Sunday, May 4, 2014

RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY: The Perfect Spirit by Traci Hayden

Twenty-eight year old writer, Vanessa Fortney, has travelled the world, living life to the fullest. When she comes home due to the unexpected death of her only blood relatives, she only has one regret; never finding a love that triumphs all others.
In a beautiful valley in the Rocky Mountains, Nessa finds herself wondering about a mysterious stranger who saved her after a nearly disastrous car accident. The mystery that surrounds Daniel is quickly replaced by the increasing attraction Nessa feels for him.
Will she find that love that transcends all love or will an unforeseen tragedy keep them apart?


I lost both my parents as a child.”
How did they die?” Daniel asked softly.
Car accident, same as my great-aunt and uncle.”
Daniel's sharp intake of air was followed quickly by his next comment. “And you almost died in that car accident a few weeks ago. It seems fate is cruel.”
Nessa realized he was right. Not so much about her dying, but the fact that fate seemed to repeat itself. “I didn't almost die. The doctor said I was lucky.”
You were lucky because I was there. If I hadn't been,” he argued, “who knows how long you would've been exposed. You could've died without me connecting with you.”
You are my savior, Daniel,” she whispered. “My beautiful angelic savior.”
You're too sweet with your words, ma belle.”
It's true, Daniel. I don't know what it is about you, but I feel such a connection to you,” she admitted as she traced her finger across the back of his hand. “You're always so cold.”
Daniel guffawed. “Cold hands, warm heart.” He cupped her face, pulling her in close. “In this case, my heart flames for you.”
Nessa's body relaxed into his and he pulled her, comforter and all, onto his lap. He cradled her close to him, savoring their connection as much as she did.

About Author

Traci Hayden is a proud mother of four beautiful girls and one adorable granddaughter. She has always had a passion for reading, but recently the obsession for writing has taken over.
As a Nova Scotian native now living in British Columbia, Traci has traveled across Canada, fueling her imagination from coast to coast.
Along with two dogs and one cat, Traci's home is shared with her partner of 16 years. He is her rock and constant support.
Traci loves all genres of writing, but currently is exploring the world of romance.

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There are over a dozen prizes being offered. All ebooks will be in the form of the winners choosing. Draw will be made on May 18th.

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