Sunday, January 27, 2013

TSID Review by LJ Harris

Good Sunday to everyone! 
My dear friend, and fellow author (see my review on Second Chances), has been ready to ride a kangaroo or wrestle a crocodile (or whatever they do "down under". . . hehe) to share her review of To Serve is Divine. When I heard she'd signed up for the tour, to do a review no less, it made me nervous. Lisa is a lovely woman with a heart of gold, and I honestly was worried whether she'd like what I'd done with the first book. She offered to "put me out of my misery" and share her thoughts with me once she'd finished reading, but I declined, opting to wait and see the review same time as everyone else . . .

Step into The World of LJ Harris to see what this awesome Aussie thought!
Don't be afraid to leave comments with YOUR thoughts!

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