Thursday, July 9, 2015

PROMO BLITZ: Reprisal by Christa Lynn

Reprisal Blue Final   

 Reprisal by Christa Lynn

Sydney DeCarlo has a dark past, one she prefers to keep in the past. She's a survivor and has made her living counseling kids who have also survived the same nightmare. When the FBI and NYPD call her in to assist on a case, her past comes roaring back. Detective Gabriel Torres is tall, dark and handsome and immediately feels a connection with Sydney. When Sydney is called in to assist in the investigation of raped and murdered young women, he's not sure she's the right person for the job. But Sydney's connection to this case is more than anyone could ever imagine. Can Gabe save her from her past? Or will her nightmare be the death of her?

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“It’s late, I figured you didn’t need the caffeine.” She responds as she opens up a beer for herself. And here I thought she would be a wine drinker, especially since that’s what she was drinking at Blazer’s the other night. She wraps her lips around the mouth of the bottle, and I wish that it was me her lips were on. Later I think. I hope anyway because I have to have her. “What can I do to help?” I ask, trying to take my mind off of her lips. “You can set the table.” She replies as she points to the cabinet next to the kitchen table. I proceed with keeping myself busy setting the table. By the time I’m done, she brings in a big bowl of pasta covered in thick meat sauce. She goes back to the kitchen and brings out fresh parmesan cheese, fresh garlic bread, and two more beers, then sits down right next to me. I expected her to sit across from me, but she sits immediately to my left. I take my first bite and groan. I see her smile out of the corner of my eye as she takes her first bite. The smell of garlic and basil take over the room. “This is amazing,” I tell her as I shovel my face. I feel like a barbarian that hasn’t had food in weeks, but I can’t stop. She leans forward to me and with her finger, wipes off a bit of sauce that has apparently found its way to my chin. Then she sucks the sauce off of her finger in a seductive manner. It takes every bit of selfcontrol I have not to take her on the table right here, right now. I grin back at her but proceed to finish eating because my mama taught me not to waste food, so I’ll finish eating, and then I will have her for dessert. As we eat, I see a bit of sauce on her lower lip and decide to play her at her own game. I lean towards her and gently lick away the sauce. Her eyes flash, and she presses her soft lips to mine, taking total control. I pull back and look deep into her eyes, she wants this as much as I do. But she will not take control of the situation, that’s my job. I pull her from her chair and plant her sexy ass right in my lap, knocking her fork onto the floor at the same time. The metal clangs on the tile and neither of us flinch. Her hands come up to my face, and I slip my tongue in her mouth, dueling for control. She shifts her body so she’s now straddling me, and I can feel her heat through two layers of denim. My fingers travel down her sides to the hem of her t-shirt, and I slowly pull it up over her head, my lips feeling her loss immediately. Her lace covered breasts are exposed and begging to be touched, her nipples poking proudly through the cups of her bra. I press my thumbs against the hardened nubs and gently pinch them between my fingers. I hear her suck in a breath, and she removes her lips from mine, throwing her head back exposing her neck. My mouth finds her sweet spot, and I kiss, lick and gently nip at the tender flesh of her neck while my fingers continue to torture her breasts. She looks down at me, heat in her eyes and her breathing erratic. The heat from her pussy is singeing my cock through their protective barriers, and she begins to grind her hips. My hips instinctively rise up to meet her thrust for thrust. I need to sink myself into her awaiting heat, but not before she gets her release. I can tell by her frantic movements that she needs this, maybe more than I do. 

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