Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Been One Week . . .

Hehe . . . anyone else hearing Barenaked Ladies now?

Soooo . . . One week since the release of To Serve is Divine has passed, and I'm pleased. I have no idea what sales numbers look like, but from the few reviews it has received I can't complain!

Amazon Kindle has a current rating of 4.7
Amazon Paperback has a current rating of 5
Goodreads has a current rating of 4.14
Barnes & Noble doesn't have any reviews at this time.

And to mark the first week in publication, today I visit with Laura Braley, author of Smoky Rooms, because for some ungodly reason she wanted to know what a typical day was like for me. Short answer: boring, but I did try to make it as entertaining as possible! 

* This schedule does not account for out of town guests, mysterious illnesses with children, or solicitors knocking on my door.

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