Tuesday, February 28, 2017

NEW RELEASE: Honestly Unfaithful #2 by A.L. Wood and DA Byrd


**Honestly Unfaithful #2 is the continuation of Honestly Unfaithful #1 and must be read in order.
 What would you do if the love and trust you had was broken? Would you fight for love or would you succumb to temptation? Maggie has begun a secret affair with her professor. Marshall is an unhappily married college professor whose now separated from his wife. Denise, Marshall's wife wants to try again. Maggie doesn't want to say goodbye to Marshall. He's addicted. She can't leave. Will Marshall leave Maggie to repair his relationship? Will Maggie finally let him go?

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A.L. Wood
A.L. Wood resides in Queensbury, NY with her supportive husband and daughter. Reading and writing has been an interest for as long as she can remember.
DA Byrd
DA Byrd resides in Kansas City, MO. He is a cover model and now author, creating his own destiny.

Honestly Unfaithful #1
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