Monday, July 18, 2016

COVER REVEAL/EXCERPT: No Reservations by R.E. Hargrave


This summer The Crazy Lady Authors are bringing you twin romance sets:

 Erotically Incorrect AND Romantically Incorrect

These page-turning collections will be filled with tales of REAL leading ladies, full of flaws, imperfections, and down to Earth sensibilities. Whether you like your reads on the soft and sweet side, or spicy and full of Oh my!, we'll have you covered. We're putting out two versions so that you can have your cake and eat it too! 
You're welcome.

And now to share a little about my contribution to 
Erotically Incorrect:

Selena and Dakota Derringer have been trying to get pregnant for a year without much luck. When their latest test is once again negative, instead of letting it get them down they accept an invitation from old friends for an adult weekend away. 
Selena’s former college roommate Trinity Marshall and her husband Joey are both thrill seekers. In and out of the bedroom. When the couple suggest more than wine and talking for the weekend’s activities, will the Derringer’s accept their friends’ special proposition?
Sometimes in life you need to throw caution to the wind and let go.
Be adventurous.
Have no reservations.

Cover designed by JC Clarke and The Graphics Shed


We arrived to find the property gates open so we drove on through, stopping long enough for me to hop out of the van and close them behind us. I’d been texting with Trin off and on during the drive up. It seemed the four of us had the place to ourselves for the weekend; the staff had been given the week off for vacation. 

Seeing the main house never got old. Red Spanish tiles made up the wide expanse of roof. The exterior walls of the house were done in neat, sharp angles and coated in sand-colored stucco which gave the house a modern look. From previous visits I knew the clean lines continued inside, both in architecture and d├ęcor.  

Dakota didn’t have a chance to put the Windstar in park before Trinity appeared. All of her voluptuous curves were on display in the skinny jeans and embellished tank top she wore. Her flaxen hair hung loose down her back, and her red-slicked lips were spread in a delighted grin.

I jumped out of the car hearing Daks’ laughter behind me, and bolted toward her. We slammed into each other, embracing and jumping while we spun ourselves in a circle and squealed.

“Damn, girls. Did I sign up for a quiet, relaxing weekend or for you two acting like a couple of teenage girls at a pop concert?”

“Joey!” I shrieked and pulled out of Trin’s arms to give him a hello hug as well.

He squeezed me tight and pecked my forehead. “Hey, kiddo. How ya been?” 

Dakota had caught up to us by then so I moved back, allowing the guys to say their hellos. After a handshake which turned into a man hug, Daks turned to Trinity. “You look amazing, Trinity, as always.” 

She beamed at his compliment, and I stifled a giggle. Dakota was a ladies’ man. He knew how to flirt and just what to say, but I never got jealous of it. It was the way he was, and I knew he never meant anything by it other than putting a smile on their face.

Initial greetings done with, the guys insisted Trin and I go on ahead while they retrieved our bags from the van. We made our way through the large house to the expansive kitchen where I located the wine glasses while Trinity uncorked a Riesling. I picked at a couple of grapes from the fruit and cheese platter sitting out on the counter, enjoying their sweet flavor. Joey and Dakota came in as Trinity finished pouring. Each of us grabbed a glass, and then looked around at the others.

“To good friends... and old times.” Trinity closed her toast with a wink in my direction.

(c) 2016, R.E. Hargrave

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