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#IABBaddict GUEST AUTHOR with #GIVEAWAY: Denise Malone

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Please welcome Denise Malone!

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Genre: Suspense/Romance/Comedy
Length: 265 pages
Release Date: Feb 2014
Price: $2.99 (Kindle)/ $10.99 (Paperback)

The Bo(d)y Next Door (An Alison Brown Mystery Book 1) 

All single girl Alison Brown really needs is to spend a week on the beach with her best friend, Frankie. 
But instead of margaritas and sunscreen, she gets a murder next door and death threats. 
Now, she's involved in a police investigation while trying to save her own neck and get the heck out of Dodge. And to top it all off, the hot new neighbor, Poindexter "Dex" Jones, is determined to keep her safe and maybe get her into bed. 
The question is, what's more dangerous: the killer or Dex trying to steal her heart? 

About the Author

Denise Malone lives in Texas with her husband, children, and a demented Doberman. Besides being an avid reader, she enjoys crocheting and watching college football. Her first book, The Bo(d)y Next Door, was released February 16, 2014.

STALK Denise Malone:

Interview with Denise

1. If I came to your home and looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?
If you looked in my refrigerator, you'd find Mountain Dew and sweet tea. 

2.  Do you speak with your dog?
Yes, I do speak to my dog, and to my cat. My friends laugh at how I talk to my dog.  I call her 'Dude' often, especially when she's irritating me. She doesn't answer often. The cat, however, can be quite vocal.  :) 

3.  What kind of music do you like?  
I like all kinds of music, but The Beatles are my absolute favorite band of all time.  I love music from the 50s and 60s all the way up to music being released now.  I can't think of a single genre of music that I have a strong dislike for.  I listen to everything from country to rock to pop, rap, jazz, reggae, and everything in between.  

4.  Are you a morning person or a night person?  
I'm definitely a night person. If I didn't have to be up in the mornings, I'd probably sleep until 9:30 or 10:00 and probably wouldn't leave the house before 11:00 or noon.  :)  

5.  What is your favorite color socks to wear?
Black. I have a black dog and a black and gray cat, so black socks show less of the pet hairs I pick up on the bottoms of my socks.  

6.  Do you suffer from sleepwalking?
I haven't done it in years, but I used to sleepwalk regularly. My parents even went so far as to nail the back door closed when I was a kid because I'd sleepwalk out the back door and into our neighborhood.  

7.  Tell me how many hats to you have in your house.  
We probably have close to 100 hats in our house. My husband is fond of his ball caps and has some that were given to him by relatives. My daughter has a couple of hats. My son and I probably have 5 each.  

8.  What is your favorite daily wear attire?
I love my yoga pants. They hug all my curves, not too tightly and not too loosely. They just feel right.  :) 


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