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BOOK BLITZ: The Novice by Ava Lohan #GIVEAWAY

The Novice
Ava Lohan
Publication date: October 13th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

I’m a novice about to take my vows. He’s the embodiment of sin—and the new owner of the convent that’s been my home for the past two years.

I shouldn’t want him. Yet from the moment he walks into Mother Superior’s office and threatens to turn Saint Clare into a luxury hotel, all I can think about are those lush lips, tight muscles, and perfect hair. That, and the devil’s bargain he proposes.

My body in exchange for the convent. For fourteen days, I’m to be with him at Lust, his exclusive sex club. Fourteen days obeying his every command.

Whatever I do, I can’t let myself fall in love with him. Because Kegan Anderson is a beast, and a beast can never love.

He can only destroy.

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He caught me admiring him and smiled. I swallowed hard, attempting to clear the knot that had formed in my throat. That smile could have belonged to the devil, persuading all the angels to fall from Heaven. He observed me with an air that reeked of ill intentions. He was bad company, like the guys my parents had prayed I wouldn’t bring home during high school. Despite his tailored clothing, he didn’t seem like the type of man any parent would want for their daughter. I remembered all too well the words he’d said to me that day, and I had the feeling he had continued down that sinful path.

There was something dark in him.

In his eyes.


And in his voice.

I made the sign of the cross.

“You found her on your first try.” He ran his hands seductively through his hair, turning his gaze upon Mother Superior. “I have to give you credit. You did well.”

“Pleased to have satisfied your request, Mr. Anderson,” she replied, her tone revealing her contempt. “We don’t have many natural blondes at the convent.”

Perplexed, I looked at one, then the other. They stared at each other in silence. I understood less with every minute.

“Mother, what’s going on?”

I walked around the desk to face her, resisting the urge to pick up my veil and put it back on. The man’s eyes followed me in my sacred dress. I pretended it was just Mother Superior and me in the room. Although it was no easy task, I forced myself to ignore his presence.

“You are here as part of an agreement.” Mother Superior finally looked at me. “Mr. Anderson’s grandfather passed away, and now he has inherited the property the convent stands on.”

I couldn’t understand what any of that had to do with me.

Mother Superior took some documents out from a drawer. “Mr. Anderson intends to sell the property at an exorbitant price that the convent simply cannot afford to pay. We cannot save it, Sister Rose.”

“I was thinking of building a luxury hotel. That is, unless…” The man, whose first name I still didn’t know, lit a cigarette, leaving me petrified. Mother Superior flinched, but she remained silent, not wishing to respond to his clear challenge of her authority. Resting her chin in her hands, she glared at him in disgust.

“You’re going to hell, Kegan Anderson.”

Kegan. His name was Kegan.

He took Mother Superior’s words as a compliment. He laughed. A low, sensual laugh.

“Oh, I’m sure of it, Sister.”

Author Bio:

Ava Lohan loves to write sexy, romantic stories. When she is not busy putting her characters in compromising situations, Ava reads about bad boys, goes out, and indulges in wild shopping sprees and marathons of movies and TV shows. Above all, though, she creates sizzling new book boyfriends for her upcoming novels.

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