Friday, February 25, 2022

NEW RELEASE! Drunken Revelry by Skye Turner

It’s Release Day!!
Drunk-en Revelry
A Love Drunk Short Story
By Skye Turner

What readers are saying:

“So funny and H.O.T!”

“I loved Drunk Cupid. But Drunken Revelry was even BETTER! Great story. Hilarious. And full of steam!”

"Enough to make me stop wishing to go to New Orleans just for beignets - now I want to rent an RV and set up in a parking lot for Mardi Gras!"

“This was the perfect little story! Jake and Jenna were so relatable and funny. That chemistry has me wanting to partake in some drunken revelry of my own! Great job!”


Mardi Gras in Louisiana is the time to “Laissez les bon temps rouler” also known as “Let the good times roll.”

Jake heads to his company’s parade spot with the sole intention of drinking too much and forgetting about the sexy temporary office secretary who occupies far too much of his mind.

Jenna accepts her short-term boss’s invitation to join the company for a day of fun and revelry.

As the parades roll, the drinks flow, and the good times begin, Jake and Jenna find themselves unable to deny the attraction that's been brewing between them.

Will beads and baubles be the only things caught in their day of drunken revelry?

*Drunken Revelry is a Steamy Adult Romance and the second book in the BRAND NEW Love Drunk Spicy Romantic Comedy Short Story Series. All books are New Adult to Adult Romance and are between 8K-10K words.

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