Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Post Release Hangover

Wow. What more can I say than that? Yesterday's release of To Serve is Divine was head spinning and fantastic . . . and the party last night? Well, I did up in "jail"! *winks*  So many of my awesome readers came out to the Twitter release party and were firing questions at me left and right; it was almost impossible to keep up! Then the Twitter police came and said I'd met my daily limit for tweets and gagged me. (Pun intended)

For those that had technical difficulties joining us, or were just in parts of the world where it was the beyond the witching hour, I thought I would attempt to do a recap of what went down. Also, let me add that with regards to A Divine Life's release this summer: I've talked with the ladies at RenRom and we'll most likely be doing an all day Facebook group party to try to accommodate time zones better, in addition to avoiding gag restraints!

An AMAZING 4 STAR review was also posted yesterday by Martini Times. 

To kick off the recap, allow me to congratulate the winners!

  • @MReyes139 ~ ebook
  • @MiaIsabella4ff ~ ebook
  • @electrogill ~ ebook
  • @movie_lover_92 ~ ebook
  • @credoroza ~ TSID mouse pad
  • @KMYork ~ TSID key chain
  • @twibaker ~ TSID notebook
  • @MAuburnCullen ~ GRAND PRIZE: autographed copy of TSID
Some of my favorite questions I was asked:
  • Fandom Fanatic ‏@credoroza @REHargrave I love the cover, the purity of it,very Catherine, how involved were you w/the design? @credoroza I came up with the vision and hunted down the pics, then handed it over to JC to put it together and bring it to life!
  • LOLO ‏@Lolosofocused @REHargrave okay, I got one!! What topic was the most fun to research while writing the Divine Trilogy? @Lolosofocused I'd have to say flogging was my favorite.
  • Wartorn Wench #2 ‏@MiaIsabella4ff What is the worst place you could ever get stocked in? @MiaIsabella4ff Smells bother me, so if it were a locker room or something, I'd lose it. 
  • MrsAuburnCullen ‏@MAuburnCullen Was it difficult to decide how to end TSID, so it would run smoothly over to ADivineLife? Loved the end btw ;-) @MAuburnCullen It was tricky figuring out how I was going to merge from the first into the already established second book 
  • Sarah ‏@drpharmgrl Can you speak another language? @drpharmgrl Does mumbling teenager count?
  • MReyes139 ‏@MReyes139 The one legacy you wish to leave behind for your children @MReyes139 to be honorable and moral for the sake of it, not because of some higher power
  • Wartorn Wench #2 ‏@MiaIsabella4ff What is one of the things you will put on your "bucket" list? O_o @MiaIsabella4ff Getting to Sweden. Vikings are my ancestors and I want to see the homeland.  
  •  Elizabeth Lawrence ‏@ELawrenceAuthor What's your stance on mountain oysters? @ELawrenceAuthor Not fried, not boiled, not braised, just NO
  • LOLO ‏@Lolosofocused @REHargrave how would you describe your dream guy? @Lolosofocused My husband
  • Judith Ouvrard ‏@smilyjude When I write, I can never decide on the names of the character. Were you inspired by people in your personal life? @smilyjude some of them, yes. Eilene is my middle name. Woody was my dad's
  • Martini Times ‏@Martini_Times People have strong feelings about p2p stories. Was that something that you thought about b4 publishing? @Martini_Times Absolutely-That's why I went to my readers and asked for their OK before I accepted the pub house offer. :)

  • And those are just highlights! If you want to see more Q&A feel free to follow me on Twitter and read through my profile.


  1. This was the first time I was able to join a twitter party and loved it, except for the part of you winding up in jail, but I guess it's not a party until the police arrive!

    Congrats on your release, so pleased it is all going so well. Kudos to the ladies at RenRom too, they are doing a great job!

    1. awww... well I feel extra special to have been your 'first'... hehe. thanks for coming out!