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BOOK BLITZ: Meant to be Different by Amelia Foster #GIVEAWAY #FREEBIE

Meant to be Different
Amelia Foster
(Meant To Be, #2)
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: July 9th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
As a teen, I had my life figured out: graduate and make my dream of being a bull riding champion a reality. That is right up until the goth girl transferred to my school. Georgia laid the snark on as thick as her eyeliner, but I saw through the toughened fa├žade and fell for her. Hard.
She was willing to give up her own dream to follow me as I pursued my passion, but I couldn’t let her do that. So, I made the hardest decision of my life…and walked away.
It’s been twelve years since I left home without her and the all-grown-up Georgia is just as feisty and fiery as she was back then. It’s clear she has no intention of making redemption easy for me. Thankfully, I’m a patient man who knows what he wants. I’ve never stopped loving her, and I know she feels the same.
Back then I was a rhinestone cowboy, and she was a dark angel, complete opposites, yet we fell in love anyway. We weren’t meant to be like every other cookie cutter couple, we were meant to be different.
Book 1 – Meant to Be Kept – is FREE on July 1 & 2 only!

“What would you say if I told you that I could fix this? At least a temporary band-aid that will give you time to talk to your insurance agent—and an attorney I might add—without screwing up your timeline.” Her brows lifted in a silent challenge.
The corner of his mouth twitched. “I’d say I always knew you were an Angel, but that might be a miracle just slightly out of your grasp.”
She rolled her eyes with an exaggerated sigh. “Do you want to know or not? This deal might expire if you’re gonna pull the Rhinestone Cowboy routine.”
“You always did like giving me options.” His brows popped twice.
Gigi moved to dig in the small container sitting on his desk before producing a silver coin. “Flip ya for it? Heads I tell you my plan and you don’t give me shit, tails I let you figure this out on your own.”
He tilted his head back and laughed, releasing her before rounding his desk and reaching into the drawer. “Now, Angel, this is my life, my career, and my future.” Our future, he corrected in his head, but wasn’t sure that was something he was confident enough to speak out loud. “We need something a bit more grown-up than flipping a coin.”
She lifted one shoulder. “We’ve always done pretty well with it in the past.”
Wyatt held a pack of cards between his fingertips. “Poker, Angel. Something this serious requires a serious game.”
A mischievous grin curled her lips and every nerve ending on his body took notice. The wicked promises the small gesture offered nearly wiped his mind clear of the looming threat to the future he was so carefully constructing.
“If we are playing poker, let’s make it really interesting, Cowboy.”
He swallowed his suddenly parched throat three times. “What’d you have in mind there, Gigi?”
She leaned across the desk and plucked the deck from his hand. “Strip poker. Winner gets to decide what our next step for your ranch is and where we end up tonight.” Her tongue darted out to run along her bottom lip. “I have a lot of ideas.”
The answer was quick, easy, and required absolutely no thought. “Deal me in.”

Author Bio:
A simple girl born in the South, raised along the Eastern seaboard, now in the wintry North who loves books, coffee, and fluffy cuddles from all the fur babies whether they are hers or not.


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