t alone. One of them was there with her and this changed everything.

Tack committed a crime—almost. By association, his bad decision cost him the experimental banishment. He thought he’d treat the time away like a much-needed vacation until he noticed he wasn’t by himself. She was here—the woman who derailed his life—and that made all the difference.

Can two tortured souls find their way to redemption through the one person they need forgiveness from the most?

This bold beginning to the Island duet is L.B. Dunbar’s detour into dark romance. If you like thought-provoking circumstances, intriguing situations, and something stunningly different in romantic suspense, then this redemptive romance of enemies to lovers is for you.

Welcome to the Island.


When I first started reading this story, not going to lie, I thought I might have stumbled into something a little too raw to read. I'm SO glad I pressed on. There are rough areas to read, and absorb, because the content is honestly difficult. However, the overall story is amazing. One of the great things about fiction is it allows an author to explore worlds of “what if?” No, the consequences of the main character’s actions in Redemption Island weren’t handled in any kind of traditional way, but the growth of the characters is something to behold. Dunbar’s concept also makes the reader wonder how the world could change if crimes were dealt with in new and exploratory ways. Go ahead, read it, you know you want to...

Unless you trigger easily, then, you might want to skip this one.

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