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My new year's resolution . . . to bring #SurrealSnippets to all of my readers so that you can come along with me on the journey of getting the final trilogy book written. I'll be posting teasers (visual and text), sharing reviews, holding #DivineTrilogy giveaways, and any other fun things I can come up with. Be sure to follow the blog and/or sign up for email notifications of blog updates so you don't miss out!

D Halloween party (chain dress only)D Halloween party

Catherine’s small feet were enclosed in black, patent leather stilettos. When she reached the landing and spun for him, he could see the chain-work that ran up the back of the heel. He allowed his eyes to follow the curve of her strong calf and continue up her body. Held up by spaghetti straps, there wasn't much to the dress; lightweight lengths of chain had been welded together to weave the garment which hung to her mid-thigh. Approximate two-inch spaces between each length left nothing to the imagination. Her tattoo was on full display, as were her emerald J’s and smooth cunt. As she twirled, the light from the overhead chandelier refracted off her black diamond.

“You look amazing, jewel. Please kneel.”

Without a word, Catherine took her place at his feet, her arms locking behind her back in perfect position. Jayden took the collar from his pocket and leaned forward. “Your servitude is surreal, Catherine,” he murmured while buckling her leather play collar around her neck. “You may speak.”

“To serve you is always divine, Master.”

He smiled. “I expect that you will be on your best behavior tonight, slut. You will speak only when given permission, and I don’t want you making eye contact with anyone but me unless otherwise directed. Do you understand?”

Jayden moved around her with slow, sure steps, waiting for her reply. It didn't come. “Cailin maith, you may answer.”

“Aye, Master. This girl knows her place for tonight and looks forward to making her Master proud.” Her voice was breathy, and the Dom reveled in the knowledge that he had done that to her.

“That you do, my jewel. Rise, and show me the rest of your costume.”

Catherine’s breath caught at his words, but she did as requested. Standing before turning around, his submissive bent at the waist and grabbed her ankles with a muffled groan. Jayden’s face broke out in a mischievous grin when he eyed the steel sunburst, whose rays grew from the end of what he knew to be a rather large plug. The rays extended from the center, like hands, so that the custom accessory cupped her firm cheeks.

“Beautiful. Let us be on our way. I’ll be driving tonight because Micah requested the evening off. You have no objections to the Wraith, do you?” Jayden asked while snapping her leash into place on the collar and helping her into a dress coat.

The question was rhetorical; Jayden didn't expect an answer because it wasn't her decision to make. It was his.

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