Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last Day of the TSID Blog Tour

What a whirlwind couple of weeks it's been! I am humbled by the support and enthusiasm that has been shown for my debut novel, To Serve is Divine, and seriously cannot thank everyone enough – especially everyone that participated in my cover reveal and an amazing blog tour! I'll be honest though, I feel like I've answered everything there is to know about me and I'm a little worried about what will come up on the next tour when A Divine Life (Book 2 of the Divine Trilogy) is released in August! This will be the last "tour" post until then. To bring this ride to an end, allow me to point out who my last two stops were:

A massive thank you to every one that hosted my tour 
(and a recap in case anyone missed any stops):

michbookreviews: Guest Post (You’ve never hidden the fact that the series started out as a fan fiction, where did the inspiration for the original story come from and how did you decide to adapt it for publication?)
B.F. Betty: Guest Post (Irish Chocolate Cake & Excerpt)
Laura Braley: Guest Post (A Day in the Life of R.E. Hargrave)
nails233: Guest Post (Backtracking & Bridging with an exclusive peek at book 2)
behindtherows: Guest Post (Educating our Youth: Tiger Mom Tendencies)
Sarah Aisling: 4 Star Review AND Guest Post (Tell us about the research that went into writing a BDSM novel)
GirlWhoReads: Guest Post (Meet the Author)

If you are an Indie author wanting to a place to spotlight your book, please check out the "Want to be a guest?" tab for details on how to be a guest here on my site.

If you're one of my Rockin' Readers, don't be shy! Send me a picture of yourself reading one of my books, with a caption, and I'll add it to the Rockin' Readers tab! Email me at rehargrave@gmail.com 

Don't forget I've got the "Upcoming Events" tab where I post things (i.e. cover reveals, blog tour participation, Twitter release parties, etc) so you'll always know what's going on!

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