Tuesday, August 2, 2022

AUTHOR/READER EVENT NOTICE: Sultry in the City is around the corner!

An author and reader conference to bring a diverse authors and readers together to celebrate the magic of romance in the beautiful city of Houston, Texas.

VIP bags, Blind Date with a Book raffle, author raffles, and more!

Fostering Hope (an anthology about foster children and the life they led after being in the system) will be here August 23, 2022

Stories written by Sultry in the City authors:
Mariah Kingsley
Lexi Blake
Beth A. Freely
Payne Craven Author
Lynessa Layne
Cris Burl Author
Leigh M Hall
Kristen Collins
M.K. Dwyer
Ashley Zakrzewski
Morgan Elliott

*All proceeds go to Joys of Genesis*

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Hey, hey, hey, SULTRY READERS! R.E. Hargrave here, author of contemporary and erotic romance, and editor of multiple fiction genres. Be sure to stop by my table for a chance at this STUFFED goodie basket!* I tend to get a little gift happy when building these, but never realize until I put it all together. Which means, ONE of you will reap the benefits of my impulsiveness. 😉

This time around I decided to highlight some of the authors I’ve worked with—in addition to all the fun stuff, of course—by including their books. Some are signed. All were edited by me.


            Just because

ONE adult cuss word coloring book

ONE 12-count pack of Crayola colored pencils

ONE sherbert-ombred straw tumbler

ONE emery board nail file

TWO styles, both in purple, Jamberry nail wraps

TWO bath bombs from The Body Shoppe (scents: Joy & Jasmine/Love & Plums)

THREE “fancy” candy (Justin’s peanut butter cups/Cadbury milk chocolate bar/Endangered Species dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt)

ASSORTED promotional swag (metallic rainbow pen/2 coasters/QR code card)

            As a nod to my series The Divine Trilogy

ONE embossed 5 oz steel flask

ONE embossed face mask

ONE purple & gold triskele sticker

            As a nod to my book Wanted

ONE can koozie and ONE ink pen, both imprinted with “Keep Calm and Jesus Christ, fucking shitballs!”

            As a nod to my book Dani and the Outcast

ONE lavender sachet from Gem de France, located in the French Quarter of NOLA

ONE fleur-de-lis skull sticker and ONE goddess charm from Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo, located in the French Quarter of NOLA

ONE spring clip with charms (my initials, a crescent moon, a fleur-de-lis, and a pistol)

ONE Fabled Mafia Wars Olivier Crime Famiglia sticker

           As a nod to my #StripedStockingStory line

ONE pair holiday socks with “Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle”


A Boy from the Streets by Maria Gibbs

Little White Lies by Jude Ouvrard

The Ninth Angel by Tamara Geraeds (includes printed author’s signature card)

Missing the Gate by Aubree Lane (signed by author)

Marking Her AND Marking Him by Elena M. Reyes (both signed by author, along with asst. swag)

Incubus Born by R.R. Born (signed by author)

*HOW TO ENTER THE RAFFLE: Every $5 spent at my table gets you 1 ticket in the draw, which will happen around 3:15 Saturday afternoon. I won’t be shipping the basket, so if the winner doesn’t collect it by the time we start shutting down, I’ll give it to the first person to show me their ticket stub at 4:05 p.m.

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