Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflections on 2014 from R.E. Hargrave

On this last day of 2014, I find myself sitting here thinking back on what I've accomplished, and what I hope to tackle in the future. By some mad fortune I can now say I have seven published books ... quite something, when at the beginning of this publishing journey I had no certainty if I'd be stopping at one. However, I can claim four novellas and a three novel series under my belt. That's nothing for me to shake a stick at. Of those seven, I've even got six of them available in print! One of my novellas has also been included in a fourteen-book anthology: Treasured Moments which is still at it's introductory price of only $0.99!

Around my writing, editing, and formatting schedule for myself, I managed to sneak a little bit of reading in, enough to come up with a top ten list: SEE FULL LIST with my reviews and retails links. I'm already digging in and lining up my reading list for 2015, and can't wait to see where those new reads will take me! 

Kira Barker, Al Daltry, J.M. Darhower, Sam JD Hunt, Samantha Jacobey, Amber L. Johnson, Jason Luke, Kris Thompson, Cherime MacFarlane, and Gracen Miller made the cut.

When I wasn't working on projects for myself, I was spending time helping out some fellow Indie authors prepare their own books for release ... either through beta-reading, editing, or formatting. Here are the results of those efforts:

~From Elena M Reyes~

~From M.B. Feeney~


~From L.J. Harris~

Ms. Harris has an amazing project in the works, His Personal Assistant, which will hopefully hit virtual shelves in 2015. Keep an eye out!

Highlights from 2014:

In April, I released Unchained Melody, a military romance novella.

I launched my street team, Divine Darlins, in June.

My first official book signing in the small town of Granbury, Texas happened in July.
Joining me were fellow Texas authors Jennifer Theriot, Jeanne McDonald, and Tessa Gray.

In August I succumbed to the dreaded ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE:

October was a double month.  First, I released my erotic novella, The Food Critic:

Second, it found me in Austin as a guest of Lorenz Font at the Texas Book Festival, where I got to meet (and get signed books from) several amazing authors!

December, of course, brought my year to an amazing finish with the release of Surreal.

If you fancy a signed copy of any of my books direct from me, you can order one here: 

May 2015 start off with a bang for all of you. Here's to another wild year filled with crazy twists!


  1. You Crazy Lady! Looks like you had a very good year. May 2015 be even better. Love ya.

    1. Love ya, too! I've got a couple of your books in the reading queue for 2015 :)

  2. My jaw fell.
    What a beautiful site you have here. Truly lovely like the lady who oversees it. I do love your writing and am proud to claim you as a sister in ink. May 2015 be truly amazing.

    1. Yay! Thank you, darlin. I'm looking forward to reading more from you. Death Wish was such a nice change of pace in story lines, and it was well-written (a big bugaboo of mine as you!

    2. I sure do. I think I caught most of the topos in it by the way. I read too fast to catch them by sight I must listen. Hugs and i hope the bean pot simmers nicely.