Monday, January 25, 2021

#EditingByRachel~2020 In Review

It was a slow writing year for many authors, which meant it was also a slow year on the editing front. Even so, these ladies worked hard on their books, and therefore deserve to have them shared with you all!

Hidden Truths by Jude Ouvrard

(Book 2 in the Truth or Lies series)

Released August 2020; 207 pages

Amazon Exclusive and in #KindleUnlimited

Sometimes it takes multiple heartaches before finding the one, and for Xander Martinez, it’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. So much so, he’s all but given up on the need to find love.

Life has other plans.

In order for him to see what’s right in front of his eyes, he’ll be guided over rocky roads and learn some hard lessons—forgiving family isn’t easy, memories of first love are hard to forget, forging loyal friendships is even harder, but finding true love is sometimes the hardest of all.

When an old flame comes back into his life, how willing is Xander to find out if his memories can become reality again? As he contemplates love and loss, past and future, and whether to rekindle his old teenage love story with Bailey, an important friendship grows stronger and lines begin to blur.

Charlie understands his confusion with love because she is dealing with the same issues. One failed relationship after another is only one of many things they have in common. Another is the unrest in their family life.

While he cherishes both women, there is more to life than romance. His friendship with Hart and Hunter has yet to be mended. A warning was decreed, their bond put on hold, and now, Xander and Hart still have issues to deal with. In addition, for the first time in a long time, Xander is feeling the pull of family, and realizing how much he misses them. Despite total relationship chaos, life must go on.

If Xander perseveres, he just might learn not only the meaning of friendship and family, but so much more.

Little White Lies (Book 1 in the Truth or Lies series)

An Unlikely Grave by Reily Garrett

(Book 4 in the Moonlight and Murder series)

Released December 2020; 232 pages

Amazon Exclusive and in #KindleUnlimited

It takes a predator to catch one.

Detective Brooke Bengert’s recent promotion includes a sharp learning curve with the discovery of a bizarre murder scene, a skeleton bound to a mountain treetop in her remote small town in Pennsylvania. Fate forces her to match wits with a clever serial killer, a chameleon who has selected his next victim. Brooke.

Josh Loughlin returns home after his overseas tour, having bought property with single-minded purpose, to build a refuge where veterans can rejoin polite society. Within days, a body is found a stone’s throw from his backyard. All evidence points to Josh.

Resisting their growing attraction, Josh and Brooke pool their resources with local detectives and their K9 partners to prove that determination and strength of will bind a family together.

Check out the rest of the series:

A Critical Tangent 

Pivotal Decisions

Seeds of Murder

Illicit Love by Maria Gibbs

(Book 2 in the English Love series)


*We will be reworking book one, Is This Love?, prior to the publication of books two and three in 2021.*


Maria Gibbs is a multi-genre author who has loved reading and writing from a tender age. Escaping into or creating a world where someone can lose themselves in a story is what drives her. The common denominator between her books is the tug on the heartstrings effect. Heart-wrenching stories that make readers cry.

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