Tuesday, July 6, 2021

NEW RELEASE: Misfits and Unusual Heroes Anthology

At some point in every hero's origin story, there comes a moment of trauma, a significant crisis: a car crash, a devastating accident, the loss of a parent, uncle, wife, or loved one. The genesis of every power emerges out of the depths of these horrific, tragic, life-changing experiences.

You can't have drama without trauma.

That's why we love to read about heroes. Not just to be entertained, but to find meaning for the suffering we experience in our own lives. We want to see how ordinary people can overcome impossible odds. How others rise from the ashes after the implosion of their lives, after they lost someone, or something, or even everything. Because deep down, each one of us wants to make sense of our scars, to find purpose in our pain, to transform trauma into power.

This collection of stories, poems, and artwork is taken from the experiences and imaginations of nearly forty contributors. It is our hope that this book will find its way into the hands of every creative misfit and unusual hero who needs to know that:

You are not alone.

Your trauma can be transformed.

You are a hero.

This anthology is a collection of short stories, custom artwork, and poetry from nearly forty creatives around the world. A labor of love, this book is an homage to survival and superheroes.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks.

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CHRISTIAN TIEGE, Editor-in-Chief

Tammy Rébéré, Project Manager

P. Stormcrow, Cover design and formatting, custom artist, and author of The Kindness of War

R.E. Hargrave, author of Mighty B and the Saviors, and co-editor of The Kindness of War, The Antidote, and Trixie

The Misfit by Tammy Rébéré (digital artwork by Cheri Lasota)

Chutney's Fault by Victoria Holt (acrylic paint on paper by Siona Morrow)

Null by Tahani Nelson (digital artwork by Shannon McRoberts)

Mighty B and the Saviors by R.E. Hargrave (digital artwork by Shannon McRoberts)

Duality by Ruairi O'Hare (digital artwork by Nadia Perrotta)

The Siphon by Liz Christensen (digital artwork by Caralyn Young)

The Antidote by Cindy Koepp (pen and ink on paper by Emily St. Marie)

150 Year Winter by Benjamin Adams (acrylic and oil paint with gold leaf on canvas by Sinead Smyth)

Girl with the Smile by Kim-Annette Noyce (digital art by Cheri Lasota)

Phoenix Mage by Shannon McRoberts (digital artwork by Leanna Sales and Caralyn Young)

The Greysons by Emily Gold (digital artwork by P. Stormcrow)

Siege by Lindsey Rose Harper (acrylic paint on canvas by Luna Kitty)

King of the Land by Tammy Rébéré (white pencil on black paper by Dennis Baptiste)

Andromeda by Burke J. Grooms (digital artwork by P. Stormcrow)

Trixie by Lori Aisling (digital artwork by Leanna Sales)

Klever Kitty Versus the Zombie Apocalypse by Lisa Gail Green (micron pen and acrylic paint on artist board by Candice Comelleri)

Merlin's Lament by Emily Eerie (ink, watercolor, and pastel on paper by Emily St. Marie)

Audience of One by Carol Van Den Hende (digital artwork by Leanna Sales)

The Clock Keeper by Tammy Rébéré (acrylic paint and markers on canvas by Monica Reents)

The Guardian by Tammy Rébéré (digital art by Cheri Lasota)

The Kindness of War by P. Stormcrow (watercolor paint and colored pencils on watercolor paper by Manda Cantillon)

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