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NEW RELEASE & GIVEAWAY: Beginning Anew (The Naomi Chronicles Book 1) by Paula Rose Michelson

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Naomi and Chaz know that miracles really do happen for at a friend’s wedding they reaffirmed their love and are Beginning Anew!

Yet there are consequences that the couple must face. Will Chaz love and protect his wife? Will Naomi learn to trust Chaz?

Find out in the first novel of Paula Rose Michelson’s four-book saga e Naomi Chronicles.


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The morning dawned bright and cloudless. The sun pounded down on the casa. Day two, Chaz told himself as he dressed and headed to the kitchen. He planned to down several cups of Naomi’s espresso in quick succession to give him the momentum needed to face the challenges of another day in this unknown world of hushed accusations, slurred innuendos, and painful rejections. 
  Before he entered the kitchen, Chaz heard Naomi humming the tune to Que Sera, Sera. She began singing those words since that was how the song began, and that irritated him. Though he tried not to show it, when he entered and heard Naomi chirp, “Good morning!” it was evident. Noticing his dejected look, she explained, “It is wash day, so before you go, be sure to give me your things.”
  “All right,” Chaz answered dourly as he sat down at the kitchen table without looking at her.  
  Remembering her mamá say, “Never let them know that you are worried about them, for men need to be in control of their own world and ours,” Naomi coaxed, “Come on, Chaz, the sun is out and it is a lovely day.” She smiled brightly in spite of her fatigue. “The birds are singing, and we are together! How can you be glum, today of all days?” She handed him a large cup of espresso. “I made it strong, rich and dark just the way you like it. 
  “Yes.” Forcing a smile, Chaz took the cup from her. Taking a pull, he said, “I do like my espresso this way.” Aware that coffee was not the answer and sorely in need of one, he put the cup down. Turning toward the vestibule, he wondered whom he could speak with about this situation. 
  Overriding her madre’s counsel, Naomi and asked, “What kept you up all night and why are you so upset?”  
  “You are upset about yourself? Chaz, you are a fine man. As the founder and president of a philanthropic organization, you help downtrodden people all over the world. How can you be having a problem with yourself?” 
  “I am not having a problem with what I do, but with who I am.”  
  “But…you are my husband. Is that the problem you are referring to?”  
  “No. I am not concerned with that.”
  “Is it me? Have I done something to upset you?”  
  “Why do you think this is about you?” he hollered as he stood and walked to the front door. Shocked, she watched as Chaz opened the door, and left without saying goodbye. What has happened to him? she wondered as she picked up the wash, intending to take it to the laundry room in the casita. While heading to the lower patio, she realized Chaz had left before giving her his things. Placing her basket on the patio table, she turned toward the house, intending to get his things and return. Seeing that she was where they sat yesterday morning, she remembered that sweet special meal and Uncle Luis’s strange remarks. Chaz will probably be gone most of the day if he is like mi papá was when he got upset. I think I will visit Uncle Luis and see if I can find out more about Vida. Picking up the basket, she carried it into the house and set it on the kitchen table.  She hurried to her room, changed into one of her new dresses, and prepared to surprise the old man.
Having never done anything like this before, Naomi was a little nervous and took a great deal of time. Once she had fixed her hair, she went into the kitchen and packed up some treats for Uncle Luis. She rationalized her desire to speak with him again by telling herself, he knows a great deal about Vida. Without Chaz’s interruptions, I may find out the answers to many of my questions.   
Meanwhile, Chaz, worried, alone, and upset, walked with vigorous strides, hoping to burn the pain out of his heart by stressing his body. 
  “Look who I see,” he heard a young voice call out from behind him. 
  Turning his head, he saw Ray coming up alongside, while his great-great-grandmother, Teresa, insisted, “Ray, wait until Chaz invites you to join him!”  
  “It is all right.” Chaz forced a tone of affection he did not feel while trying to smile. “I was hoping to see you on Friday afternoon.”
“I came early this week. Ray’s birthday is today and a Bubbee, Gran Bisabuela, cannot miss these special events in a child’s life!”  
  Ray smiled at her and let go of her hand. “Bubbee, I’m always happy when you are here! Let’s have a race! I bet I can run faster than you can, mi Gran Bisabuela!”  
  “I am certain you can.” 
  “You are?” 
  “I am.” 
  “Well, if you believe I can win then I will.”  
  “How do you know that without trying?” Chaz asked in a sarcastic manner. 
  “I know because mi Gran Bisabuela never fibs.” The boy dashed to the coffee shop, stepped inside then popped back out. “I won! Just like my Bubbee said I would!”  
  “I told you many times to stay inside,” Peter scolded.
Ray took a step back, and smiled at the barista. 
  “That’s a good boy,” Teresa said as she crossed the threshold and motioned for her great-great-grandson and Chaz to follow her to her special table. 
“Gran Bisabuela, did you see how fast I was?”
She nodded as Ray sat down. “You keep running and some day you will be a famous runner.”  
  “Will I really?” 
  “Of course you will.” 
  Peter brought a tall glass of milk and winked at the boy. “Is it your birthday today?”  
“Gran Bisabuela, did you tell him?” 
“Ray, I guessed.”
Teresa nodded. “We are having a fine day together.”
The boy smiled as he picked up the milk, downing it in one gulp. They watched him dive into the chocolate ice cream Peter had placed on the table.  
Turning to Chaz, Teresa said, “Now about your problem, how can I help?” 
    “I am not certain—”
“I had a good marriage, so I have a few things to share with newlyweds.”  
  “Things are good between us. The problem is mine, and I must find a way to solve it myself.”  
  “Men!” Teresa spat out the word as one would an insult.  
  “Do I offend you?” 
  “Do you offend me? Better you should wonder if you offend Naomi or God for that matter than worry about offending an old woman who has offered to help!”  
  “I asked because I find the things I am wrestling with difficult.”  
  “I see. What worries you?” 
  “Changes cause me to wonder how I can make peace with who I was and am.” 
  “You are not the first who has to deal with these issues, and I fear you will not be the last.”  
  “You mean you had discussions about these things before?” 
  “Do you think you are the only one who has needed to learn as an adult what most children already know?”  
  “Well, I…”  
  “Do not worry.” Teresa noticed the time, stood, and called for Ray to join her. “Come over tomorrow, and we will talk.” 
  Grabbing her great-great-grandson’s hand, Teresa walked out of the coffee shop as Ray asked, “Do you think there will be a lot of presents for me?”   
  “Of course there will be! But always remember, you have already been given the best gift of all.”  
    “I have? What was it?”  
  “It is God’s special gift…A gift no one else but God could give you.”  
  “What was it?” 
  “You already know the answer.” 
  “I do?” 
  “Of course you do.” 
  “Well Bubbee, if you say I know, then I will try to remember.” Seeing his Bubbee nod, and smile at him, Ray said, “What do I know about the gift of God?” Looking at her once more, he remembered a song he learned in Shabbat school and sang, “There were three jolly fishermen, there were three….”
“But mi pequeño…my little one, why did you stop?
The boy could hardly contain himself from shouting, so instead he whispered, “Messiah Yeshua is the one who used fishermen to bring His message of salvation to the world!” 
His grandmother nodded. “And if you let Him, He will allow you to do the very same thing.” 
“The gift of God is Messiah Yeshua!”
“That is right!” Teresa patted Rays head. Seeing a shadow cross their path, she looked up and saw Chaz walking to the cigar store. You will find no solace in there, my friend. Turning her attention back to her great-granddaughter's son, she silently asked God, why is it that some of our children have to grow up without knowing their heritage? She remembered Rabbi Sh’aul, or as those in the church call him, the Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians, Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! So, she decided to do that, for acting ‘as if’ had often brought amazing blessings her way.


