Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sherri Hayes' Tuesday Teasers - Come Share Excerpts

Surreal (The Divine Trilogy #3)
BDSM Erotica and Adult Contemporary Romance
Books 1 and 2 are Available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1mjDTAD 
For all things #DivineTrilogy, please visit the dedicated site: http://rehargrave.wix.com/rehargrave 

#SurrealSnippet Excerpt:

He worked the shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her eyes zeroed in on the flex of his pectorals. A hungry curl pulled on his lips and he unhooked the button on his trousers. 

“However, you, my jewel, are anything but innocent in this dress. Though, I’m sure you taste quite sweet.”

Erin’s chest tightened at the sight of him dropping to his knees. He scooted up to the end of the bed and her legs were forced further apart. Her already short skirt inched higher. 

“You can’t blame yourself, Jayden. You didn’t know this would happen.”

“Open your legs, Catherine.” The roughness in his voice did things to her, muddied her thinking and got her heart racing.

“Um, I take it we’re done talking about Natalie?” she whispered.

He braced his hands on her knees, and pushed. “Open.” 

(c) 2014 R.E. Hargrave

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