Tuesday, December 9, 2014

#SurrealUpdate & #SALES

Good morning, everyone! By this time next week, Surreal will officially be LIVE! I'm a little bit excited, if you can't tell.

I wanted to remind you that Surreal is AVAILABLE for PRE-ORDER on Amazon up until midnight of the 14th~at a reduced price of $3.99. 
Once the book goes live, the price will be going up. Why not reserve your copy TODAY?

"Re Hargrave put her heart and soul into this book! Did I say amazing?!" ~Christina

"I managed to read this is one day, and that's impressive considering the size of the book! that's how much I enjoyed it." ~Lucii

"10++ stars" ~Maria

"WOW, RE Hargrave did an amazing job capturing the love, respect and trust that couples in this lifestyle go through." ~Raechel

The early ARC reviews are starting to come in, and I am truly humbled by what readers have had to say so far. If you want to read more, head over HERE to Goodreads (and while you're there, go ahead and add it to your Want To Read list if you like).

You can grab Book Two, A Divine Life
for just $1.99 through December 14th. *Regularly $3.49

As a bonus treat, I've got my erotic novella, The Food Critic available 
for FREE through Friday the 12th.

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