Saturday, January 5, 2013

At last!

Well, I finally was able to sit down and read all of Sugarplum Dreams. Though I co-authored the book with three other ladies, I'd only read mine and Right Click, Love (before it went to editing), so it was a pleasure to check out the other talent! In my humble opinion, each story is worthy of standing on its own, but it would be more economic to just go ahead and get the full collection (links on the Get It Here tab) I assure you that you'll enjoy every tale.

Through Jan. 11th you can ENTER TO WIN a paperback copy of Sugarplum Dreams autographed by Michele Richard on Goodreads!

Allow me to share my personal reviews:

 ***** I finally got a chance to sit down and read this novella, and I have to say I was sucked in from the first page. What followed was a tale of love that runs much deeper than lust as the main characters were childhood friends first. From two completely different backgrounds and upbringings, Natalie and Riley still find a connection that transcends years and as the reader you find yourself rooting for them. I won't deny that some parts were tear jerkers, but shouldn't a well told story make you feel? So grab a warm drink, your favorite snuggy, and curl up in your favorite spot for a story of survival and true love.

*****     This was a fun present day story about the ups and downs of dating life. While that seems like a common enough plot, where this story differs is in the telling. Feeney has a way with words that will suck you in and have you feeling like you're right there in Jodie and Lou's shoes, living their lives. What's even better are the surprises that wait as they strive to find Mr. Right. 
Looking forward to more great stuff from this author!! 

"Wearing a sympathetic smile, the women's clinic doctor said the one thing Daphne didn't want to hear: "You're pregnant, Ms. Hobbs." 

This is the opening line to The Roommates and the pace doesn't stop from there. Daphne is instantly likable, and the Sweet brothers? Well, Richard pulls you along and lets you first learn to like them, then love them right alongside Daphne.  

So get cozy, grab a couple of tissues -there are some mushy moments- and settle in for a sweet tale of fighting for love. 

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