Tuesday, July 20, 2021

#RachelReviews: The Bassist and the Best Friend by M.B. Feeney


A Rare Breed Novel

Released: June 2021; 260 pages


Christian Young often needs to escape.

He escapes into his friendships with his band, Rare Breed, he escapes into his own mind, and after he meets Leah Prince, he escapes into her.

Leah is living the student lifestyle and is enjoying every minute. Teaching a dorky bassist how to make coffee art shouldn’t lead to more but it does. He understands she’s not looking for anything serious, but does it stop him wanting more?

note: Book can be read as a standalone but refers to characters and events from the first book.


In book two of the Rare Breed series, we return to Feeney’s New Adult Rockstar Romance world. While the timeline in Bassist mirrors Busker (book one), the change in point of view allows the reader to get the know these lovely characters even better as Feeney reveals new facets of their lives and personalities through Christian Young’s eyes. And, yes, she manages to do this without the second book feeling repetitive… not an easy feat.

Chris is the bassist for Rare Breed, a fledgling band trying to navigate school, launching a career, and for most of the guys, unstable home lives. If not for the tight-knit relationships, akin to brotherhood, of his friends, Chris might give up on it all.

Just like the first installment, I found myself sucked in and rooting for these kids. A tear or two may have also been shed because Feeney isn’t afraid to put her toe in the darker waters of reality. Life doesn’t come on a shiny platter. There is heartache and heart break. Of course, those moments make the good times all the sweeter.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Grab a copy for yourself and disappear into a world of musician’s sore fingers, lyrics, miscommunications and revelations, and adorable coffee art.



The Busker and the Barista (book one)

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