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#SurrealSnippets : Safe, Sane, Consensual

Is there a difference between being a submissive and being a slave? To those in the BDSM Lifestyle, that answer is "Yes." However, you'll be hard pressed to get a Webster's definition out of any of them. In The Divine Trilogy, I have attempted to weave this element into the underlying story, and will be addressing it more thoroughly in the final installment, Surreal. Because of that, I thought it would be enlightening to share some research I've done before I share a little unedited excerpt . . . 

"Maybe we might get further asking what a submissive and a slave have in common. Both have a deep need/desire to submit/surrender/give up at least some part of their will/control/power to a Dominant. They most often “need” this because pleasing and/or offering service to a Dominant who has earned their trust, their respect and (generally) their love, is an integral part of a submissive/slave’s fulfillment and satisfaction." 
~ from Kate Kinsey 

"The difference between the two does not make one better than the other. I have seen countless submissives that serve as beautifully and perfectly as some slaves do and prefer not to be called slaves because of the negative connotation to that word. I have also seen many wannabe slaves struggle until they eventually found their place as submissives. It is difficult to devote one's entire life to another person but it is also incredibly rewarding." 
~ from BDSM 101: Difference between submissive and slave

"The bottom line is that there is no one way to live the lifestyle and that goes for submissives and slaves alike. One of the most important qualities anyone in this lifestyle can have is respect. Respect for others and how they enjoy and live in the BDSM lifestyles." ~ from

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As promised, here's your next little teaser!

“I’ve done no harm to you, yet you sit there, cowering like a beaten puppy. Why?”

***s’ blinked, the stare in his eyes vapid, refusing to connect. 

“Could it be your guilty conscience whispering in your ear? Bringing to light what a sleaze you are?”

The accused attempted to swallow, but a bout of dry mouth prevented that from happening. ***'s leg began bouncing while he drummed his fingertips on his thighs.

Jayden pressed on. “Or are you high out of your fucking mind right now, asshole? In what respectable world do you think it is okay to accept a submissive’s gift while you’re under the influence of any substance?” he hissed inches from ***’s face, having rushed forward to spit the words at him.

“Gift?” *** choked out like the concept were foreign to him.

The Dom wanted to roar at the stupidity he was seeing; instead, he seethed through clamped teeth. A few controlled breaths to get himself collected again and he was able to resume. Jayden stood up and backed away.

“You’ve been lingering around my club and my Lifestyle for too long, ***. Except,” he paused for dramatic effect, “this isn’t my club. I’m just a member of the board—the board you’ve applied to for membership and backing into the community and Lifestyle.” Sue him for gloating.

“So, what? You’re gonna tell them I was a bad boy and can’t be in your stupid little club?” 

The arrogance and defiance dripping from the words pulled another chuckle from Jayden, and he grinned. “Not at all, Mr. ***. In fact, I’ve just had your interview moved up.” Understanding dawned in the man’s eyes while he gulped. “Everyone will be here and ready to begin within an hour. Best be preparing your intro speech, Sir.” No respect was delivered with the title.

“But I’m not ready,” *** spluttered, disgusting Jayden with the dry spittle at the corners of his mouth. “I’m not dressed right, and haven’t had time to plan a scene or prepare a slave—”

Slave? He’d heard enough. “Oh, but Sir, you have a submissive in the other room, remember? And she happens to bear the evidence of how you conduct a scene. As for your attire, well, let’s just say, it suits you.” With disdain, Jayden dragged his gaze over the man’s grease-stained, unbuttoned jeans.

Uncertainty flashed in ***'s eyes when Jayden’s came to meet them. Good. Yes, it was good that he was worried. 

Silence fell over the two men while the clock on the wall ticked off the seconds.

(c) 2014 R.E. Hargrave, Surreal (unedited, character name omitted to preserve surprise factor for release)

Until next time, my lovelies . . . Thoughts? Rants? Let me know what you think!

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