Thursday, December 2, 2021

BOOK BLITZ: Knights Errant by Ian D. Smith #GIVEAWAY

Knights Errant
Ian D. Smith
Published by: SinCyr Publishing
Publication date: December 1st 2021
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance, Urban Fantasy

Lonely widower Paul is ready to move on and start a new relationship, but he never anticipated meeting two captivating women at the same time. To complicate matters, Becky and Hayley are best friends-as different as night and day-and both fancy him.

The ladies want to recruit Paul and his jousting team for their television show, yet Paul is worried. This is an amazing opportunity, but can he navigate two love interests without damaging their friendship and the show?

In the midst of his healing, Paul also uncovers a hidden world full of bizarre dog bites, bodies drained of blood, and a mysterious task force. Finding love again is hard enough – can Paul protect his new relationships from this dangerous world he knows so little about?


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As usual, I was early for my dinner-date, so waited in the bar area where I could keep an eye on the entrance. The restaurant was decorated in soft pastel tones with fairly bland artworks on the walls. The room lighting was soft, with a small lamp on every table, and the staff moved quietly and efficiently. The atmosphere was relaxed, just the usual background hum of multiple quiet conversations and cutlery on plates.

Kathy arrived exactly on time. She was easy to spot; good-looking, a little over six feet tall, and nicely dressed in a cream short-sleeved top and a pale green, light summer skirt, both of which suited her height and build. Her light brown, collar-length hair briefly glowed as she walked in the light cast by a downlighter. She’d walked in looking confident and waved as soon as she saw me.

I approached, and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. “You look lovely.” She did, too. Her hair framed her face well and she wore only a little make-up. She had a single fine silver chain necklace, two tiny stud earrings, and a couple of rings, but neither on the third finger of her left hand.

Her smile made her seem a little nervous and excited. I felt the same, but over the last eighteen months, I’d learned how to hide my true feelings and look relaxed, happy and confident. For a while anyway. I wanted more than anything to actually be happy and confident¬—to find real love again—but I was still recovering from an emotional train wreck of loss. For the time being, a convincing act was all I had.

She blushed ever so slightly. “Thank you.” She didn’t pull her hand away before I released it a couple of seconds later. Right then, I knew there was a pretty good chance she’d already decided our evening might last well into the morning.

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