Sunday, January 31, 2021

#CookingWithRachel: Mexican Sweet Potato & Bean Soup

So, this was our second time putting this amazing soup together. It's a blend of Mexican and Cuban flavors which will WOW your tongue. I promise. While overall a sweet and savory creation, it can be on the spicy side. You can control this with how much of the pepper ingredients you add. Inspiration credit goes to Alton Brown and Elizabeth Ingram and their YouTube show, Quarantine Quitchen. Elizabeth made the soup with canned black beans, we've done it with dried beans... black the first time, white the second (because they were what we had on hand!) Also, we had some leftover holiday ham, but grabbing those ham steaks at the store would be perfect for this. Okay, we all hate the long, drawn out back stories. Shall we get to the cooking?

STEP 1: Let's get our ingredients together and prepped.

Ham, cubed
1 dried guajillo chili, seeded and toasted
1 disc of Mexican chocolate
Black (or white) beans, cooked
Vegetable, chopped:  sweet potato, onion, jalapeno, celery, garlic, mushroom
Herbs/Spices: cumin, oregano, (smoked)paprika, cayenne, salt & pepper, bay leaf
1 can coconut milk

Step 2: In a dry pot (which will be your soup pot so make sure it's big enough), toast the seeded guajillo. Meanwhile, in a separate sauce pan, start warming your broth. Once the pepper is toasted, add to the broth, and then use a blender or immersion blender to combine the two.

Step 3: In the soup pot, add a little olive oil, and then brown your ham. Set aside.

Step 4: Add all the vegetable to the pot, cook until it starts to get tender, and then add the spices (about 1 teaspoon each... careful with the cayenne!)

Step 5: Drop in the disc of Mexican chocolate and then add the guajillo broth you made. Stir until the chocolate is dissolved.

Step 6: Stir the ham in. Add the can of coconut milk, and then simmer until sweet potatoes are done.

Step 7: While the soup simmers, prep your toppings. We used Greek yogurt, fresh lime, avocadoes, shredded cheddar, and diced purple onion. For giggles, we also did up some cheese quesadillas on corn tortillas.

Bon Appetite!

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