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NEW RELEASE: January by Jude Ouvrard #CalendarMenSeries

Title: January, Calendar Men Series
Author: Jude Ouvrard

Editor: Landers Editorial Services
Graphic: The Graphics Shed


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That’s how Evan Keeler feels. His last tour overseas ended with personal injuries and the loss of his best friend, Fynn Parker. Evan has become broody and gets lost in the darkness of his thoughts more often. Which is no surprise, when he doesn’t see an end to his therapy appointments and can’t seem to get out of his parents’ basement.
At her wit’s end, his mother decides it’s enough. Little by little, Mrs. Keeler convinces Evan to try and get better. To get back to living. The catch is, because he’s suffering from memory loss, Evan can’t put all the pieces back together.
He doesn’t think his history with Jane was all that perfect so it would help if he could remember where they left things off before this last tour. Although confused by his feelings and reality, Evan does know one thing—he can’t let Jane Parker go.



Before leaving my family again, I check on the ankle that gives me so much pain and trouble and it is swollen. I might have pushed it too much today. Joe’s will be the last place I go before dinner. I’ll drive there and sit as soon as I spot Jane.
I take the keys and leave my parents’ home for the third time today. At least Joe’s isn’t far from here.
Getting out of the car when I arrive at the pub, I groan in pain. Right now, I wish I could lay in bed and take a nap. My body and brain need it. Today is turning into a crazy busy day. Not at all what I expected.
I pull open the front door of the pub and I see her. Shit. I didn’t expect that. As Fynn’s twin, even if she is a woman, they look so alike. Their green eyes and smile. Their facial expression is the same, and for one second, it feels like Fynn is here. Jane has me hurting inside right now. It isn’t as if I haven’t seen her before, we hung out many many times, but I don’t recall seeing her since the funeral. My mind and body were in such a mess at the time. Drugged on medication, glued to a wheelchair, I don’t want to remember more of the day I said goodbye to my friend. The doctor didn’t approve, but there was no way I wasn’t going there for my best friend’s funeral. Hell no!
“Hey Keeler, what are you doing here?” With a glass of champagne, she comes to me with a big bright smile.
Why is she so beautiful? Scratch that. Why is she smiling at me like that?
“Your mom said something about Joe. She may not know the code, but I do. Why aren’t you at home with your parents celebrating Christmas?”
Jane frowns at me with attitude. That is a quick change of mood. “Did you come here to have fun or to tell me how bad of a person I am?”
Oh, Jane isn’t happy…
“Listen to yourself, Jane, are you twelve?”
I know she has been drinking and her judgment can be fuzzy, but come on, you don’t leave your family like that when they need you the most.
“Why don’t you go back home, grandpa?” I knew she wouldn’t appreciate my comment, but... “Grandpa, seriously?”
She nods. “That’s what you look like with that cane.”
That feels like a knife stabbing me in the heart.
“Okay, I see how it’s going to be. So, you can stay here, pretending that you’re fine, having the time of your life, and flirting with every single man in the room, but you and I know this is bullshit. You’re here because you don’t know what to do with yourself. You are hurting because this was Fynn’s and your favorite time of year and he’s gone. You’d rather leave your parents alone and be that fake version of yourself.” I look at her from head to toe with anger rising. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”
“Yeah, you should, too, for not bringing Fynn home alive. I’m done with you, asshole.” With tears in her eyes, she turns around and goes back to where she was sitting when I arrived.
My hands are shaking with anger. How can she say something to me like that? Maybe she holds me responsible for his death. I leave the pub not using the cane because there’s nothing I hate more right now. Smashing it against a light pole, it breaks in half.
Jude Ouvrard is an author who writes from the heart, and reads with passion and devotion. Jude enjoys stories of drama, true love, tattoos, and everything in between. While writing is her therapy, reading is her solace. Life doesn't get better than books and chocolate, and maybe a little bit of shopping.
A romance lover, Jude writes about love, pain, heartbreak and matters that will challenge your heart. A book can tell an unexpected story, no matter which directions it takes. Jude embraces words that have haunted her for years.
Jude is a working mom who dedicates her time to a law firm and writing books. She has an energetic superhero son, and a supportive boyfriend of many years. Her family is her rock; she could not survive without them. Born a country girl, she transformed into a city woman who now lives in Montreal, Canada. Although French is her first language, Jude decided to write in English because she liked the challenge.

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