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#TeaserTuesday #Author2Author: Compass by Jeanne McDonald


Compass By: Jeanne McDonald 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Expected Release Date: November 17, 2015


Cover Reveal on August 17, 2015 Cover Designer: Jada D'Lee Designs
As teenagers, time is infinite and love is made of fairy tales and caramel corn. For Alexis York and Ryan Fisher, their friendship was the cornerstone of who they were. In the wake of a family tragedy, that friendship was torn apart by time and distance. Unrequited love was never reciprocated, and two lives that were once intertwined, now moved on different trajectories. Fifteen years later, these two friends are given a second chance to correct the mistakes of the past. With one flight, a new home, and a little help from a tiny red compass, Alexis and Ryan are reunited, setting them back on the same course. Together, they find themselves on a journey of rediscovery, friendship, hope, and love. Yet, when the harsh realities of life threaten to tear them apart for good, will Alexis and Ryan lose all hope of a happily ever after? Or will the childhood promises of forever lead these two hearts through impossible odds and back into each other's arms?

"You're my compass. My one true north."
“Everything all right?” Ryan asked. “Not really. I have a passenger who’s about to drive me bonkers. Ever since you turned off the fasten seatbelt sign…” she trailed off. “What’s wrong?” “She wants to speak with you.” Kix started to unbuckle his seatbelt. “What about?” “Not you, Captain. Fisher.” She cast a sideways glance to Ryan. Ryan pushed back. “Me?” He poked his own chest and wondered why this woman would want to speak with him. Not that he minded, but he was second in command. This wasn’t a commonplace occurrence. People usually wanted the captain, not the co-pilot. The stray hair fell back into Makenna’s eyes, only agitating her more. She thrust her hand through her midnight locks, forcing the hair out of her face. “Yep. You.” Kix laughed, smacking Ryan on the back. “Good luck, Buddy. Glad it’s you and not me.” Ryan winced at the sting of the slap. “I’ve never had a passenger ask for me before. They’re usually disappointed to get me instead of the captain.” Makenna smiled, her over-exaggerated irritation disappeared. “She wanted me to give this to you.” As Makenna opened her hand, Ryan leaned over and glanced at the object lying in her palm. He recognized it immediately. It was an old, faded red toy compass. “She said to tell you ‘forever and always’.” Ryan took the compass and flipped it over between his fingertips, examining it closely. It was worn with age, the plastic soft to the touch. As he held the tiny toy in his hand, a huge smile exploded over his face. This couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible. But the evidence was real. Alexis was here. On his flight. “What’s that she gave you?” Kix inquired. “It’s a compass,” Ryan murmured, his own voice sounding soft and distant to his ears. “Well, no shit, Sherlock. I mean what’s it for?” Ryan flashed Makenna a cocky smirk and turned to Kix. “A compass,” he began, with sarcasm dripping from his tongue, “is a device used to determine geographic location. If you didn’t learn that much in flight school, maybe I should be the one flying this bird.” Kix’s mouth dropped to his chest. “Smart ass.” Ryan laughed as he removed his headset. “Maybe, but I have a passenger to speak with.” He unbuckled his seatbelt and stood up, moving around Makenna. “Passenger in D2,” she called out. Ryan straightened his tie and took a deep breath, making his way out to the main cabin. He looked around the curtain separating the gully from the cabin, and his heart skipped a beat. Sitting in seat D2 was his Alexis. She was looking in a mirror, applying lip gloss. This was the woman he’d seen in the pictures on Facebook. Poised, sophisticated, and beautiful. Her thick brown hair hung straight down her back. Her lips plump and pink, and her big brown eyes were accentuated with the right amount of eye makeup to make them standout. She was gorgeous and perfect. Everything Ryan remembered her to be. He took a deep breath, stepped around the curtain, and walked over to the row of seats she was sitting in. Next to her sat an older woman with hair white as snow. He heard the elderly woman say something to her as he approached, but couldn’t quite make out what it was. “Excuse me, Miss, but I do believe this is yours,” he greeted, a playful hint to his tone. He flashed his best smile as she looked up at him from the mirror. His hand shook, just slightly, as he opened his palm to reveal the toy compass. The moment their eyes met, time stood still.



Jeanne McDonald is an author, a mother, a wife, a student of knowledge and of life, a coffee addict, a philosophy novice, a pop culture connoisseur, inspired by music, encouraged by words, and a believer in true love. When she's not spending time with her family, she can be found reading, writing, enjoying a great film, chatting with friends or diligently working toward her bachelor's degree in literature. A proud Texan, Jeanne currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her family.

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