Wednesday, December 9, 2020

BOXSET BLITZ: The Dirty Dozen: Cowboy Edition #GIVEAWAY

The Dirty Dozen: Cowboy Edition
Publication date: December 5th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance

8 Authors ~ 10 Novellas ~ 10 Cowboys

An everyday part of a cowboy’s life.

Eight authors will lure you into a world of horseback riding, sweet-talking, and heart swooning moments that will leave you wanting more…

Dust off your boots.
Saddle up.
And hold on for the ride of your life!

Things are about to get Dirty…

Participating authors ~

Tee Smith – Kay Maree – Vi Summers – Aleisha Maree – Lauren Firminger
Ann Mickan – Gemma Arlington – Penny Blush

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Carrillo’s Cowboy – Tee Smith

She’s a single mother, heiress of her father’s estate. He’s a cowboy, a drifter, trouble. Sparks will fly, but will she let him break her heart?

Smooth Whiskey Whisper – Kay Maree

I’m ashamed of my weakness of wanting to be accepted, loved even

but I want to try one last time with him, ONLY HIM!!!

Montana Moonshine – Vi Summers

Second chances for convicted felons were earned at Brandon Nash’s cattle ranch, and he’d never had an inmate he couldn’t handle. Until now.

Not only was Louisiana Carlyle the first woman in the program, but she was also the first woman to steal his heart.

Sassy Daiquiri Kiss- Kay Maree

Being roped to his bed for the rest of my life sounds like a mighty fine way to go.

Oh, and hot!

Yep, it would definitely be HOT!!!

Free Falling – Aleisha Maree

It was written in the stars.

Spoken about among the moonlight.

With one step and one silent goodbye, it was shattered to fly away on the wind.

Let Me Be Your Whiskey – Lauren Firminger

After nursing a broken heart and picking up the pieces of his life before, the last thing Wyatt needed was the gorgeous sister of his new bosses. Can they resist temptation?

Never A Choice – Ann Mickan

Life is full of choices – Adam had learned that early on. He also learned that when it came to Callie there was never a choice.

Show Girl – Gemma Arlington

How could I resist the girl next door…

It’s impossible, especially when she’s my own personal showgirl!

Venom Ridge – Penny Blush

Banished from the city like a naughty child, sent to live with my grandpa.

The last thing I expected was to fall in love with the town of Venom Ridge or it’s Sheriff

Sweet Tequila Sunshine – Kay Maree

Night time used to be my solace,

The sunrise was my downfall.

Now the new day can’t come quick enough.

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