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CHAOS (The Grid Series - Book 8) by Jas T. Ward

Release Date: January 28, 2021

Cover Design: TE Black Designs

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance



Two twin souls share one dark power. The end of the world is around the corner. And there's only one heart to love and to save them.

Valya and Vadim have been owned by the Circus of Nightmares since their parents died as twins. They were days from breaking that contract when tragedy struck and both fell to their death. That should have been the end. A freedom they hadn't counted on.

They were wrong. Chaos needed a new host.

It found two.




“No. You can’t!” Valya grabbed his hand and then wrapped her arms around him. Brock could feel her cold tears as they soaked into his shirt. Sighing, he brought a hand up to cup the back of her head as she spoke into his chest. “You say you’ll feel bad if you stand in our way? How do you think we’ll feel if we made you go?” She angled her head up to meet his eyes with her chin resting on his pec. “I’d miss you. I know I would. You say you had that attraction you can’t explain? So do I. And I don’t want you to go. Please.”

“Val don’t make this harder on Brock than it needs to be. It’s probably best that he goes. It’s a big mess, like he said.” Vadim pulled Valya free from her desperate hug. She burst into sobs as her brother folded her into his arms.

Brock hated to see Valya cry. And knowing Vadim tasked him to handle the brunt of the unintended devastation he left in his wake by leaving. “I’m sorry, Valya. I really am. But your brother is right. Me going will be easier now than if I wait.” He reached out to touch her but pulled up short—no, he’d change his mind if his fingers grazed her amazing cool skin. “Fuck, I need to go.” None of it made sense. Brock, Valya and Vadim had known each other for less than a month. He felt like he was destroying a relationship, a strange, twisted one spanning years. Decades. Not days. But had any of this held a grain of logic? Easily categorized or described? No. Why would the connection he felt for the pair be any more explainable?

“It’s not fair!” Valya said angrily, slamming a fist against her brother’s chest. She then reached out to grab Brock’s hand, clutching at it to prevent him from going towards the door.


Valya’s eyes widened in sync with Vadim’s. Her mouth fell open and Vlad’s expression was one awash with bafflement.


Ah shit. No. You have got to be kidding me. 

“Oh, what the fuck is that? What is that?” Brock jerked from Valya’s grasp. His confused backsteps had him hitting a shelf and a small glass vase fell off to shatter at his feet. First that weird deep beat of his heart and then a strange voice apparently getting pissed about it in his head. He surged forward and snarled. “Are you using some Keeper thing on me? I said I was sorry for all of this!”

“No… it wasn’t us. Or I don’t think it was,” Valya whispered. She looked up at her brother. Vadim’s jaw hung slack and eyes still wide—as unsure as Valya. They exchanged a look, and both approached Brock.

He yelled, threw up both his hands and hit the shelf a second time. Another piece of Valya’s new d├ęcor paid the price. “No. Stay the fuck over there! Both of you.”  Gasping for air, doing his best not to freak out and run out the door. “Why do you two look like you don’t even know. Didn’t you feel that? Hear that?!”

Valya glanced at Vadim again and they nodded in unison. “We did,” Vadim answered. His voice shook and he blinked with a slow head shake. “And I think,” he met Brock’s eyes. “I think it was my heart. Our hearts. And if you heard the voice…”

“Chaos. You heard our dark power, Brock.” The twins took another step closer.

And Brock would have taken one further backward if there wasn’t a wall and that stupid shelf blocking his retreat. “I said stay back.” He tried to go sideways but then Vadim’s hand touched his arm and Valya’s took his.

The thud returned and it sent Brock to fall on his ass and his hand clutched his chest. His heartbeat painfully strong. An ache as if the chamber containing the organ would burst. The muscles rip and tear. As it fell into a cadence, the pain eased, and Brock sucked in a breath. He felt… strong. Lit up with each beat in his chest.

He sputtered to speak and failed. Valya’s free hand now covered her mouth and tears crashed over her fingers. Vadim kept his arm stiff. Keeping the space between them. But his face held a myriad of emotions. Brock might have stood a chance of deciphering if he wasn’t teetering on screaming like a girl in a horror show.

“It’s our hearts. All of our hearts,” Vadim choked out as he crouched down in front of Brock to decrease the distance. “All three of ours beating together.” He met Brock’s eyes. “I don’t know how. But you’re our heartbeat.”

Brock scrambled away, staggering to get to his feet. The strange beating of his heart stopped. The elevated strength vaporized. He stared at them. “What. The. Fuck.”

Valya recovered first and came over to him. “I know. We’re all freaking out. We need to just take a minute.” She glanced back at Vadim. The shock had him unmoving. Like a beautiful carved man of stone. As her eyes swung back to Brock’s, she reached out to touch his cheek. Brock didn’t mean to flinch, but he did. She gave no sign of taking it personal. “Don’t you want to find out? See if it is what we think it is?” She gave him a nervous smile and whispered, “Please?” She reached out to Vadim. “V, we need to know. Don’t you want to know?”

