Tuesday, February 8, 2022

DANI and the OUTCAST mega GIFT-A-WAY ending soon...

 To celebrate the release of my latest book, I’ve put together a mega mystery release assortment including a signed paperback of Dani and the Outcast, assorted swag, and some other goodies I found in NOLA last month! Due to pandemic related delays and cost increases, this will be a US only physical giveaway. HOWEVER, international participants are eligible to enter for a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Use this link to enter your participation info no later than February 15, 2022➺ https://bit.ly/DaniGIVEAWAY 

I am solely responsible for this giveaway. No purchase required.

Multiple ways to Enter:

✫LEAVE A REVIEW This can be at any retailer, Goodreads, Bookbub, your blog, your page, any of your social media, etc. (ARCs were available through January 14, 2022)

✫SHARE MY POSTS Check out my Facebook, twitter, and Instagram for countdown and release posts to share starting January 1st. Make sure to tag me when you do!




✫PUT ON YOUR ARTIST HAT and create your own “now live” graphic for Dani and the Outcast. Tag me when you post to your social media!

✫SAY CHEESE! If the universe cooperates with printing and shipping times, post a picture of yourself with a print copy of Dani and the Outcast (or ANY of my books). Now at Amazon.

✫ADD TO YOUR TBR LISTS Add Dani and the Outcast to any or all of your to be read lists:

➺Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/57087200-dani-and-the-outcast


➺Amazon https://amzn.to/37bhlQ6

Universal Link➺https://books2read.com/DaniAndTheOutcast 

✫Join the ✦Bleeding Souls Saved by Love!✦ Facebook Group: 


Please help celebrate the Wicked Warriors MC & Fabled Mafia Wars fable retellings by sharing and inviting your friends to join the group, too. Throughout the year, the participating authors will be bestowing you with love, cover reveals, release parties on the 1st of every month, fun games, and incredible gifts!

✦•✦What’s Included✦•✦

One (1) Signed print copy of Dani and the Outcast

One (1) Signed print copy of Haunted Raine

One (1) Mardi Gras mask

One (1) Tarot on the Go (deck and booklet)

One (1) French lavender sachet from Gem de France

One (1) “Lone dog in the French Quarter” b/w photograph on slate roof tile

One (1) 5x7 Rico Salas artist print

One (1) Handcrafted “Black Magic” charcoal & sea salt soap

One (1) Gris-gris for “protection” from Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo

One (1) Wanted koozie

One (1) Wanted coaster

Two (2) pens

Two (2) Insta-lollipops (1 chocolate, 1 vanilla flavored condoms) “Just add stick.” 😉

Seven (7) assorted stickers

Assorted author swag

Trinket bag with: (1) author made keychain, (1) fan made Dani and the Outcast themed clip, and (1) Marie Laveau pewter Goddess charm which “can be used as a focus to help you stay in tune with the divine feminine or to guide you through your meditations.”

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