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“R.E. Hargrave is a new to me author. Wanted was better than I expected! It wasn't a cookie-cutter story. There were a few surprises, and I loved the way the author wrapped it all up.”

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“I’m not a child, and I’ve been around. You see things when you live on the road.” Gypsy played it safe. “I’ve never listened to an audiobook, so I guess it wasn’t a fair reaction. Just assumed those kinds of books would be read by a woman. I don’t know why.” She cocked her head to the side, considering. “Now I think about it, I guess it makes sense. Women are probably the focus of the fiction audio market, so why not reel them in with a sexy voice whispering all kinds of naughty things in their ears?”

“Smart lady,” he praised. “I should clarify, though. What I do, it’s not just reading. It’s taking the words the authors have trusted me with and bringing them to life. Making each character real and distinct in the listener’s mind.”

As he spoke, Gypsy noticed a vibrancy she hadn’t before, a passion. Perhaps there was more to Hyde Johnson than she’d first thought.

“So, you’re kinda like a one-man band?”

“Sure. I guess you could say that.”

A thought occurred to her and her cheeks warmed as she asked, “Do you, ya know? Make the sounds and stuff, too?”

Now, he really laughed. “Well, that depends on what ‘stuff’ you’re referring to, but yes, I do some of that.”


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