Vadim looked as unsure as Brock, but he did take Valya’s hand albeit still staying as far as possible.

As Valya’s slender pale hand moved towards Brock, he started shaking his head. “I don’t want to know. No. Stop.” It was just too damn much. He brought a hand up as if she would strike him. Instead, her cool fingers intwined with his. A second later, his heart charged up along with the surge of strength.

“You’re warm…” Brock’s eyes skid up to Valya’s. “How?” He got to his feet and wrapped his opposite hand around their joined ones. “I feel your pulse.” He let out a shaky laugh borne from awe. “You feel alive.”

Valya laughed and Vadim moved timidly closer. His hand came out to join Brock’s and Valya’s. His too was warm. A pulse beat in the man’s wrist. Brock watched as their skin lost it’s paleness and brightened with life. “I’m doing that? Me?”

“Yeah, you are,” Vadim responded in a gruff tone. “But only when we’re all three touching.” He hesitantly slid his hand free and the triple-strong heartbeat thumped one last time and then returned to it’s normal state. Vadim began to pale as the life given by their touch faded. Vadim splayed a hand over his chest and let out a sigh. “It’s strange. I forgot how incredible it felt to be, well, alive.” His breath hitched as he reached out for the closest piece of furniture. Sitting on plush reading chair, he took great gulps of air. “As if we didn’t think this was a fucking mess before. It is now.” He lifted his eyes to Brock’s. “It doesn’t change anything. Just like you don’t want to be in the way of our finding our heartbeats.” He pulled Valya to him and Brock tried to keep her hand in his. Odd, even without Vadim to complete the triad of the connection, he didn’t want to sever it all together. “We don’t want you’re being our heartbeat to force you where you don’t want to be. Or with us. Not if it’s not what you want.”

“I want you both,” Brock said the words in a rush without thought. He squeezed his eyes shut as he scrubbed his hands over his face. “I feel the same connection. Some attraction to you both. Have since day one. Like,” his eyes darted around the room in an attempt to structure sentences and not sound like an idiot, “I’ve known you for years. Both of you. As if,” he looked down and said softly, “I needed to be close to you both. Was meant to be with you.” He took a step closer and whispered, “Both.”

Valya darted a look over at her brother and stepped up to Brock. “Me too. When you caught me in the club? I felt strange. Like I knew you would catch me. Even if I didn’t know you. I felt sure.”

The two of them turned to face Vadim. Valya whispered softly, “Brother. V?”

Vadim looked like the one that wanted to bolt out of the room. Run from the situation. Brock didn’t think the guy could get any paler. Vadim appeared confused and then angry. “How the fuck is that supposed to work? The three of us?”

Valya smiled, took her brother’s hand and hauled him against her. “I don’t know. But we’ll figure it out.” She leaned into Brock and he could feel her hand grow warm and her cheeks pinken as their hearts beat together. Her lips came to his and she kissed him softly as she palmed his cheek. “We can’t do that if you go, Brock. Will you stay? Help us figure out? How it can work for the three of us?”

“Ah, uh,” he said haltingly and then Vadim turned his face with a touch to meet his eyes. The man didn’t smile. He still looked pissed as fuck. But then his lips touched Brock’s and Valya curled up against his side.

Swallowing, Brock nodded as they hugged in a group. “Yeah. Together. The three of us. I’ll stay.” Valya let out a gleeful sound as she threw her arms around his neck. Vadim actually smiled and touched Brock’s neck. “But I have questions.”

Vadim snorted and stepped away. “If it’s about a threesome? Fuck no. I am not having sex with my sister. Nor watch her have sex. Nor watch the man I’m having sex with have sex with her. We may be circus people but it wasn’t that kind of circus.”

Valya’s face screwed up in disgust. “Eww. Gross. I don’t want to see my brother naked. Or having sex.” She giggled and smiled. “We’ll set up a schedule. I claim Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Vadim can have you all to himself the rest of the days.”

Brock laughed as the twins started bickering and sighed in amusement. “I think I’m going to miss being able to walk.” Be worth it as he watched his—not one but two—lovers fight over him. A guy could get used to that.



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Ms. Ward was born and raised in Texas. Ward is a mixed bag of creativity spinning tales of paranormal, urban fantasy, and even dark romance and horror; wrapped within a love story. She's been dared to write a few contemporary romances but even those reads have characters that are real and twisted by their creator.

Ward publishes her wildly popular Paranormal/Sci-Fi romances as an indie and her contemporary romances were picked up for traditional publication with Hot Tree Publishing in 2020.

A mother of three diverse and independent bold children, Ward prides herself for being the "Queen Niche' Bitch" which is her handy way of saying she sucks writing to market.
But her readers don't seem to mind.


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