Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Want to join R.E. Hargrave's STREET TEAM?

I'm considering putting together a street team and am curious who is interested in joining. I'm a big girl and its time to admit I need some help getting my name and books out there, leaving me free to spend more time actually writing my stories ... like Surreal. 

#1 Priority—My team needs to be my eyes, ears, and fingers. 
This means that if . . .

a page/blog is running a contest for author takeovers, you'd get me in and band together to rally the votes.
a page or blog is offering for street teams to post teasers or book boyfriend nominations, etc, I'd expect you to hop on it.
I run a giveaway or sale, announce an event, or more importantly, am involved in a blog tour or release, then the team needs to get the word out.

#2 Priority—Proper social media etiquette
Facebook, Google+, tumblr, twitter . . . any and all avenues may be used; however, the main point is that you are enthusiastic without being a spam h00r.
I love teasers, but all graphics will have to be passed through me for approval prior to being used. There are copyright laws, and I will NOT condone teasers made with celebrity images.
There can be a lot of good-natured competition and I’ll expect my team to stay polite and classy without getting into word wars with other street teams.

What YOU can expect from ME in return for your dedication and hard work:
All team members will be first in line for ARCs of my future works.
Special contests and prizes for team members only
Exclusive teasers and/or chapter previews

One of the first orders of business will be naming the team! Get in early and have a say in our nomenclature. ;)
If you join my team, I won't require your monogamous support. Most of you know, I'm all about supporting fellow authors, so you will be free to cheer on whomever you like without reprimand from me. ;)

And finally, if you are interested in helping me after all this, please fill out this form with some basic information. If/when I get enough feedback, I’ll start a group and get the team launched.

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