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COVER REVEAL: Freeing Lana by Kristin Elyon

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cover reveal

covergifTitle: Freeing Lana
Series: To Have Control #2
Author: Kristin Elyon
Audience: Adult / Erotica
Genre: DARK Erotica/ BDSM
Formats: E-book and Paperback
Publisher: Kristin Elyon
Cover by: Kande’s Pixels
Expected Date of Publishing: September 10, 2014


Lana Martin had a simple life, uncomplicated by the things that normally plagued her friends. But then terror struck and she found herself the unwilling plaything of a sexual deviant. Under his control, she is forced to endure things that would have crushed most people, but somehow she managed to stay alive long enough to be rescued and return to a normal life.
Only life would never be normal again for Lana, because she came out of the ordeal with an unsettling knowledge that she had never been truly happy before. The deeply terrifying events she had endured had done something she hadn’t expected; they had awakened something dark inside of her, a lust that could only be satisfied under the protection of a black hood. She found that only in that darkness, could she truly be free from her inhibitions.
When Daniel Morrow, the man who had held her captive is released from prison, Lana’s nightmare begins again, and she fears she will never be safe again. Her life, her future now relies on one man, the man she had once dismissed as unable to satisfy her longing, her former boyfriend Sergio Marsilis. Follow along with Lana as the darkness is awakened inside of her, and then as she searches for the one thing that has always eluded her, perfect sexual freedom.

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“I’m here to see Daniel Morrow.”
“Are you on his visitor’s list?”
“I believe I am.”
Lana Martin had no idea if she was in fact on his visitor’s list or not, but the letter she had received in the mail indicated that she was. He had been brief with his short letter. No hello, no apology, just a simple line that told her she was on the list. Whether the action itself had been borne of arrogance or some continued intent to inflict pain, she didn’t know any more than she knew why she was standing here now.
The uniformed woman behind the glass – most likely bullet proof, she presumed – only took a second to verify her name and then motioned to a door to Lana’s right. A low buzzing could immediately be heard, followed by the dull clunk of the door’s locking mechanism being disengaged. She crossed the short distance and pulled the door open. It opened into a small room that was cut in half by a thick glass wall. Every three feet, the wall was sectioned by wooden partitions. A chair sat between each set of partitions and she could see a phone on either side of the glass in each section as well. Hollywood had apparently gotten this visitor’s room right in the movies, because it looked just like the ones she had seen on television.
There were seven places for visitor’s to sit with a corresponding chair on the other side of the glass for the prisoner they were visiting. Two of these sections, both off to Lana’s left, were already in use. A guard motioned for her to take the chair directly under the red stenciled 6, one chair from the end. As she took the chair, she saw why she had not been searched before coming in here as she had been expecting. There was no slot or opening of any kind in the glass. The visitors couldn’t pass anything along to the prisoners even if they were inclined to try. So no cakes with a file inside, no pack of Marlboros or even so much as a pinup poster of Christy Canyon, the old school porn star could be given to the prisoners here. And clearly they couldn’t even hear through the glass, thus the necessity of the phones.
The separation between her and the man who would be soon sitting across from her and the safety it implied did little to ease her fears. It wasn’t him she was afraid of, not in this moment. He had done unthinkable things to her and if given the chance he would probably do worse, but it wasn’t what she knew he was capable of that scared her. She was more afraid of why she was here in the first place. She had asked herself that several times on the drive over, and again at the building’s front doors, but she still didn’t have an answer for it and that scared the hell out of her.
Tom Tinkerton would absolutely flip his lid if he knew she was here. Hell, if he even knew about the letter, she was certain something most horribly final would have already happened to the man she was here to see. Tink had that sort of pull, and she couldn’t fool herself into thinking he wouldn’t kill the man if he knew he had contacted her at all.
She glanced back at the door and the guard standing beside it, wondering if there was still time to just get up and leave. But time wasn’t the issue. She didn’t want to leave, not yet anyway. And then he was sitting in front of her, inches away and separated only by a wall of glass. Daniel Morrow, the man who had reached deep down inside of her and ripped out her very soul. What had remained, what had been revealed, she still couldn’t fully define or understand, but when she saw him retrieve the telephone, she did the same and waited for his voice to come through the line.
“Lana, I knew you would come.”
That same smooth voice she had come to loathe while she had been in his captivity still held within it the same confident undertone she had recognized at the very beginning. In this setting, with any and all chances of danger absent, it was as if she was hearing his voice for the first time, and the way her name rolled off of the tip of his tongue was somehow incredibly alluring. She wanted to bolt for the door, but she couldn’t move, trapped there in that chair by his mesmerizing stare.
“I want you to do something for me,” he said, his penetrating eyes locked on hers. Was he serious? She wanted to scream at him, tell him he had no right to ask anything of her. Instead, she continued to sit there in silence, her gaze still fixed on his. She couldn’t say anything.
“I want you to slip your hand under the table while no one is watching and touch yourself.”
She felt the anger threaten to boil up from inside her, but it was only a threat, so she tried to make herself feel surprised, but that too was nothing more than a wasted effort. Had she really expected anything different? Had she really wanted anything different? She looked down at her hand and then she did feel genuine surprise. Her hand was slowly moving toward the edge of the table.
“I have to go,” she managed, without looking up at him.
It was all she could do to keep from running as she left the room and then crossed the lobby. Once outside however she broke for her car. Lana dropped her keys twice before she was able to get the car unlocked. When the door mercifully closed behind her, she started the engine and took out her phone. Before she could hit the send button after scrolling down to Tink’s name, her hand was already between her legs. A low moan escaped her lips as she heard him answer the call.
“If you can sneak away for a bit,” she whispered into the phone, “I really need you inside me right now.”
about the author

During the day I work as a senior portrait photographer and a graphic designer. I'm also a college student who loves zombies, vampires, and werewolves. Anything supernatural I am drawn to along with Starbucks frappes! I spend my free time watching The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and True Blood.

My favorite genre to write is erotica and it's strongly recommended by my readers to make sure you have your sham wow panties on because my stories will leave you with moisture in the very best of places.

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