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Paula Rose Michelson is not only an author but also a mother of two married daughters, and the grandmother of seven. She authored the Casa de Naomi Series.

Today, February 1, 2014 The Naomi Chronicles, Book One, Beginning Anew will release on Amazon.

In 1988, she founded LAMB Ministries which teaches women recovering from trauma and abuse. While awaiting the copyright for the first LAMB recovery book titled, "Why Did We Become Angry?"

She wrote a series of politically incorrect articles that will be published under the title, "The Purple Pitch Seduction of America." These will release in 2014.

Paula can be found online on:


For this release blast Paula has decided to do a giveaway.

The prizes are:

Prize pack Anew Blast

3 sets of the previous Casa de Naomi Books (digital format)


3 x Casa de Naomi: Book One (digital format)


  1. Endurance is a trait I like to see in heroines.

    1. I absolutely agree. As a woman and an author, I like to write my characters as they appear. In Beginning Anew: The Naomi Chronicles, and prior to that the Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Books 1&2, I was occasionally asked why a character did or said such and such. Odd as it might seem, I must share that since Naomi was telling me her story, I thought those questions strange. However, the truth, I believe is that had Naomi thought me a will-of-the-wisp, she would not have shared her story with me. Characters are very much like people for they like to spend time with those who affirm and understand them. Thus, I think, LuAnn, Naomi would enjoy having you read about her. Yes, I really do think you'd bless each other in unique ways.

  2. RE Hargrave,

    thank you so much for participating in the release event for Beginning Anew: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One. Your blog is lovely and I felt right at home. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to thank you.

    1. Thanks, Paula, and I'm always happy to help out a fellow author. Best of luck on your release!